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TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE | NEW MOON in LEO rises as the Queen within takes her throne on the seat of the Heart of Love. 
Divine Feminine energy comes through the veil to awaken humanity to its true power in love.
A new way is calling as the outmoded, short-sighted, repressive ways of the Patriarchy are no longer tolerable or permissible. We the people awaken and new leaders step forth.
Together we rise in consciousness for an inclusive humanity. Together, we cast away the illusion of separatism and step forth to heal the divides within ourselves, our partnerships and our communities.
Each of us has the power to shift and realign with the heart, as we let go, forgive, ask for forgiveness, and move through our collective grief to our seat of personal power within the heart of love.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our insightful interpreters of the planetary movements and their affect on our personal and collective consciousness. 
First from CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of
“Millions of Americans are journeying to see this celestial show that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina.
“The Earth, Moon and Sun line up so well at totality that we’ll get a chance to see the Sun’s corona, it’s outer atmosphere. It will look like a black hole surrounded by iridescent, scintillating, delicate colors.
“And ‘day will become night as we see the winter constellations, usually hidden by our summer Sun as well as Regulus at the ‘heart of the Lion’, Mercury, Venus, Mars and perhaps Jupiter in the dark sky.
“There’s a 70 mile area stretching across the US where the eclipse will be total for around 2+ minutes. Everywhere else in the US will experience it as a partial eclipse…”
“The United States is the only country this total eclipse crosses. And it’s the first total solar eclipse to pass over only the continental US since the country’s founding in 1776. It’s also the first time in 99 years that an eclipse is visible across the continental US. 
“There are many articles about how this solar eclipse will affect the US and Donald Trump’s chart specifically… But more important, this eclipse opposes America’s Sibly 4th of July chart’s Moon at 28* Aquarius.
“The Moon symbolizes We the People (We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…) 
“This is a chance for all of us to wake up to our unity, and our responsibilities to each other, to Mother Earth and to the future.
“So we can’t mistake the heavenly advice: America, wake up and pay attention. It is the American People, not the government or the power structures, that this Leo Solar Eclipse calls to. 
“It is our wake-up call to create that more perfect Union. Not only in America, but with the whole world.
“But first we have to be at one with ourselves…”
“This eclipse occurs on one of the four ancient ‘royal’ stars – Regulus, the King. It is the star at the heart of the constellation of Leo.
“For thousands of years, this bright star was in tropical Leo but in 2012, it moved by precession into Virgo, the Virgin. So while it still represents the King, the underlying energy is the Goddess’ love…”
“Eclipses signify shifts, completions, endings, and releasing along with new beginnings, new directions and openings. 
“Because the Full Moon in Aquarius this month was sandwiched between two Leo New Moons, our cosmic instructions want us to bring our sovereignty, power, leadership, gifts and visions into the world.
“We need to learn the right way to use personal power.
“Leo rules the Heart and this eclipse opens the heart of the lion. My hope is that our collective masculine energy… will focus on being warriors of Love and Light, releasing the Leo shadow characteristics of arrogance, self-importance, overweening pride and the need to be right.
“The eclipse’s effect might last from 6 months to over 2 years, so don’t expect a miracle on August 21st. Take the energy in and let it move around you and settle in. The results will come.
“Especially watch what happens on September 3rd, when Mars reaches the eclipse degree. Also, Mercury retrograde will station on the degree of this eclipse, 28* Leo, on September 5th. You might get a hint of what new thing you’ve birthed then…”
“Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 29* Leo is: A Mermaid Emerges From The Ocean Waves Ready For Rebirth In Human Form. Mermaids are magical beings who can navigate the great realm of the Collective Unconscious. Psychologically, they represent a new feeling and energy that arises out of our collective longing for a different life.
“For a mermaid to be reborn in a human form symbolizes the incarnation of that new feeling attuned to the World Soul. A new beginning for the Divine Feminine.
“It is the heart’s desire for a unified experience of life, one in which the head and the heart work together. It is a shared longing for a deeper, richer, more conscious, collective life…”
“An eclipse is like a vortex that can take you out of your ‘normal’ perceptions of life and leave you with a different view. Just think what happens during a total solar eclipse.
 “When the Sun goes DARK, we see not only its crown of light (its corona) but also the Universe. We could say that the Sun, our sense of ‘reality’ and even of Spirit, is shut out and we see the wonder of the Cosmos.
“At the solar eclipse, our ego light (Sun) withdraws so that we can see the mystery behind it – the universal Mind.
“We humans hold the universal Heart. Chiron in Pisces forms an inconjunct to this solar eclipse, asking us to include the longings of the heart of humanity. 
“The Heart develops what Mind conceives. When we get that glimpse of eternity before the light of the Sun returns, our reality is changed forever.
“On a psychological level, the Sun symbolizes our identity, our sense of self, our ego consciousness. When the unconscious blocks out that ego-consciousness, we can see two things about ourselves. We can see our Shadows, those parts of ourselves we might be ashamed of, so we project them onto others.
“But we also get to see our souls—the part of us that is Eternal, and so we see the big picture of the cosmos, which gives us a different perspective on who we are and what we think we’re here on Earth for.
“Let go of all the old patriarchal categories we’ve lived under: how much money you need to make, who and what you should love, the things that define you.
“Let them go and let a new story, a new vision, a new category slip into place.
“This is the gift of this eclipse – finding your true ‘heart’ which has been eclipsed by patriarchal rules.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
