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The wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com shares her channelled guidance and Energetic theme for November 2018:
“We focus on truth this month as an energy with the opportunity to tap into a greater and higher truth as well as to discover our own truth on many levels allowing us to speak and make choices from our own truth rather than a truth we don’t resonate with.
“You could witness great polarity as one person’s truth is never completely the same experience as another person’s truth.
“You will also see posturing around judgment masquerading as truth. If there was ever a month to ‘not take things personally’, this would be it.
“There are many layers and expressions of truth.
“There is universal truth, a collective agreement about how the physical plane is being manifested such as the understanding of gravity, the sun, the shapes and colors of things.
“Then there is truth fabricated and woven around a community or religion where its members all agree collectively to adopt certain beliefs as truth.
“And then there is very personal truth that reflects how each one of us experiences life. This truth is challenging to communicate as it is its own language and unique to each person. 
“Artists and musicians have often managed to give us a glimpse through their art of an emotional expression of their personal truth.
“There is also generational truth. Truth as experienced by the younger generations is very different than the truth of older generations. There is an overlap but the youth in general are operating on a different spectrum. There is something to be said for the ‘gap’.
“We need to differentiate here between truth and beliefs.
“Truth is an energy that is experienced in the higher mind and the higher intellectual center.
“Beliefs are how the intellectual center or the mind processes information, giving that information a definition to more easily organize it for understanding life experiences and events.
“Beliefs are structured from patterns we came in with as well as our imprinting and what we choose to learn and believe over our lifetime.
Truth is an experience of inner knowing and requires trusting our intuition.
“Truth is often not able to be explained intellectually and has to do with instinctive and emotional reactions rather than anything we had the time to ‘think through’. 
“We know when we have not listened to our inner truth that things can go badly – ‘If we had just listened to our intuition’.
“There have been many power leaks from a personal level to a global level when we have not listened to that inner voice that gives us a yay or nay.
“We have as a collective given our power away to others that seem to ‘know more’ or that have a talent to sell us something we don’t really want.
“We have stopped questioning authority and have adopted limiting beliefs around what we are truly capable of that have diminished our ability to open to higher truth as an energy. We have allowed ourselves to be governed by fear that keeps us small.
“This month we all have a great opportunity to reconnect with TRUTH as an energy.
“The first step is to eliminate the fear that truth is something we don’t want to see or experience.
“The second step is to recognize that we do not have to conform to collective beliefs that do not resonate with us.
“The third step is to trust a deeper intuition that will allow us to experience TRUTH as a download, an insight, an ‘aha’ moment of clarity, a light bulb going off.
“The fourth step is to speak what you ‘know’ is your truth (not using it as an excuse to judge others) and to take right action based on that truth. (there are good exercises to experience this on our monthly support audio)
“This is going to impact everything from your health decisions to your work, where you live, who you are with and how you live your life.
“What can get in the way of experiencing this amazing energy is resistance, judgment, criticism and any negative reaction that keeps you engaged in polarity, argument and being at war with yourself or others.
“This is a challenge since there is much to feel at war with. However, energy works in mysterious ways.
Open to TRUTH, stay in your own lane, focus on your own life and healing, and that will have a ripple effect on healing everything around you.
How the month shows up:
“This may be a month for major choices and decisions in your life. They may not appear radical on the outside but may be radical on the inside.
“Others may end up seeing you as a completely different person as you reset your compass to your own truth. Your intuition may go against what you have heard or read and you may need to be the one who is the radical non-conformist as you begin to trust your own truth.
“We always say that revolution begins with each person individually and on an energy level. This is the beginning of a huge revolution of thought and belief.
“In order to reset your personal truth compass, you will need to adopt a diet of fasting from what triggers you and actively questioning everything you are being ‘sold’ on. Do you really need it? Where are you acting automatically like a programmed robot?
“What are your patterns of fear, belief and reaction? Question everything. This will lead to untangling the web of beliefs you are trapped in and will make room for experiences of truth.
“It is perfectly fine to be in a state of not knowing. That is an interim step in the process. Trust your intuition.
“The insights of truth will not only be around clarity of thought or ideas. They will also affect your emotions and instincts.
“We continue to unpack and uncover what makes us tick and have the opportunity to reset the wounded emotional patterns as we anchor into newly discovered personal TRUTH.
“This is an interesting challenge for relationships as one person’s truth is not always how another sees things.
“Those you are close to will provide many lessons and opportunities for compassion, acceptance and neutrality. Watch yourself as you try and make someone see things your way.
“Learn to communicate by speaking your truth as your experience instead of judging the other. Make sure your communication of truth is not masquerading as resentment, anger or judgment.
“It is also important to take responsibility when truth shows you what needs to change.
“You were the one who put yourself in whatever situation you need to change and you were the one who gave your power away to something or someone.
“Release any judgment or reaction about it so it does not contaminate your ability to communicate from a neutral place.
“This month there could be many changes in work situations, community groups and partnerships as truth is revealed and the compass is reset.
“Your relationship with your body and your health may be the most affected by this month’s theme of truth. We tend to take things out on our bodies and not treat them very well.
“Whose idea was it that being overly productive and a workaholic would get you brownie points and further your success?
“How have you treated your body? And when it breaks down, have you listened to your own intuition about what it needs or given your power away to another ‘expert’?
“It is time to reclaim your relationship with your physical body and your emotional, energetic and spiritual health. This may require some soul searching and looking at truth that is personal only to you.
“Every physical body is different and unique and no one formula for health can fit all needs.
“Question what comes across as authority, listen to your intuition and monitor your reactions to the various ‘sales’ efforts around you that work off the collective fear of survival.
“You have an opportunity this month to fall in love with yourself on a physical and emotional level, accepting the truth of your own greatness and value on the planet.
“Look for crisis in the workplace as polarity ramps up, arguments heat up and destabilization hits. A shake up is often necessary in order to get things back on track.
“A clear truth about what is needed could initiate changes that are uncomfortable but have good results in the long run. Don’t be afraid to follow your intuition and trust what you have been shown to be true.
“There is a theme we can work with around all of our practices. More is not always better. It is the quality of what we have, how we work, and what we believe to be true that matters most.
“This makes it a good month to initiate a project or partnership that you really and intuitively believe in.
“It is a good month to reset the compass, projections and intentions for any business or partnership.
“Be careful with your finances this month and watch the sales pitches that try and seduce you to spend on what is not important to you. At the same time, allow yourself to spend on what you really want.
“Trust your intuition and sense of it being right. Think quality instead of quantity.
“We may finally see the acceptance of truth around certain environmental issues but not without continued polarized discussions and differences in ideas and beliefs.
“Weather patterns will continue to be radical forcing communities to cooperate and make decisions for the future.
“After taking inventory on your personal environment last month, you are now ready to act on the truth of that inventory and make the changes you need to make to support a new truth of who you are and how you want to live.
“Watch falling into old patterns and habits and replacing what you are clearing out with the same thing instead of trying something new.
“Be present and conscious and really think about what would best support you now.
“Remember more is not better. Go for quality as it will support the higher frequency of TRUTH.
Have a wonderful month!


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