“To engage in the journey that takes us from living outside of ourselves to processing the world inside ourselves means bringing light to our shadow.
“Your shadow aspects are primarily rooted in fear patterns that have more control over your behavior than does your conscious mind.
“Eventually we have to confront each of our shadow aspects.¬†Confronting your shadow requires that you strike out on your own.
If you do decide to follow an inner call and its unavoidable psychic ritual of separation, you have to withdraw your spirit from the magnetic field created by the collective power of your group’s will so that you can organize your own energy, much as a mystic or seer might withdraw to hear divine promptings.
“You will have to strengthen your soul identity until it is strong enough to eclipse all these fears.
“You are birthing your power of individual choice, increasing your potential for insight and opportunities serving your highest potential.
“In dealing with the shadows, you ready yourself to accept full responsibility for the management of your spirit and the consequences of your choices.
“Your highest potential then, is that part of you that is not limited in its expression by the fears. It is what you actualize when you are willing to confront your shadow, openly acknowledge the reality of its presence within you, and then take steps to deal with it.
“To rely on your inner resources and to follow your inner guidance before all else is to express your highest potential at all times.
“It shows you who you would be if you could live within the knowledge that genuine power exists inside the self, and never outside of it.
~Caroline Myss from Sacred Contracts