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Here is the wonderful and wise LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for MARCH 2018:
“Many of us are leaving February in a state of grumpy resistance to how things are unfolding both personally and globally.
“It will be both a challenge and a relief to have the opportunity to work with something new.
“We all have a bit of stubbornness we may not even be aware of that sets our patterns of reaction and expectation.
“It is almost as if we expect things to be difficult and unpleasant so we can justify our grumpiness and negative attitudes about life.
“It is time we change all that and step into a more proactive role in how we experience our lives.
“Any victim mentality suggests that we truly believe someone or something else is running our lives when in fact it is we collectively that are creating the very circumstances we actually have the power to change.
“This requires abandoning our position of resistance and negative futility, raising ourselves up into the higher centers whenever possible, and facing each challenge not with resignation, but with creative inspiration to find a new way.
“We need to be adaptable, not in a resigned acceptance, but rather in way that has us creating new recipes using familiar ingredients.
“Creativity is a key element this month. We need to take present situations that are unsatisfactory and be proactive about changing them by thinking and acting creatively and outside the box of our known ways of thinking and acting.
“Solutions will appear when we can release our judgments of others as well as our positions of being right. Being ‘right’ only serves to solidify and anchor a pattern that will not serve us in the end as it leaves no room for creativity.
“It is a good month to hold a ‘don’t know’ attitude and give everything the benefit of the doubt. This does leave room for things to be different.
“To stimulate creativity, practice doing little things in a new way.
“Drive a different set of roads to a known destination. Put your clothing and accessories on in a new configuration. Change your schedule around a bit, bring some color and sound into your environment and be creative around your meals.
“If you find yourself judging anything, move yourself into a place of neutrality as quickly as possible. When you are in neutral you always have a choice. When not in neutral, you eliminate your choice and this can lead to feeling stuck.
Adaptability is being open to change, paying attention to how it wants to manifest and then taking action.
“This is not adaptability in the old way of being flexible by resigning yourself to accepting a situation, but still harboring disappointment and resentment.
“Creative adaptability takes it one step further and actually uses the opportunity to try a different approach or make an actual change.
“If you were planning on going to the movies and then suddenly there is a change of plans, acknowledge that you now have a block of free time to do something creative with instead of being resigned and disappointment about a ruined evening.
“If you have been laid off your job, instead of being resentful and disappointed, see it as an opportunity given to you by spirit to pursue something you always wanted to do.
“You may find that the creative solutions that come from being willing to let go of the attachment to ‘how awful it all is’ and embrace the possibility of something new that you haven’t thought of before, will in fact improve and upgrade current situations beyond your expectations.
“So, try it. When you create a new recipe, you take a few risks in mixing known ingredients together in a new way and then adding some new spices you haven’t used before. Some may not make the grade, but others will offer exciting new tastes.
“Fine restaurants do this all the time. Think of yourself as a fine restaurant that is a little stuck in making the same meal over and over. You still have all the same ingredients of your talents, personality, experience and intentions.
“You just need to add a little more support, wisdom and energy to put them together in new ways so you can adapt creatively to what wants to change and move forward.
How the month shows up:
“A good month to literally re-invent yourself by taking your attitudes, challenges, hopes, dreams, and current experiences of life, and creatively making changes to adapt to a new dream.
“First you must have the new dream. Then you must be willing to give up the old one including all of your disappointments, resentments, judgments and attachments to how things should have been.
“Then you must welcome new ideas and energies that come in to support you.
“Then you must proactively do your part in taking action to make things happen.
“The first part of the month is good for dismantling the old dream and dreaming a new one. The second part of the month will support the action piece.
“The opportunity for you personally this month is to finally get on with your life the way you need to at this time through being creative, inspired, adaptable, willing, and proactive.
“You will need to pay attention to a few things along the way.
“Martyrdom: watch the tendency to blame and feel victimized. There is no power in that, so take responsibility for your own creations.