“There are two other very important alignments that are exact the day of the Eclipse.
“Once is Saturn’s conjunct to mean Black Moon Lilith and the other is Pluto’s opposition to Ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. Both of these can be pretty intense in their own way.
“Saturn/Lilith is an interesting combination as Saturn is a symbol of Patriarchy and Lilith is a symbol of the fierce and powerful Divine/Dark Feminine.
“Patriarchal consciousness and the Dark Goddess have a long history together and it’s not a good one.
“Lilith type individuals (men and women) have been ostracized, burn at the stake or otherwise killed, repressed, muted and disempowered by patriarchal consciousness. Saturn/Lilith could speak to this repression with subsequent reactions unfolding.
“Yet on the more positive side this can speak to harnessing Lilith’s magic, intuition and ability to see into the shadows and get to the Truth– it all depends on how you work with the energy.
“Pluto and Ceres also have an interesting history- very much like the patriarchy versus the Divine Feminine with Saturn/Llilith! …Pluto/Ceres can speak to the power struggle between matriarchy and patriarchy, between Mother and Father, between life and death.
“Pluto/Ceres can speak to Underworld experiences and finding ways to stand in our power- not give it away to others and play the victim but also not lord it over others and play the tyrant.
“With such intense energy playing out between Lilith and Ceres with Saturn and Pluto respectively- I see a huge activation of the Divine Feminine and the Warrior Goddess who takes a powerful stand. (Interesting to note that Persephone is conjunct the North Node in the Eclipse chart, too!)
“…In the USA chart this Total Solar Eclipse is conjunct true Black Moon Lilith- the fierce Dark Feminine- and opposite the Moon in Aquarius.
“This eclipse major brings up the hidden shadows that we as a country tend to project onto others (other people, cultures, countries, etc…).
“The USA chart has Moon conjunct Pallas…yet this moon is opposite black moon Lilith in Leo. The Dark Goddess is passionate and deeply feeling oriented in this sign.
“Interestingly both Moon and Lilith are symbols of women and can speak to the women of America and a massive uprising that is happening in feminine consciousness here in our country!
“..The fixed star Regulus just moved out of Leo, where it’s been for 2000 years, and into Virgo- the sign of the Divine Feminine and the Virgin (originally meaning of the word is ‘woman who owned herself/was owned by no man).
“This speaks to a huge shift in leadership from masculine/yang to feminine/yin.
“From being a leader for prestige and power to being a leader to serve the people and to serve Mother Earth.
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
From PAT LILES from The Power
“The North Node, our point of growth, creates the Leo eclipse. 
“Here is the theme of the sacred masculine intensified by the presence of Mars in Leo…”
We all are healing our masculine, experiencing how we show up in the world, and calling on Spirit to support us in walking a balanced path healing what is out of balance.
“The shadow side of Leo reveals the King/Queen, the Hero/Heroine within to be self-centered, childish, bullying, and dictatorial stubbornly insisting on their righteousness, but revealing their hurting, angry and immature underbelly. 
“Cowardly, full of doubt and unequipped to face their fear, Leo is clearly dramatizing all around us some of the darker aspects of the Queen/King so we can reset at this turning point how we hold our personal power and understand just what is that thorn stuck in our paw.
“With both Saturn and Uranus in a supportive and cooperative relationship with our new Leo cycle, look to attending to your hard realities and focused action (Saturn) for getting traction out of the pressures that an eclipse season accentuate. 
“Saturn in Sagittarius says ‘walk the path of what has meaning to you; look to the big picture; be tolerant, get grounded, and manifest spirit in all you do
“Hard truths, though not the easiest to swallow, often lead to the most movement and growth in life.  Saturn is working more closely with the Mars than the Sun so we are energized to get the show on the road and lean into the work that will bring manifestation. 
“With so many planetary bodies retrograde (pesky Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Eris, Juno), there’s a feeling of not having our energy completely under us, we can’t quite get fully launched, inertia is weighing heavy on us.
“What does Uranus add to the dance?  The inspiration of fire, a gratifying shatter of the old ways, CHANGE! FREEDOM! 
“When the Sun reappears after the eclipse, we can welcome our awakening…Uranus is happy to fuel our cooperation by breaking down walls of all kinds that separate us…”
“The other exact aspect of this chart is Pluto at 17º Capricorn opposing Ceres in Cancer 17º. 
“It represents the shadow side of the patriarchy/matriarchy separation, the classical mythology of abduction of the daughter and the mother’s grief, rage and rampage under the powerlessness felt to protect her daughter. 
“It’s clear our mandate is to heal this core wounding and balance this polarity within our selves, partnerships, and the way we see the world in order to bring ourselves into our own integrated love. 
“Let’s hope this solar eclipse triggers a mega forgiveness festival where the dance is letting go of that old drama. 
“Can the feminine forgive the masculine for oppression and holding themselves out as superior and the most powerful? 
“Can the masculine acknowledge the feminine as strong, wise and of equal power?”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


And ELLIAS LONSDALE’s Star Sparks on this New Moon’s degree:
“Leo 29: A Broken Sword. 
“Defiance of law and precedent.
Advocacy of something which can only be grasped when duality is no longer the basis for how we see things.
“Aspiring to a way of life which we must earn by great suffering and perseverance. It simply requires deep guts and a faith to move every mountain.
“The timing is now. Can you feel it?”
© Copyright 2017 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved


May we shift to a new understanding of power and feel the power of love to transform, heal, unify, and create ripples of change. 
*Eclipse* Blessings to all!

  N E W  M O O N  ☀︎   S O L A R  E C L I P S E  ⚬

August 21st  11:30 am PDT

August 21st 6:30 pm GMT

August 22nd  5:30 am AEDT


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