Gustav Klimt VerSAnctum-20-via-MYSTICMAMMA

ART: Gustav Klimt “Ver Sacrum” #20

Here is brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his weekly wisdom and insights.
“As new desires rise up from my soul,
“Not only do I need to let go,
“But hold my intention, commit,
“And go slow.”
He says:
“Yup, welcome to …. the machine. The screen, the place where you can get what you want with the tap of a finger, pressing return, hitting the link.
“Let’s face it, things are heating up and they are speeding up. The time between most impulses, actions, and responses is diminishing.
“However……. Does one desire beget another desire into an endless expansion of need?
“Does filling every desire lead to fulfillment? Will quantity of experience ever equal quality experience? Doubt it. Not if we look at natural law (Mars in Sag)!
“While those fast growing mushrooms can be powerful, the night sky or the river sculpted rock face, or the world’s oldest tree stand testament to slowly evolving process resulting in masterful expression.
“We don’t even need to get into relationships and whether 100 short ones equal one long one or not when it comes to satisfaction or ‘true love.’
“So this is a good time to feel and look at what new desires are rising up within and maybe choose the real powerful ones that you think are gonna last, and relax into the process of fulfilling it rather than possibly hitting the Saturn wall of ‘NO’ or ‘Not.’