“In being responsible, you take the power back that enables you to change what you don’t like.
“Self-Deprecation: Don’t tie your self-worth into situations that you create to force change, like losing your job or being rejected from something you thought you wanted.
“Learn to trust spirit that this is all moving you towards a bigger picture that will support you better in the long run.
“Too good to be true: When everything is aligned and you are willing, open and flexible, things can happen very quickly. You know you are on the right track when everything begins to fall into place with ease and grace.
“Attachment to suffering: This is an addiction and a false definition of ‘the right road to heaven’. Suffering will get you nowhere, will only keep you grumpy and lead eventually to blame and despair.
“It is time to drop this position and move yourself into a place of enjoying life which is a much higher frequency than suffering. Much of this can be accomplished simply by changing an attitude.
“Strive to see the glass half full instead of half empty and challenging situations as opportunities for growth and improvement rather than the universe conspiring against you.
“A challenging time for relationships as one person’s idea of a creative solution may not be another person’s idea at all.
Communication is really key this month as a way to keep everyone informed of what is going on in your mind. Not everyone is a mind reader and not everyone is on the same rhythm or cycle.
“Relationships will require patience. It will be easy to become impatient with others especially if you judge them for not understanding you or keeping up with your progress.
“Make sure to communicate your excitement and creative insights. This will fuel community and build a network of higher vibration.
“If you can inspire others this month, it will a great service to the higher good of the planet. Make sure you practice not taking things personally and stay uninvolved in another’s grumpy attitude.
“Lead by example instead and practice enjoying your life. Just that may inspire others to try and do the same.
“In terms of creativity, it is a good month to bring some creativity into your current relationships. Instead of falling into the same routines, try different experiences together, new practices, habits, travel, and entertainment.
“If you are seeking new relationships, try different and creative avenues for connecting and be adaptable in your expectations of what shows up.
“A good month to think creatively about your health and how to support it. Try new things, come up with new possible solutions, listen and be open to new information, adapt new routines, change up your diet, and really pay attention to where you have habits and patterns and routine that your body has been accustomed to. 
“Be proactive in bringing in change.
“The body is much more adaptable than we give it credit for and it is often the mind and its belief systems that informs the body of what it can’t live without and needs for survival. It is good to question this belief system because if you can question what you have gotten in the habit of accepting, you open up possibilities for something different.
“We suggest you pay attention and become more aware of where you are habitual and begin to question with the intention of being more creative and changing some of your routines, beliefs and patterns.
“This month may bring the challenge of aches and pains coming from seemingly nowhere as well as issues with joints, especially hips and knees as they are connected with stubbornness, attachment and moving forward.
“It’s a great time to be inspired about what is possible instead of trying to figure out why something did not work out the way you thought it should have.
“This is a good month for collaboration and being open to new partnerships and opportunities for expansion, new ideas and inspiring creative solutions to old problems.
“Bringing in support from unusual places, such as the use of unseen allies and guides for your projects, is a creative way to be proactive with moving your business endeavors forward.
“The most important thing this month is not to stew, complain and wallow in what you think has failed or not worked out. Be patient, stay away from blame and look to what can be new and different by being creative and adaptable.
“Balance your risk taking with practical conservatism. Only take a risk if it feels right in your heart.
“Have the theme of ‘creative adaptability’ posted somewhere you can be reminded of it daily as you navigate erratic weather, changes to your environment and unexpected additions or cancellations to your plans.
“We focus this month on being accepting and adaptable to what is happening in the natural environment as well as paying attention to your immediate personal environment.
“When you choose to change your personal environment or something changes it for you, there is a time of needing to adapt to the changes.
The creativity comes in around how you adapt. Do you do it with resistance or are you inspired with the end result of improvement the change will bring?
“This is a good month to change things out, make improvements, be creative with your space, be adaptable to new living or work conditions and to allow room for unexpected situations that will affect your environment.
“Stay positive and excited…
“Have a great month!
© Copyright 2017 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved
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