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It is my pleasure to share with you the work of the wonderful Bobby Klein. For many years, he has been using the ancient oracle of the I Ching to channel in the messages of the times and I find his work incredibly accurate and insightful. 
Here is part of Bobby’s I Ching Weekly message for the week of January 26th 2015:
“You will not find who you really are in another, nor will a teacher or a book give a clue, although the people and events in your life are reflecting something important back to you; that it is the correct time in your personal growth to acknowledge who you really are, or who you are not.
“This cycle is where you are clear enough to examine the lies you have been telling yourself. Uncover and deconstruct them before it is too late and you begin to take these lies as your truth. If you go there this cycle will be a massive setback rather than your progression forward.
Find stillness each day where you can listen to your inner voice of wisdom, your intuition, and in this place celebrate that you have manifested the power to transform yourself by transforming those things around you into beautiful and beneficial patterns that will replace the old dishonest patterns that got you in the soup in the first place.
“Look to all your relationships and be honest with yourself. Are there unresolved issues hanging that get in the way and are not allowing you to make the leap of trust and love that has been destined for you by your karma? If so, clear the decks.
“In these actions you will come up against the sadness and questioning of the self. Stay your path on this rocky road. Through being composed and aware as this virtual thunderbolt hits you, you can guide its strength toward the greater good—for yourself first, then for your  family and your comrades in arms, your tribe.
“You are awake and feel fear.
Now you have a choice:
You can pull the covers over your head
Or without fear or judgment face your doubts and fears.
“Take advantage of this time and hone your character, removing the little flaws and wrinkles that no one else sees. Through the unexpected strength of these recent challenging events, you are being tempered and made strong.
“Fear raises its familiar head and you, with your commitment to personal growth and change you have summoned these forces of light and you are more than are able to face these fears head-on. No guarantee that you won’t get burnt a bit by the fire in the fray. This is all in the proper scheme of things.
“This thrust is right action, and it is cool, totally okay, and in fact it is part and parcel of the contract you made with yourself and with spirit when you choose to be born into these challenging times.
“You will survive this thunderous storm that has come, and in so doing you will be ready for the joy and abundance that you deserve. You won’t find it by going out looking for it; you can only let it find you, just like true love.
“So take to heart this hexagram’s guidance. This is the calm after the storm, the dead silence after a clap of thunder. It is in that calm that you will find the guidance from the forces we so often feel are outside ourselves. It is not outside yourself, it is yourself.
“This force is what spirit guides and external teachers are—representatives of that place of clear intuition within us that can stay calm and on center even as thunderous events comes to ignite fear, doubt and pain.  Staying in your center is the task at hand—nothing more, nothing less.
“The stress and angst that you’ve been feeling will pass as blessings will come to you in manifold ways. Trust the process and get out of the way! 
Keep your dignity and be clear, kind, and compassionate—especially with yourself—through it all. The rewards are greater than great as you flow with the collective movement toward the greater good that is unfolding now on Planet Earth, stronger than ever before in human history. You will be met, no doubt about it.”
Copyright © Robert M. Klein 2015.

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