Here is brother Kaypacha once again sharing his weekly wisdom and insights…
“When I’m in my center, my innermost core,
Completely relaxed, needing no more,
I connect with the Mother who gave birth to it all,
As in the silence I hear her call.”
He says:
“This can be an emotional week! Just when the boat gets balanced here comes another wave!
“I got into what things may look like a little bit, but some other manifestations may be the blues. You may remember how many ‘homes’ you left behind, how many times you were left behind, the past may come up to haunt you a bit.
“This, of course, is part of your emotions showing you your REAL self that isn’t always convenient, obedient, or controlled.
“Take it as a month of feeling into who you really are instead of who others want you to be, or who you pretend to be, or even who you want to be!
“The beautiful part about Cancer is that she shows us where we ARE which it the best place to start without getting ahead of ourselves and fooling ourselves. Listening to the silence reveals the hidden truth. Injoy!”