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Here is brother Kaypacha  frm his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his weekly wisdom and insights.
“To balance my obsessive compulsive,
Need to get it all done,
I practice ancient grounding techniques,
Remembering all is One.”
He says:
“As that Moon rises through Virgo and into the social signs of Libra (full on Saturday) and Scorpio, we’ll see the challenge more clearly between ‘self’ and ‘other.’
“The old adage, ‘ya can’t live with ’em and ya can’t live without ’em.’ may be heard floating through the air more than once.
“There may be the need for more mediation than usual as she opposes the retrograde Mercury, bringing up topics for conversation that perhaps you thought we laid to rest.
“For those seeking to expand their consciousness, this is of course, and opportunity to understand ourselves and life at a deeper level. Finding that sweet balance between being true to and honest with ourselves, AND not break up, out, and withdraw from others in order to do so is the act we are asked to perform.
“The energy now may push us toward ‘taking my ball and going home,’ but it could be a cold, lonely home we retreat to. The saying ‘It’s lonely at the top,’ probably came from some mountain goat (Mars, Lilith, Saturn, and Pluto in the sign of the Goat), freezing their butt off as they worked their way up the ladder of success. What’s most important to you?”