“There are comparable aspects of each of you, waiting patiently, in worlds you now visit only in your dreams. These aspects of self, ultimately, will encompass the collective of your linear experience, as you continue to merge in Oneness with all the fragmented aspects of who you know yourself to be.
“It is these aspects of your consciousness that reach out to you in dream-state and in the depths of your meditations. It is these angels who have come to remind you who you really are, in the moments you are most apt to forget.
“These aspects of your own Self, who nudge you into subtle levels of heightened awareness, are here to remind you of who you really Are. At times, they merge their energies with yours and give you a momentary glimpse of a reality you have perhaps only begun to imagine not as a physical vision, but as a feeling.
“This is the reason so many of you have begun to experience exalted moments of Divine connectedness, sometimes quite unexpectedly.
“This what is actually happening when you begin to feel your energies shift and an exquisite sense of joy fills you, only fleetingly, during moments of prayer, or deep contemplation, or within the sanctity of nature, or the embrace of silence and solitude. This what you are feeling when you know you have been touched by something indescribably beautiful sacred  and you know you have not imagined it.
“These momentary glimpses into the nature of the higher realms are experiential gifts to you who are awakening to the truth of who you Are.
“For, what you have come to these times to experience is not merely an intellectual grasp of the nature of the process. It is not simply a collection of metaphysical concepts around which you can attempt to wrap your mind.
“What there is to have is the taste of it, the profound feeling of it, the incredible magnificent experience of it the experience of knowing you have been touched by Divinity that is a signpost on the road to Oneness.”
~Rasha from Oneness