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Here is the always insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for September 2017:
“We are now navigating the debris kicked up by events that triggered the RESET of August.
“We know something is different, and we know things should be different. We feel somehow different and some of us are manifesting big changes, but we cannot fully embrace the reality of it until we adjust on all levels, assimilating and integrating as we go.
“So, this is the period of great ADJUSTMENT.
“There is a new energy inside each one of us whether it is tangible at this point or not. This new energy requires that your environment, whatever that may be, adjust itself to you in a new way.
“This could mean a sudden move, a radical change in work, an upgrade in your home, vehicle or electronics or a change in your relationships including one with self.
“You may feel an overwhelming desire to clean out, move things around, get rid of the old, bring in the new get different support, make new friends, and generally upgrade your personal environment to reflect a new vibration and new intentions.
“When the adjustment is self-driven, it is exciting and inspiring even if it may be overwhelming at times.
“What isn’t so exciting is the adjustment you personally may have to make to what has changed in your environment that is not consciously your choice.
“For example, if you find a change has been thrust upon you such as in work or relationship, you can either wallow in martyrdom and see yourself as a victim, or you can be neutral and embrace it as a necessary situation that will ultimately support you in the direction you need to go.
‘The main thing is to see all that is happening as a positive step in the direction of change.
“Whether you are informing the environment around you to adjust to the ‘new you’, or you are struggling to adjust to what is happening around you, the best attitude will be one of acceptance, patience, neutrality and trust.
“You will have days when you don’t know your bottom from your top, days of frustration with yourself and others, days when you are so inspired you can hardly contain the excitement, days when you feel overwhelmed, and days when you see inspiring glimpses of this new direction we are all going in.
“Think of ADJUSTMENT in terms of your body. If you are not aligned correctly, you don’t function so well. You go to the chiropractor and get straightened out so the energy can flow again.
In times of great change, there is always a period of feeling out of sorts, where some parts have made the change and others are being resistant or trying to catch up.
“This can result in feeling not quite ‘all there’, a little spaced out with a sense of not being able to hold onto any thought for too long.
“Instead of resisting this, take the time just to be in this container of adjustment. It is not always about doing. Sometimes rest is the prescription we need.
“The most important thing is to be in acceptance of what is and of what is showing up
“There is a big picture at work here and we have not yet been able to see or experience fully the outcome of what we are currently creating for ourselves.
“We need to recognize this as a collective co-creation and take what comes. We also need to embrace the adjustment necessary in this process.
“The sun and the earth are at a new vibration, adjusting to each other, and since all of life is informed by those two energies, there is a need to adjust ourselves to this new vibration as fully as we can.”
How the month shows up:
“Don’t let old self-judgments get in the way of what you can have at this time. This is an exciting opportunity for improvement and a chance to re-invent, recreate and rebirth yourself.
“It is important to strike a good balance between driving the boat and letting the current guide you. Adjusting your environment to you requires action.
“Be proactive in cleaning out and getting rid of the old and bringing in improvements to support the new.
“We recommend that you get rid of at least one old thing every day and that you do or get at least one new thing every day.
“Your personal adjustment to changes in the environment, people, and situations outside of you requires receptivity, acceptance and just being with what is, allowing it to settle in around you so you can be in harmony with the change. This will not happen overnight so be patient.
“Deep emotional and psychological debris is still being triggered and stirred up this month, dredging up old wounds and challenging the false personality. You must resist the urge to wallow in misery and martyrdom.
“Instead take a deep breath, let out a big sigh and focus on gratitude, love and awe. This is a higher vibration and will keep you on the right track.
“We may face a streak of stubbornness this month as our personality resists change, especially change that requires we give up our attachments to identity, recognition, success, or suffering. It all has to go.
“It is time to change the story and tell a new one about ourselves and the world we live in. Only a new story will help us to adjust to the change that is already here…”
“When people are used to the habits of others and have accommodated certain routines, when those routines and habits change, there is a great adjustment to be made.
“Since this is a month of adjustment, all of us need to be sensitive to the reactions of others as they may feel threatened by something new. Reassure your closest loved ones whenever possible that your change is not a rejection of them (unless it is), but they will need to adjust to it all the same.
“It will be important that you monitor what is too much change requiring too big of an adjustment. You can always dial it back and be more gradual about what you are introducing into your intimate personal environment.
“However, with that said, sometimes huge radical change is what is required to really shift a relationship pattern.
“Courage and commitment will definitely be needed and we always recommend you follow the intuition of your heart instead of the theory of the mind.
“This is a great month for rekindling old connections under new circumstances as well as to explore new relationships that may suddenly land in your field. Nothing is by accident so pay attention to what you are moving away from and what you are gravitating towards.
“Emotional outbursts may be common especially during the first part of the month. Make sure to stay neutral and not to make big decisions based on temporary emotional reactions.
“Each one of us will handle and process this adjustment differently. For some, this is a time you could go into a deep healing crisis of the psyche or the body.
“For others, the adjustment may show up emotionally where you cry your eyes out for no apparent reason.
“And for yet others, the adjustment might be a subtle shift in your relationship with your self-care, health and well-being.
“As this is a month of adjustment, we strongly recommend you honor adjustment in a very tangible way. Go to the chiropractor, get some acupuncture, adjust your exercise, eating and movement routines to reflect new intentions.
“Others may need to adjust to what you need now and you may need to adjust to another’s decisions about what they need. Be sensitive to others but firm about your own needs.
“In a way, this is now or never. We will not have this good an opportunity for a long time to make permanent changes in how we manage our physical, mental and emotional health. If you have been used to saying ‘I really ought to….’, this would be the time to change that to ‘I am….’.
“There is a personality disorder that many of us have about keeping to the status quo and not rising above others in how we show up. This is deep imprinting about being humble and not better than others.
“We have been taught that it is spiritually better to be meek and to serve and suffer, then to be selfish, self-serving and have more than others. Misery loves company.
“This is a concept that keeps us all small as there is no role model or point of reference for being ‘better’. So, the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to be as ‘selfish’ as you can, and in as good a health and well-being as you can possibly dream up.
“For this you need to take action, get support, and be committed to being ‘better’. Your adjustment might include getting others onto the same page of supporting you as well as adjusting some of your old non-serving habits that have to change.
“Issues and challenges this month may include bones, joints, mental fog, digestion, circulation and lungs.
“Remember to keep things moving.
Don’t get attached to anything this month. A project may look great one day and not great the next. Partnerships may seem right one day and wrong the next.
“Everything is under adjustment and you could drive yourself nuts overthinking what direction to go in. A lot of this month is about acting on your instincts and then a ‘wait and see’ in terms of seeing the results.
“Business and physical projects are the physical structures and containers of our lives. They represent our internal belief systems, our intentions, dreams and limitations. They represent our relationship with the quantum field and what we believe to be real, possible or impossible.
“These containers and structures are going through huge change and adjustment, sometimes radical. They need time to adjust and since everything is more fluid now, there is an opportunity for you to inform this adjustment to reflect improvement, expansion and a higher level of function.
“So, take the time to really imagine what you want to manifest in terms of business, partnerships and projects and then allow that environment to adjust itself to your new intentions. Be inspired but practice patience.
“Nature naturally moves in the direction of alignment and is constantly adjusting itself to a higher vibration.
“Work with nature as much as you can, accept adjustments that the natural world is automatically going through, and align yourself as much as possible with those adjustments. Use nature and the environment as a support to your own process. Regardless of the weather, see it as something that is driving and informing change in some way.
“As to your personal environment, be proactive in adjusting it to a frequency you are striving for. Look to always improve it in some way by paying attention to what feels old or does not feel right any more.
“Even if it is something small like taking a piece of art off the wall or an old photograph because it no longer reflects what you want in that environment.
“We suggest you do something every day to either adjust yourself to some change in your environment or changing something in your environment to adjust to changes in you.”
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