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Here is the wise and insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for APRIL 2018:
“This is a tricky month where we can be challenged at every turn. Impatience is not our friend and mindfulness is a necessary practice for survival of these times.
“We will need to pay special attention to what we say, how we act, and what we think.
“We will need to have patience to accept and adapt when things do not go as planned.
“We will need to strive for balance around the fiery action that threatens to take us down into exhaustion, overwork and poor health.
“Anxiety is potentially a huge by-product of the energy this month as we try to navigate through all of what is coming our way.
“It is much like a run-away train. We will simply need to trust that the tracks we put down will hold, and the train will end up settling in the right place.
“We still have the brakes of Mercury retrograde, but when the foot is also on the gas, there can be a system failure and a burnout that renders everything non-functional for a time.
“This situation is likely to show up in the physical body crashing, or projects falling apart, forcing us to ‘slow down!’
“To avoid this catastrophe, we will need to be mindful and patient, honor right timing, and balance our ‘doing’ with enough ‘being’, a tall order when there is so much landing on our plates!
“We are also in a huge transition from a focus on the feminine to a focus on the masculine which brings all the masculine qualities, good and bad, up for scrutiny, evaluation, healing and change.
“This is a long cycle and we are just beginning the journey. It is not only about the masculine as embodied by the male anatomy but also about how the masculine shows up in each of us as the energy of action, aggression, clarity, intention, protection, will, decisiveness, independence and generosity.
“We all experience these qualities or lack of them both positively and negatively in ourselves and in others.
“This month we initiate this cycle, and the initiation itself might be less than smooth, a little like a car engine sputtering and revving before it kicks into gear.
“Beware of the potential for sparky and fiery exchanges, aggressive reactions, actions before thinking, impulsive and impatient behavior, road rage, and a variety of other responses that indicate an imbalance.
“Our adrenals may be compromised and we can find ourselves with a lack of energy for the action we need to put out for our massive ‘to do’ list.
“It may be time to take something off the plate. Balance is key. If you don’t work in some down time, spirit will work it in for you.
“It could be as simple as carving out a tea break with a friend. Just make sure that the ‘friend’ is someone you truly want to be with, that feeds and supports you instead of being another burden.
“The other aspect we are working with this month is an awareness and mindfulness of our energy leaks.
“We all have bad habits that we say we wish to change and eliminate but have we really done anything about them?
“One of the biggest energy leaks is procrastination. If you are a procrastinator it will not go well for you if you engage in this energy leak this month.
“Because of the nature of the action and the ‘runaway train’ syndrome, you will have to be on top of your list of things to do and ‘do it now’ rather than save it for later. Later may be too late and may cause you more anxiety than it’s worth.
“Things may not go according to your careful planning this month. Instead of being resistant and irritated at delays, changes and cancellations, be adaptable with neutrality, humor, patience and acceptance.
“The creative adaptability theme of March is still effective as a strategy for coping with challenging reversals in your plans.
“Despite the challenges this month, there is tremendous support for putting into action some very exciting new projects that were not on your radar before.
“Being mindful can keep you balanced and available for these spontaneous opportunities.
“Being patient and in sync with right timing can insure you are in the right place at the right time for wonderful things to happen.


How the month shows up:
“This can be a challenging month for those of you who have impatience but it can also be a month of tremendous movement in your life as long as you keep yourself in good balance.
“You will need to watch the energy leaks and all the things that tend to derail your ability to stay focused and clear of other people’s drama.
“These times are very much like training to run a marathon. We are in training to handle larger and more stressful amounts of energy and this requires mindfulness and pacing ourselves.
“It also requires that we stay neutral as much as possible to the drama unfolding around us.
“What needs more balance is very unique to each person and has to do with where your tendencies for imbalance lie.
“Some people have a hard time staying emotionally neutral and get so caught up in other people’s drama that it is difficult to make a separation.
“Others become obsessive in their need to control, need to know and second guess everything. This can be exhausting for them as well as for those around them.
“And some will have a hard time slowing down the constant ‘doing’ and action, impatiently piling more and more on their plate.
“Whichever brand you are, you will need to pay attention and be mindful of what is needed for balance.
“The opportunity this month is one of harnessing the potent energy of progress in sync with right timing and experiencing life as unfolding in exciting and dynamic ways.
“This is also an opportunity to rediscover the gifts of your own inner masculine qualities and use them in positive and productive ways.
“You will need to watch your health, protect against ‘burn out’, and take many little breaks to regroup, reset, take a breath and make sure you are still on the right path.


