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Here is the always insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for NOVEMBER 2017:
“The main theme for November is ‘Turning the Soil’.
“When one has focused only on what is seen and shows up on the surface, what is beneath that surface becomes less and less fertile as time goes on.
“This month is it time to dig down deep and turn up what is underneath, bring it to the surface, inspect it, break it up, feed it, aerate it and fertilize it in preparation for new seeds.
“This is what this month is all about.
“Because we are turning the soil of our own lives, we get to discover what we forgot we had, as well as to observe where we need more growth and fertilization.
“Think of yourself as a plant in your own garden. Are you feeling root-bound by your own stubbornness, calcification and attachments? Have you allowed any new energy in the form of new ideas and inspirations into your life? Have you nourished yourself spiritually? Does your life feel somewhat small and pinched?
“Some of you might be doing just great at this time. But some of you are still feeling in that transitional place of not quite knowing whether things are moving in the right direction or not, or how to proceed to make the most of these times.
“In the example of working the soil, when the earth beneath is neglected and gets too dry and calcified, there is no more room for the roots to grow and the plant becomes stunted and less likely to produce big beautiful blooms.
“The analogy of you being a plant in your own garden is a good one to focus on this month as it is very applicable to what is going on in the world.
“You can see those who are mired in their stubborn beliefs as creating great limitations for themselves in this time of potential breakthrough and growth.
Fertility is a big theme this month as well. You get to study how it shows up in your life and whether you have enough of it or not. Are your projects fertile? Is your life fertile? Are your relationships fertile? Is your imagination fertile?
“There will be numerous opportunities to discover what you are missing and what you wish you had more of. And maybe you find you want to change things up, plant something new, do some bigger landscaping on your life.
“We have excellent support for this now as we revisit similar energies to the time of the eclipse. This gives us a second chance to do accomplish what we didn’t back then.
“One of the gifts of this time is the discovery of new passions and the rediscovery of old talents. As you turn up your past, your history, and your old dreams and inspirations, you may discover that you really do want to play music or write a book or be an artist or work with animals or children.
“It may be painful to look at and acknowledge the situations or reasons why you never followed through on those dreams. That’s the stuff under the ground that needs to be turned up, and your willingness, determination and discipline to do so is the shovel you will use. 
“Let those disappointments, judgments and regrets go. Become neutral, practice forgiveness and then rekindle the passion and get some support in following through…
“This could be a very exciting time for those of you who finally decide to follow your dreams. There is great opportunity for that this month.
“The challenges are going to be trusting the outcome, having the courage to make new choices, and staying out of blame.
“Inertia could set in when fear comes up around moving forward. Old wounds connected to regret and failure could surface as well.
“Work through them, move forward and prepare your own ‘field’ for a season of planting new seeds of old familiar dreams into freshly fertilized and upgraded soil.
How the month shows up:
“Another layer of old feelings from childhood wounds, old regrets and disappointments is ready to be uncovered and may have to be processed and forgiven in order to move forward.
“It is time to let go and to reclaim any power that was lost as a preparation for planting new seeds. The level of your energy or chi will be something you will become very aware of this month. Do you have enough? What feeds you? Where are your energy leaks?
“You will also have an opportunity to see clearly where you are lacking and what you need to do to correct it.
Fertility is a field in which creative ideas and intentions can take root and grow and manifest. In order for something to be fertile, it needs to be fertilized. There are many ways you can fertilize the container of your life. With beauty, inspiration, enthusiasm, love, gratitude, a little awe and a good spiritual practice…
It is great month to rediscover what you truly desire and what you have a talent for. Be courageous and take a risk. The veil is thin between what is so and what can be, so take advantage of this somewhat unstable time to make your move.  Good mantra for the month is “I can”.
“As usual, relationships are at the point of growth and are always affected in many different ways by the themes we are working with. There is great opportunity for healing past relationships this month. Especially the ones that caused you a lot of grief and still seem to be running the show, need to be forgiven so you can move on.
“Where do you still feel indebted to someone? And who are you holding hostage to being indebted to you in some way? This dynamic only causes the energy to be stuck and for the same tapes to be played over and over.
“We mentioned that there would be similar aspects this month to the time of the eclipse. Watch closely for what gets stirred up and triggered. You have a second chance to clear, clean and forgive.
“The exciting thing about relationships this month is that you get to discover new connections that inspire and excite you as well as rediscover what you truly loved and enjoyed about someone. Don’t be surprised if connections from the past come into your present life. They could be there for some completion or there for rekindling something fun.
Balance your time between your responsibilities to your current important relationships and what is coming into your life that needs to be explored. If a connection feels tired, you may need to fertilize it with some new ideas, energy and time.
“Watch for trouble with joints, bones, body alignment, and phantom aches and pains that come and go. Energy levels will also continue to go through highs and lows with no apparent reason.
“Mental health can also be unstable in these times and some may not handle the energy very well. Watch for an increase in anxiety, sleeplessness and nonspecific fear. The instinctive center is pretty rattled right now with the uncertainty and confusion of what to do, when and where.
“This is why we are suggesting being proactive this month with your tilling, turning and excavation.
“Because we are in preparation for the future by connecting with the past and bringing forward the important pieces, the body needs to process this transition. Letting go is visceral and reconnecting with talents and inspiration can require and adjustment mentally, emotionally and physically.
Nurture and fertilize and feed those parts of yourself that need it. Learn to put yourself first recognizing that what others are going through is their own personal journey. You can be compassionate without losing yourself in another’s misery.
“On a very positive note, you have the opportunity to reenergize your body and soul giving you a more inspired life.
“When you turn the soil on an old tired project, you come up with new ideas and fresh problem solving tools. Why did I not think of that before? Because it was not in your field, that’s why.
“When you change your environment, face the past and forgive what did not work with compassion and understanding, the creativity can move forward.
“This is a good month to bring in new people, new ideas, a fresh look, to turn the soil and fertilize all projects and partnerships.
“If you have a business that has been operating the same way for some time and feels tired, it could be time to think outside the box and come up with new strategies. It could be a very exciting time.
“It could also be a bit painful to let go of a project or business you have put your heart and soul into if you see it needs to happen. Go back to your passion. Remember what made you happy and inspired. Don’t be afraid to make a change.
“When you turn the soil, you don’t always know what will turn up. When you reconnect with your original motivation, sometimes you can rediscover the inspiration and energy that initiated things for you. Fertilize that energy.
“Interesting weather phenomena continue especially around the revisit of the eclipse influences later in the month. We could have more intense events that will keep our instinctive centers open and processing. It is important to ground yourself and to trust the earth. This is a necessary cycle and is supporting the kind of change we need and are going through at this time.
“Focus on your personal environment especially if you have an outdoor space where you can bring a little order and beauty to an area. Build a medicine wheel or circle or spiral.
“Do a bit of landscaping, all in honor of the earth and the inherent order of nature. Be in nature as much as possible and know that you can ground wherever you are.
“It is still a good idea to continue cleaning and clearing out the old, especially what does not resonate with you. A little at a time unless you get inspired to tackle a bigger project. As you get rid of something make sure you honor it for where it came from and how it has served you.”
Have a wonderful month!
© Copyright 2017 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved
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