“Most of us at one time or another tasted the sweet nectar of success and felt the surge of joy when we see our creative ideas come into realization.”
“Yet we have dreams that still await manifestation but have been abandoned due to a fear of the unknown, a lack of encouragement, or a failure to appreciate the true meaning of success. We may have chosen to store these unfinished projects in convenient closets, believing that someday we will complete the cycle. That day has arrived…”
“It is time to open those boxes and closets and decide what can be completed to the point of soul fulfillment and what must be allowed to die because it no longer nurtures the soul. As we take on this challenge, it is important to include our relationships, goals, jobs, and ‘to do’ lists, determining what brings light and joy and what feels like a burden.”
~Christine R. Page, M.D from 2012 and the Galactic Center: The Return of the Great Mother