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Here is the energetic theme of the month from the always wonderful and spot on Lena Stevens from The Power
October is a balancing act. The image is of watching a circus act from a place of terror and excitement and then feeling both relieved and exhilarated when the act is successfully completed.
“This month pushes the edge of everything, forcing expansion, new strategies for balance and a necessary letting go of what really does not work.
“It is an exciting, terrifying, exhilarating month with the challenge of extreme panic and fear as well as the opportunity to experience the ecstatic state of higher frequencies like never before. It is truly a circus that we are both witness to and performers in.
“There are two eclipses this month as well as some interesting astrological aspects that support the month to be one of the most eccentric, creative, surprising and unpredictable we have had in a long time.
“I could have explored many themes this month: Balancing act, radical shift, intensity, surprise, expansion, risk, edge, terror, chaos, power, balance, unpredictable, unstable, revolution/evolution, eccentric, new alignment.. But decided on the ‘three legged stool’ because it is an image that to me best describes the situation we find ourselves in this month.
“A three-legged stool is unstable but stable at the same time. Its stability depends on the user. If you use a three-legged stool, which can be a great support when you need something to sit on, you need to be sitting straight and balanced.
“If you lean too far in either direction you will fall off. It requires attention to how you are sitting, with your back straight, as well as the awareness of where you have placed the stool, hopefully on stable ground.
“And your feet have to be firmly planted on the ground. There will be times this month where your stool may actually feel like a one legged-stool requiring even more presence, attention and inner stability and balance.
“So the three-legged stool (sometimes a one-legged stool) is a metaphor for the times. We have everything we need to support our lives and to midwife our transformation. We just need to trust our seemingly unstable environment, and pay attention to how we are navigating our lives every day.
“We need to be in our personal power, connected to the integrity of our hearts and striving for a new balance. We need to release our old stories and become more comfortable with the mystery of the unknown. We need to shift our platforms of security from exterior systems to interior ones.
“In other words, trust more in our talents, inner wisdom, personal beliefs and the higher self of spirit rather than the money in the bank, corporate jobs, or the roof over our heads. We need to allow inspiration and a new higher frequency to guide us as we keep a ‘don’t know mind’.
“Know does one stay neutral and balanced in the midst of such unpredictability and chaos? How does one stay firmly planted on that three-legged or one-legged stool in the middle of a windstorm or hurricane? (You can purchase Lena’s Mp3 is here)
  1. Know who you are and don’t get swayed by another’s fear, beliefs, judgments or expectations.
  2. Don’t take things personally.
  3. Always move yourself to the place of enthusiasm and excitement when you feel the terror coming on. There is a fine line between terror and excitement. Terror will always throw you into a lower frequency whereas excitement will keep you moving in the right direction with the right attitude.
  4. Keep a ‘don’t know mind’ and listen to your heart.
  5. Tell the truth no matter what.
  6. Trust in spirit and your own higher self and inner voice.
  7. Allow yourself to feel joy.
  8. Never blame others. Take that chip off your shoulder once and for all.
  9. Forgive, forgive, and forgive.
  10. Slow down and finish what you started before jumping into the next inspired task.
  11. Be eccentric rather than ‘normal
  12. Think creatively whenever possible.
How the month shows up:
“This is a highly creative and eccentric month. Push the envelope of your expression in the world. Try new things. Take a risk. Say YES to something you have been contemplating but have been too afraid to commit to. Instead of becoming small and retreating back into limitation, prioritize when you feel the chaos of having too much on your plate.
“There is an opportunity here to express more authentically and to find a new alignment and a new balance in your life. This is also a month where you can tap into a reservoir of personal power that you did not realize you had.
“The mantra should be ‘anything is possible.’ You just need to allow it by keeping yourself as free as possible from the ‘old story’ of limitation and victimization. The roof literally comes off the building allowing you to move into a new space, a higher floor, and an expanded view of your world that includes more light, joy and possibility.
“What will get in the way of that?
“The need to know, the need to be right, arrogance, impatience, martyrdom, attachment to your ‘position’, fear, and mistrust of life working out just right. Watch the need to tell others how to navigate their three or one-legged stool and instead learn to manage your own balance and alignment. It is a great month for personal growth. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you find that the usual methods of support you have relied on are not providing what you need, try something new and radical.

“Relationships are ready for some fun, eccentricity and spontaneity. The task this month is to use the influences to dissolve the mistrust and conditional expectations that keep intimacy at bay and create barriers to love and joy and true support. Finding your balance in relationships requires telling the truth no matter what and not taking the projections of others personally.
“Relationships will be affected by the eccentric personality of the month and can be fed by the creative aspect. Remember that as you expect others to accept your new way of being, you must also be in acceptance of others. If your partner chooses to die their hair green, accept it and rejoice in their creative expression instead of being horrified.
“If you have children, they will be acting out. There is a lot of fire and solar energy this month that will quicken anger and aggressive reactions. Allow lots of room for expression while holding strong boundaries. Always give a choice and accept expressions that are eccentric as long as they are not dangerous or damaging. This goes for adults too!
“…The three-legged (or one-legged) stool here is about being extremely flexible and spontaneous in your plans. Eccentricity hits the environment as it does everything else this month…”
“In terms of your personal environment, continue to weed and clear out what is no longer ‘you‘ (even if it is a family heirloom). Bring some creativity into your space: color, art, beauty, sound. Be a little risky and eccentric. Have some fun.”

“Balance, balance, balance. Find a rhythm that works for you in your own personal self-care. Be ruthless and disciplined about taking time for yourself especially when you feel overwhelmed. Listen to your own inner wisdom regarding what you need.
“Humor is an all-important emotion this month as it will lubricate the path to truth telling and raise you up out of shame, despair and depression. Always find something to laugh about regarding any adverse situation concerning your health and well-being.
“There will be lots and lots of energy available this month and you can easy burn out unless you have balance. The adrenals will need support. Watch liver heat as the solar energy this month stimulates and triggers impatience and aggression. Make sure to get PLENTY of exercise of the kind that makes you sweat. You will need this outlet for the possible build up of energy that otherwise will keep you sleepless at night.
“Balancing your three-legged stool demands that you create a good structure around your self-care that you can commit to.
“Think big and think out of the box. Dream beyond what you think is possible as it may actually be possible. One of the lessons this month is to learn to stretch so you become comfortable in the reality that is just a dream and not manifest as well as keeping your anchor in the reality that you are used to.
Learn to keep a foot in both worlds, the seen and the unseen. This is the place of power and will keep you from getting too attached to what you see manifest as you build your trust in the belief that it can always change. The unseen world is where ideas and dreams and creativity come from. The more you are able to navigate and trust that world, the more you will see your dreams manifest.
“The challenge will be to get rebalanced as quickly as possible if something happens in your business or project that throws you off center. You may feel at times like your three-legged stool is a one-legged stool and that you are about to fall off the edge. Instead of going into terror, take a swan dive into the unknown and trust spirit that it will all end up OK.
“This is a great month to change it up and bring some newness into any project, business or partnership. So have fun, play a little and definitely bring humor into the mix.”
“…So get to work, make it fun, be eccentric, stay present, keep expressing and creating and remember to keep your balance. If it feels like too much go back to the list of HAVE to and WANT to. Prioritize, delegate, eliminate. Make sure you end up with way more WANT to than HAVE to.”
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