The Equinox is here and this magical liminal phase between the seasons is when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere say our goodbyes to summer and welcome in the Autumn winds, and when our sisters and brothers in the Southern Hemisphere, bid farewell to winter and welcome in the Springtime!
Regardless of where we stand on this beautiful planet of ours, it’s a potent time of transition as Nature expresses her  perfect balance as day and night stand in equilibrium to each other. We also move into the sign of Libra which symbolically represents these harmonious ideals.
Our ancestors have always greeted the Equinox with celebration and the gathering of community. It is so important for us to create moments of coming together to unite with our spiritual family. In these spaces, we are able to collectively tap into the cosmic field and mirror to each other our potential. Together we create a field of resonance and this is a huge force for change and healing!
So I encourage you to gather with like minded folk and activate the field of oneness that we are all a part of!
Here is some wonderful inspiration from Aluna Joy about tapping/creating a “Solar Wave” on this day:
“Together we will create a 24 hour tidal wave of powerful, transforming, healing light rooting a positive vision for a brilliant future. This is YOUR TIME to put to action all the healing talents and spiritual truths you have taken such great care to learn and develop.”
“Give the world ALL the LIGHT, LOVE and COMPASSION you have! Send your HEART out to humanity, the planet, and all life. Send your knowingness that paradise is here right now, and BE in the world as you want it to be. Use your highest, purest intentions, and remember that the truth is not out there . . . it is within YOU.”
“… There is nothing more powerful than a unified group operating from the heart using the Earth’s 24 hour solar cycle during the thinned veils of harmonizing Equinoxes. For the last 2 decades, thousands upon thousands of light workers, peacekeepers, shamans, healers, gods and goddesses, angels and saints from around the globe have joined together to work with powerful Equinox and Solstice energies using a 24 hour Solar Wave. This event is nothing new.”
“Ancient ones knew about these powerful time and have them to balance and harmonize discordant energy for eons. The fact that the masses are now becoming more aware of these times of great potential can change is a huge sign that we are in fact entering a new age. Will you join us in this historical countdown to a Spiritual Pandemic of 2012? “
“…GATHER TOGETHER and celebrate this beginning wave of your great transformation. Equinox will bring a much needed balance in your world…Balance yourselves in preparation as you will need this later. We can’t say this strong enough. Please hear this, and do as your heart calls. This balance will be essential in the days to come.”