“Relationships are challenged this month around the issues of the masculine and energy leaks.
“Because of the action component of this month, the qualities of the masculine, both positive and negative, will surface to challenge our relationship with the masculine both within ourselves as well as with others. 
“Bad behavior will definitely be on the radar as well as disappointment and an awareness of relationships that take up too much of our time and energy putting them in the category of energy leaks that have to be dealt with.
“Don’t be surprised at some intense movement either towards or away from certain relationships. This could be an area where neutrality, acceptance and being able to adapt to abrupt change will serve you well.
Practicing Mindfulness in relationship is also very helpful this month as it can reset relationships that have been lacking in communication, mutual respect and understanding.
“It can also bring more juice into relationships that have been lacking in energy. And it can help with any misunderstandings that may arise from impulsive and unconscious behavior related to the intensity of the reactive/active masculine this month.
“Be kind, compassionate and forgiving, yet strong in your appropriate boundaries and personal truth.
“Honor the differences without the need to change or fix. This is being mindful.


“We have already mentioned that the physical body and general health is vulnerable to the ways in which each person experiences imbalance in their lives.
“Balance is key to staying healthy this month and you will need to not only be aware of what is needed but to also be willing to do what it takes.
“This may mean taking something off your plate or releasing a relationship that has become an energy leak or even being more disciplined about a practice.
“There may be a tendency towards digestive issues and indigestion as well as hormonal imbalances, rough menstrual cycles, intense mood swings and sleep issues.
“An overactive liver due to mental stress and anger can lead to skin issues. Make sure your supplements and diet are balanced. Bring in the water element when you feel too much ‘heat’.
“Listen to soothing music and practice daily meditation. Spend time in nature, take frequent breaks, don’t take on other people’s problems and stay neutral as much as you can.


“The main attitude here is to not take anything personally when things do not go as you planned, wished or thought they should.
“Be accepting, patient and creative when faced with any challenge that has to do with your business and any related projects and partnerships.
“Mindfulness here is connected to good communication and giving each component or person the time and space they need to receive and understand it.
“This is a good month to start projects provided that things come together easily to support them.
“It is also a good month to reevaluate anything that begins to feel like and energy leak and perhaps eliminate the whole or a part of it as needed to provide some fresh energy.
“Be mindful of the consequences of all your actions and what you say so you don’t regret something that could have been handled with more attention.
“As exciting as the energy of movement this month can be, it is still important to manage all of your current details with focus and patience, honoring right timing and the larger picture that may bring about unexpected results.
“Your job is to stay focused on the greater goal of staying on the right path in order to achieve the right results. Let spirit do the rest.


“The environment continues with extremes in weather patterns and will continue to reflect our own imbalances and lack of mindfulness in numerous ways. Best not to be disappointed in sudden changes in forecasts but simply alter or adapt your plans creatively.
“Your personal environment may require some input. The irritability and impatient factors of this month may bring out some real irritation regarding clutter and the lack of attention in your personal or work environment.
“This is especially true when one person is messy and the other organized in relationship. It is always good time to focus on clearing out something even if it is just symbolic of a larger energetic clearing and reorganization happening in your life.
“The theme of balance is also one to be considered seriously regarding your environment. Look around you and determine what is out of balance?
“It is a good month to get some help from a Feng Shui practitioner or someone that can help you declutter if that is your issue. Bring in a water feature if you need one or circulate the air in a better way or bring some plants into your home or work space.
Energy needs to MOVE this month so keep that in mind as you strive for balance.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved
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