Here is some spot-on insightful guidance from Sarah Varcas and her Astro-Awakenings.uk as we await this New Moon on October 4th/5th:
“We may find ourselves ending the month in a state of restlessness, approaching a New Moon (4th/5th October) which requires introspection and quietude, whilst being painfully aware of all manner of things demanding our attention.
“These can feel like conflicting energies and we could find ourselves running from pillar to post impatiently trying to get everything to a state of completion without realising that the time for completion is not yet here and the unfinished nature of life, tasks, problems and projects is exactly right for this time.
“Part of our impatience may arise from feeling, albeit subconsciously, that if we stop doing we may end up wandering aimlessly, unable to chart any kind of meaningful course through life.
“Far better that we engage with things and work for signs of progress than float off downstream never to be seen again!  In fact, this is a false choice. It isn’t an either or: stay engaged or lose our way. It’s far more subtle than that, and it’s the subtleties of the situation that we’d do well to consider today.
“Activity is not the opposite of inactivity. Yes, linguistically they’re opposites, but in terms of our path of growth, they’re actually one and the same.
“Activity on an inner level often necessitates inactivity on the outer (hence we go on retreat to turn within, or merely sleep and dream our way through a dilemma), and vice versa (I don’t have time to meditate!! I’m way too busy!!). And no matter what the world tells us, one form of activity is not better, or worse, than the other.
“We live in a world that judges us according to what we produce, the concrete results of our labors, not the quality of our heart or the depth of our wisdom. But the activity necessary for developing the latter is vital to the fulfilment of our potential. Not potential in material terms but potential in terms of playing the most powerful and positive part we can in the transformation of the human race and the planet on which we live.
“Today is a day to resist the dictates of a world which equates power with material wealth and value with what we can produce. To let go the restlessness that says we must be doing at all times, getting stuff completed and under our belts, ticked off the to do list of life, and to embrace the production of inner wealth in terms of an open heart, an insightful mind and an awakening spirit.
“It may not be the most convenient time for this… but the cosmos doesn’t really do working weeks. So no matter how busy and stressed we may find ourselves today, juggling the demands of the outside world to be productive and of use, we would be wise to take at least a bit of time to be externally inactive and turn within, connecting with our heart, with our spirit, to see what they have to share.
“Who knows, they may actually have some good advice about how to get that huge to-do list done, but it’ll be in their way, not the way of the world. And in following their guidance we will be balancing internal and external activity in a productive and healing way.”
©Copyright 2013 ~Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved