Here is the latest report from Pleiadian channeller, Lauren C. Gorgo from her website Think With Your I found this report resonating with all that I’ve been tuning into and excitingly hopeful and inspiring!
“March is a big month.”
“March is always big month…a turning point, a period of closure before new beginnings, et all…but based on what I am hearing/feeling, this March is much more than that. We are march-ing directly into our destiny (for the record, I tried to resist that pun) in the next few weeks, and though we have faced many critical cruxes on the journey to arrive here, this particular juncture is absurdly significant.  The Pleiadian High Council tells me that the upcoming equinox (3/20) and the following full moon (3/27) respectively, carry the bulk of the significance…that these two gateways before us are encrypted with specific coded solar (masculine) and lunar (feminine) frequencies set to sever our ties to duality and simultaneously activate & anchor our christed divinity deep within our physical lives and bodies…and therefore into the earth herself.”
“Right now, with Mercury still retrograde…and all that dagone Piscean energy…we are kind of floating around pretty aimlessly with no particular direction and without the ability to make any definitive choices…but this is a really good thing.  We are solidly in the retraction before expansion period that the unseens spoke of in the February 4th report and so now is not the time to decide anything, but instead a time to PLAY with the possibilities of choice. Well, not that we really have a choice to do anything but float this month, just that we can let go of trying, of resisting it.”
“Energetics of New Creation”
“The Pleiadians tell me that the energies coming thru this first equinox, post 12/21, will literally fling the doors open to allow for our new cocreative powers to ground more fully in the physical dimensions.  You may already be noticing your manifestation magic revving up, but because we are sitting in park, we don’t really get anywhere when we hit the gas.  This may momentarily create the effect of shooting blanks, but I am told that by April/May much of that magic will begin to take physical form.”
“For the rest of March we will be transitioning into this new realm of human experience, preparing for what the Pleiadians call “the adventure of countless lifetimes…one that will be precipitated by a wave of transcendence that will wash over each of you as you begin to operate fully within the energetics of new creation”.
“I have been told many times over the past few years that the ability to work with the energetics of new creation are part and parcel of the new human tool kit…that they are literally a part of our new cellular makeup.  These abilities come standard with the crystalline-core operating system and are the same (biological technologies) that our ancestors knew well.  It has also been made clear to me that we will have to remember how to apply and hone these abilities which is apparently what the equinox to solstice period commences.”
“We have said to you in the past that you would eventually long to create with a new set of tools and these new tools will be at your disposal momentarily.  They are not really new tools per se, they are just being reclaimed by those pioneers of cosmic consciousness…those at the front of this incredible climb to human freedom. -PHC”
“Having said that…and in order for this new system, or application of creation to work for us…I am reminded that our heart must sing in tune with the song of Universal LOVE (528Hz).”
“Actually, I stand corrected. Not only must our hearts sing in tune with the hum of the universe, but so must every cell of our being.  This cellular resonance is literally what harmonizes us with the universal forces of creation…it is the key code to unlock and activate the intelligence within and around us to wield to our command.”
“A final word from the Pleiadian High Council:”
“The coming equinox is a special gathering place for those souls who truly wish to see their divinity through. This passage will be one of great healing..the resurrection of the human form into its divine template of light. This process has been underway for many years for most of you, however, it is in the final stages now. What we want for you to remember is that you are not transforming into something new or something foreign… quite contrary to that, you are coming home to yourself, within yourself. There is a magnificent journey ahead, one that will bring with it many new revelations, many new beginnings, and many new-human capabilities.”
“Following the equinox, each of you will be imbued with the light of the risen Christ. We say this to inspire you to co-create with your physical bodies now. To awaken within you the sacred codes that enable you to remember how to unlock the restorative essence that is contained within the body and blood of your rising christed-self.”
“Lastly, we would add that you are coming into a period of great expansion, and soon this will be all that you know. Not in the sense that there will no longer be periods of respite, of inner reflecting, but that once the transfiguration process completes, you will remain quarantined no longer. The metamorphosis period is drawing to a close and free you will fly. We assure you that this will be nothing short of miraculous for each of you to behold!”
“We are the Pleiadian High Council and we greet you in the House of the Christ.” ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved.