Here is brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his weekly wisdom and insights…
“Relationships whether personal,
Business or around the world,
Start with Trust as a cornerstone,
So I need to get to work.”
Some notes from the report…He says:
“This is the energy around, it’s power and powerlessness. And when we bump up against forces beyond our control we can feel powerless. We can feel helpless. We can feel abused, we can manipulated and exploited and we can loose sleep at night, and want to explode with all these kinds of stuff going on…
“But how we manage that energy defines who we are as humans beings and how we are going to move into this age of Aquarius… which is about community, brotherhood, brothers and sisters, In Lak ‘ech Ala ‘Kin, I am another you…
“So the upside of Scorpio and it’s in the mantra today is Trust. Trust. Needing to trust others. Needing to trust ourselves. Relationships are built upon trust. Community is built upon trust…”
Later he says:
“I need to get to work on myself. I need to get to work on holding other people to their word, holding other people to their boundaries, calling people out when they are not in integrity. That’s also the work. It’s like being powerful enough to also stand in your truth.
“The upside of Jupiter in Scorpio is lots and lots and lots, that Jupiter and Scorpio: merging, uniting and connecting. Cause when you do trust yourself and other people, and you are trustworthy, all the walls come down and all the barriers, and intimacy happens and then all the juice starts to flow. That’s the beautiful part of it.”

The video he references, the amazing Brene Brown on Trust :