“This is about Beauty. The beauty you exude from within and the beauty you surround yourself with. My dears, the goddess radiates beauty everywhere she walks. Your piece is to create it all around you…”
“For Physical beauty I say to take the time to create as much beauty as the world can take. Revel in your own beauty. Indulge in colors that make you feel beautiful. Wear jewelry if it nourishes you.”
“You understand the essence of beauty. You are ‘woman’ and you are meant to express this gift. This is something to revel in. It is not the same as vanity. This is an expression of the divine beauty within you that seeks expression in everything that you do. So, be in your beauty my daughters. Be unafraid and be bold!”
“In Lak Ech”
Shonagh Home from Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine