Here is the Energetic theme of the month channeled by the wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com:
Friction is caused by two hard surfaces grinding against each other, the resistance then producing a spark capable of ignition.
“The hard surfaces in this case can be anything from old calcified belief systems meeting new truths that challenge actual experiences, to discussions from polar positions that turn heated and argumentative, to new exciting desires and intentions that meet old fear patterns of resistance.
“July is a ‘hot’ month of intensity channeled either into positive conceptions, ideas and bursts of creative energy or into irritation, damaging aggression and explosive destruction. The choice is obviously yours.
“You will need to pay attention and monitor closely how you react and use this friction as well as setting good boundaries against those who are not using it so well.  (helpful audio this month is Jose’s “How to Deal with Meltdowns”)
“Friction is necessary to ignite a new spark, a new fire that will fuel something new in your life. However, if you do not focus this energy, it will burn up more than you bargained for.
“The image is that of two pieces of wood that are used to create a spark that can be used to build a fire.
“Fire was a revolutionary discovery for the human experience. It can be used to cook food, keep warm and to nurture your personal environment. It can also be deadly when it gets out of control and burns everything in its path.
“The ignition from tension and friction this month should be used very wisely.
“Be present and aware of what is causing it in your life and how it can support change and fuel new projects, relationships and improvements.
“If you are passive, in denial or allow others to take over, it may not go so well. So, set your boundaries and protection but at the same time, look to your own inner friction and allow it to ignite something that will have a positive outcome.
“This can be an exceptionally creative month especially if you focus on what is ahead instead of what is behind you.
Keep your eyes on the door on the other side of the room of ten thousand distractions and you will stay on the golden line.
“You can also use this month for helping to clear, dissolve, and transform the things in your life that need to evolve to a higher state.
“We often mention that in order to fully step into something new you need to first create space for it.  
“Any attachment to an old belief, dysfunctional relationship, identity or physical clutter is probably fear based and steeped somewhat in the doubt that you don’t have it in you to create something better.
“We hold on to what is past for various reasons and thus keep ourselves in our own debt for far too long.
“Forgive the debt and move on. (helpful course: “Shamanic Clearing of Self, Stuff and Space”)
“We have 2 eclipses this month intensifying the energy. Eclipses always support change but can take whatever is happening in your life and around you into an accelerated process.
“This is helpful in some cases but chaotic and irritating in others.
“Look for people and pets acting out a bit and don’t take certain challenging events personally.
“It is best to distance yourself from drama that is not yours and set good boundaries against the projections of others.
“Get help and support and use the energy of these eclipses as well as the friction as allies and positive tools to proactively move forward in your life.
How the month shows up:
“Since much of the friction is internal, you may be challenged this month with your own mood swings, irritation at self, disharmony in your life, clutter you have procrastinated dealing with, relationship that need tending to, an environment or work that no longer serves you, or simply feeling a lack of support in areas that could use more.
“Instead of berating yourself, blaming others, or acting rashly, take this as an opportunity to acknowledge truth and to step into more courage for proactively changing your life.
“Focus instead on a new and exciting project that will improve your enjoyment of life and give you something you did not have before.
“It could be as simple as planting new plants in your garden or getting a new hair color or even a new piece of clothing, or seeing how to use an old space in new ways.
“The key is that is has to be something new and different than what you are used to. It is often a final and intense irritation towards something you have been putting up with that motivates this change.
“Just remember to be proactive about it instead of reactive.
“This will take a mature awareness of what is causing friction and taking responsibility for the change it ignites.
“Use inspiration, creativity and excitement to feed the spark instead of anger, irritation and frustration.


“Relationships this month can be the breeding ground for friction, change and evolution.
“They can cause the spark that ignites either something very positive or something destructive.
“Discussions easily turn into heated arguments if you don’t keep them on the side of neutrality. It is best to avoid blame on either side, to practice forgiveness and to tell the truth about who you are with and why.
“Any relationship that is dysfunctional will not do well in this energy. Instead of seeing this as a negative thing, see it as a positive and clear signal to do something different.
“Changing relationship dynamics are never easy as the patterns that are set tend to also create attachment. Fear of change and exposure of truth is usually at the bottom of most negative reactions in relationships.
“If a relationship is about to go into a major change, focus on the freedom of choice and the magic and mystery of the unknown instead of the fear of what you may lose.
“This also goes for passing relationships or acquaintances that may have offered some potential that is no longer viable. Instead of mourning what did not happen, look to all the possibilities a new freedom has to offer.
“The most important is not to take on other people’s drama.
“Some may wish to project their process onto you and it is of no service to them to take it on. This is where boundaries come into play and a practice of being neutral around what is happening around you. 
“There is a lot out there in the world that is causing friction right now. Beware of any ‘reaction’ to it other than focusing on your own actions, moving forward and fueling something that will satisfy you instead of looking back.
“Others can take care of themselves and if you free them to do so, they may resent you for it at first, but bless you for it in the end.
“This month your body will let you know in no uncertain terms what it wants, needs, and what you have procrastinated dealing with.
“It will be a barometer for how successful you are in working with the energy. If you have put something off, your body will not allow you to move ahead without dealing with it.
“Issues with your health can be the cause of unavoidable friction. So, if your body is telling you something by creating symptoms that are hard to ignore, you better listen.
“Since it is a ‘hot’ month energetically, the liver may be affected and anything you can do to cool the liver will help with anger and irritation as well.
“Digestion can also be affected and it is best to support your digestion by watching you diet as well as taking whatever supplements are necessary to support healthy digestion.
“There is a direct correlation between digestion and mental activity especially worry and obsession. Reduce your anxiety by allowing whatever is out of your control to just be, without reacting negatively to everything you don’t agree with. This will help your digestion as well as your liver that is also affected by anxiety, irritation and anger.
“If you go through times of feeling stuck, lethargic or depressed, it is time to make a change, do some movement and bring something new into your life.
“Often this is a result of confusion resulting in ambivalence and difficulty making a choice or decision.
“Get help if you need it and choose something, anything, as it will start the energy moving again.
“This is a great month to realign your partnerships and cooperative community around new projects and business.
“Communication, discussion, problem solving and throwing ideas around can ignite new ways of thinking and looking at old problems.
“These discussions may create friction as attitudes and beliefs may clash, but this is a good thing.
“To get feedback and truth from another perspective is always helpful, and if used wisely can accelerate change and restructuring where it is needed.
“Don’t be afraid to be somewhat radical this month in how you change things up.
“This is also a good month to start something new especially if it is sparked by your own creativity and inspiration.
“You may also find yourself drawn to another’s project and supporting one another in creative endeavors can be a very positive experience of service and support.
“Watch the tendency to overreact, overspend and act too impulsively.
“Check out any spontaneous desire for something radical with someone you trust to give you truthful feedback. But at the same time beware that others may have judgments based on their own fears. Don’t allow them to hold you back.


“The friction here is the irritation as you look around you and see what you have been putting up with.
“The desire to purge and reorganize is great and the suggestion is to do it as a fun project instead of out of a negative reaction or disgust.
“Look at it as a creative project instead. You are creating space for something new. And you can be a bit radical in rearranging your environment.
“This includes spaces, people and energy. Think of your environment as anything that makes up the field that supports or does not support you, including your own attitude.
“Use the friction whether it be caused by lightening outside or a storm or your own internal process to reset your environment.
“The natural environment will be hotter is some places and certainly active with wind, storms, fires and more intense and explosive activity causing travel delays and a need for flexibility and adapting.
“We are also working with the sun and solar energy this month.
Don’t shy away from the sun.
“It is an important element to growth and evolution and storing energy.
“Take some time to absorb the energy of the sun and acknowledge its power to support transformation, evolution and change.
“Have a wonderful month!


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