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Here is a beautiful breakdown of the astrological energy for the Winter Solstice from Genevieve Vierling and her Blue Light Lady:
“For thousands of years the Solstice turning points of every year have been honored and celebrated on this planet.  We know this because concrete evidence still exists in ancient stone circles, mounds, and sacred sites…”
“Now in our modern world of the 21st Century we come to yet another turn of the wheel and many of us will be celebrating the return of the light that is the Winter Solstice….”
“This is a fascinating chart in that you can visibly see an enormous bowl pattern bordered by an opposition from Saturn in the 1st house to Jupiter in the 7th….The bowl pattern is symbolic of holding something which can be given to others, and this chart seems to indicate that deep within each of us as souls there is a profound longing to belong, to be held and nurtured by ancient themes that run solid in our blood, to deeper truths that speak of oneness with the earth and thus the cosmos.  If we can hold that place sacred within our core selves, then we can radiate that out into the world and nurture others.  It can be a chain reaction of giving.  Yes it can…”
“This Winter Solstice gives us an amazing pattern to work with.  Its basic statement is about integrating energies that can further transformation(Sun conjoining Pluto).  The message of Capricorn is always about holding light during the darkest of times. So I’m encouraging all of you to gather together and bring in the light!”
Also from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“When we approach the Winter Solstice, the days are the shortest (more Yin than Yang energy) and there is least amount of light in the day. This represents a phase of introspection and going inside our Sacred Sanctuary to be still to receive from Life. We are given much to contemplate and integrate now as our energy is drawn inwards. It is a phase of consolidating and gathering before the Spring-time.
We can set the intention to tune into the energies at least three days before the actual Solstice point. It is best to create time for beingness and stillness. The Sun enters Capricorn at 0 degrees on December 22, 12:30 A.M. EST timezone (check for your local time).  The Sun symbolizes vitality, individual expression and style as well as conscious awareness. It brings “light” into life, as the Sun shines we see with clarity. We feel the warmth and life-giving energy from the Sun’s rays.”

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And lastly from Robert Wilkinson and his wonderful blog Aquarius Papers:
Whether you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, there is a special ceremony I do each year that yields some fairly spectacular results. This is not a very elaborate ritual, but it’s very powerful in its simplicity.”
“The Solstices mark points of transition from an old “half year” of the Sun moving South or North (depending on where you are on the Earth) into the opposite direction. In the Spirit of this “coming or going,” I first take a moment to note what has left my life the past year while saying goodbye on deepest levels. This creates space for that which is more appropriate to my evolution and wellbeing.”
“Then I make a list of everything I want to leave my life in the coming year, and) find a disposable object associated with each thing (or person, or personal habit) I want to see leave, or B) I draw a picture that represents those things, people, or habits. Then I burn each individual picture in a fire, one at a time, while saying goodbye to each of those. (I make a duplicate list to check the next year to remind me of what I wanted to see leave.)”
“I also make a list of things I want to see come into my life in the coming year. I try to make it realistic, but also allow my imagination to bring forth what might be or could be, even if improbable. After all, it’s supposed to be fun! I play with possibilities, and write them down, without getting hung up on specific forms. This is about content more than form.”
“Then I draw pictures symbolizing those things, and burn them, one by one, in a fire, welcoming in those better things than I’ve known up to now, putting it up and out into the “Spiritual atmosphere” so that Divine Mother can bring it forth in the coming months. I also make a duplicate list to check the next year.
Over the years I’ve done this ritual, I find very often that every single thing I want to leave actually does leave. And, I usually see most if not all that I want to appear show up in the following year. Even when one or both lists falls short by a thing or two, overall I’ve seen great progress year after year.”
It’s also very interesting to note how my lists have changed over the years, with some concerns falling away and new things presenting themselves according to my intention. And sometimes, when I have not received what I thought I wanted, it became clear why it wasn’t good or necessary for me to have that which I thought I wanted.
“So in this time of transition from the old year into the Winter of the new, take a moment to note what has left your life the past year, thus creating space for that which is more appropriate to your evolution and wellbeing. And if you feel like doing a Solstice ritual, whether this one or another, open to your greatest good and highest possibility of happiness, and you just may find a measure of that in the coming year.”
“As “they” say, Mahalo, Aloha, Namaskarams, Aum Namah Shivaya, Happy and Merry Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmastide, Happy Jupiter direct, and Happy New Year!”
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Have a beautiful Solstice!!!