Here is Kaypacha with his weekly Astrological Forecast.
“The start of a new paradigm,
Begins within my heart.
The more I open to give and receive,
The sooner all others will start.”
Kaypacha says:
“I know, I know, I said it wrong in the video, it is ‘open’ not ‘learn’ but you can use either. And that just goes to show what I was talking about in the video. While this is an excellent time for forward, creative enterprise, it is also very easy to get over excited, stumble, bumble, and make mistakes! I got so carried away in the video that I messed up the mantra….. how perfect haha!”
Notes from the video:
“This is an intense powerful time leading up to this whole month of March. We have the final culmination of the Uranus Square Pluto going on through this whole time period the past two and a half years…”
“This is a time to be very aware. To be on it. To be alert. To be awakened. To use your observer. To use your witness. So that you don’t get lost in the upsurge, in the volcanic rising of the kundalini…”
“Keep your focus, your intention on your prime direction. Then you will take all of that energy and you will harness all of that desire and all of that passion, and all of that animal instinct, and you will manage it. Like a wise-end elder, like Saturn in Sagittarius, the teacher, the guru. Harness! Tame the dragon…do not let the dragon devour you. Find the middle point during this time.”
“…Clean up your own backyard, clean up your magnetic field, clean up your own heart space…and it will radiate out naturally at this time into great manifestations.”
“This is an amazing year 2015. This is like the year so many of us have been waiting for. When so many of our dreams are going to manifest and so many of our problems are going to move behind us. But really in order to make that straight way forward, we have to be in our core center truth. Not get too low pulled into the underworld of desire and impulse…”
“Stay in that heart center, stay in that core.”