“Krishnamurti like all true rishis and philosophers, based his saying on seeing. With him, the emphasis was always on perception rather than thinking.
“In ordinary usage we sometimes use ‘perception’ and ‘thought’ somewhat interchangeably. For Krishnamurti, thought was the function of the mind trapped in time, comparing and calculating, whereas perception had much to do with what one would see directly with a quiet mind, with as little addition or adumbration from oneself as possible, letting the object reveal itself in its own suchness, with its own eyes, as it were.
“There is magic in the power of seeing without thought, that is to say, without comparison, commentary and words.’ In the Art of seeing lies the miracle of transformation, the transformation of ‘what is.’ the ‘what should be’ never is. There’s a vast mystery in the act of seeing.”
~Ravi Ravindra from Centered Self without Being Self-Centered: Remembering Krishnamurti