This week we have been building up the energy toward the Blue Moon in Pisces on Friday. It is called a Blue Moon because because it will be our second Full Moon of the month! (from US perspective) The Sun presently in Virgo brings the energies of service and healing and with this Full Moon in Pisces, we swim in deeper waters…
What seems to be emerging are feelings needing to be healed, old wounds being exposed and coming into our awareness so we can clear the energetic beliefs around our wounds! Here are some gathered insights of gold…
Let’s begin with a stellar reading from the wonderful astrologer Molly Hall from
“It’s a rising waters kind of week, with a full Moon in Pisces on Friday (exact at 9:58 am edt). If you have a healing crisis, hang in there — seek out the remedies that help you digest and integrate all that’s coming up.”
“Pisces is a wrap up sign, for deep soul purging, completion and cleansing. Let the charged waters gently wash over situations that feel stuck or hopeless.”
“A supportive sextile to Pluto means there’s a force for making peace with the deepest wounds of the soul. This wisdom builds on your spiritual prepping, for these surreal and extreme times.”
“When the Moon is Full in water sign Pisces, the Sun is in the opposite earth sign Virgo. The Virgo and Pisces polarity is like a tuning fork, for body, mind and soul. The Pisces waters work their magic on what’s below conscious awareness…”
“To truly tune in, and pick up all the Virgo-Pisces nuances, spend some time away from the maddening crowd. See if it’s possible to dispatch yourself away from artificial noise, and seek out the natural. It takes time to unwind enough — especially with so much discord in the air — to get to the soulful rhythms of Pisces-Virgo.”
“These mutable energies have subtle gifts that come from awareness of how everything is connected. The gifts come from being present with all senses and intelligences engaged. Your retreat might be to a mountain top, lake, the forest or ocean. Or right there at home…”
“… it’s a Full Moon to forgive and be forgiven for times of missing the target…A stand-out for this Full Moon is Chiron, the modern ruler of Virgo, in near exact conjunction (at 7 degrees.)”
“What rises in the days before the Full Moon? All the feelings and soul wounds from missing a target. Or resentments from others missing a target. It’s time to forgive ourselves and others our shortcomings. And in doing so, experiencing that miracle of feeling whole or ‘holy…'”
“Find a way through what’s intense for you now, by mixing up Neptune’s forms in new ways. This is drawing from your interior life, what images move across your inner screen. Mars (the motivator) is in cahoots with Neptune, for actively expressing what’s in your heart and soul!”
“If you’re not finding the words for what you’re experiencing, look at non-verbal mediums — dance, music, cinema — for inspiration. Nature itself, is a top muse.”
“…This is a letting go Full Moon, and why not look at how much energy is going into the illusion of the virtual. Is it time for a rebalancing?”
“…Your soul speaks loudly at the Full Moon — listen in, for guidance moment by moment. There might be an urgent need to ground or detox, to pick up a clearer signal. Now is the time!”
“When the Moon is big in Pisces, the Sun is across in Virgo. Both signs are sensitive to the environment, picking up all kinds of vibes and toxins. Both need to undergo purification rituals of mind/body and soul to come back to stay attuned to the finer currents.”
“The Full Moon is a great time for a bath or steam, as a balm for the stresses of the time. As you get cleaner of body, the mind is clearer — and your inner compass becomes a trustworthy gauge for whatever comes your way.”
“…If you’re facing big decisions, this is a Full Moon for psychic hits that just keep coming. Be watchful for serendipity that alerts you to a message. Your intuition and instincts are your greatest ally in uncertain times. At the Full Moon, messages of guidance or warning could come through loud and clear, especially if you ask for them.”
“It’s a Full Moon of heightened contact with the divine. To get the most out of it, seek out those cloistered places that feel sacred to you. It could be your armchair in a private corner, your bath, a favorite nature trail, church, dance floor, museum, theater, in a tree….anywhere that is hallowed ground for your spirit.”
“If you’re missing this in your life, it’s a great time to seek out your own power spot. You might set up an altar in your home, with inspiring images, books, pictures, stones, feathers or prayer cards…”
“It’s a truism that we suffer more, from resisting letting go… These two faithful signs can help us fall apart, if we have to, from the loss, so the real healing can begin.”
©Molly Hall 2012 all rights reserved
 From astrologer Kathryn Andren Mina and her Gemini Awakening blog:
“The Pisces Moon, exactly conjoining the healing point Chiron, may illuminate anytime in the past how you have been energetically wounded…our wounds are our gifts… It’s the wound… that actually connects you to the rest of humanity.  I assure you everyone has some story of wounding…This Full Moon in Pisces with Chiron potentially reveals that what was once painful, traumatic or shameful are actually gifts.”
“Pluto and Mars add power and passion to this Full Moon vibration by creating a series of beneficial sextiles (60 degree angles) with the Moon/Chiron and Sun. These two planetary powerhouses of energy create an invitation to dig even deeper in your internal psyche.  How can I reveal myself even more (Pluto) and take assertive action (Mars) to empower my personal healing?”
“…These aspects offer potent power for healing through dreams.  What is your greatest vision?  What is the highest dream for your life, your family, humanity, the planet?”
©Gemini Awakening 2012 all rights reserved
From astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“The cosmic message is that we can release whatever has been holding us back, including all sense of separation from Source and each other–All Are One.  We are balancing the masculine and feminine. Women must stand in their truth and men must open their hearts. The personal dramas for many people are intense because we are finishing our third dimensional karmic lessons….”
“This is the Great Awakening, the shift of the ages, the dawn of a new era. This is why we came to Earth, why we went through spiritual boot camp—-to be of service during this extraordinary transition. Align everything in your life with your mission and remember:
“This blessed world, this third planet from the star we call the Sun, needs you and me to become all that she can be. We have the opportunity to bring to her a great gift, a gift for which she has been longing since our race first appeared among her dreams. The gift of ourselves. Awakened. Whole. Incarnate.”      ~ The Return of the Bird Tribes, Ken Carey
©Kelly Rosano 2012 all rights reserved
Lastly form Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Neptune and Chiron are close to this Pisces Moon, so expect to dream big and find healing in the most unlikely places.  Both Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn lend their tremendous energies to transforming the old you into the True You.  Neptune makes us ultra-sensitive to others, and Venus in Cancer along with Mars and Juno in Scorpio give us a water trine that opens us psychically.  Stay grounded and be open….”
“Venus in Cancer pushes Saturn in Libra to ensure that everyone gets nurtured by the new vision, so remember your dreams this week, love the people you’re with, and seek ‘the peace that passes all understanding’ as you continue your journey this month.”
©Cathy Lynn Pagano 2012 all rights reserved
Full Moon blessings and lots of healing love your way!