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Here is the always wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com sharing her channelled guidance and energetic theme for JULY 2018:
“It is time.
“It is time to take a hard look at where we give our power away, blame others, procrastinate what we know needs to be done, avoid responsibility and hope it will all just go away or that someone will do it for us.
“It is time to take responsibility for our health and well-being, emotional maturity and what we create.
“It is time to start believing in our own power to change what we can and to adapt to what we can’t.
“It is also time to face our own addiction to suffering, our insecurities and flawed belief systems that hold us back, and to do something permanent about them as much as we can.
“This is an intense month as we have two eclipses followed by a third in August making the bookended time for change, breakthrough, and extreme behavior almost a month instead of the usual two weeks.
“The unpredictability of the times is related to how we manage this intensity and how we act or react to the internal pressure we feel to make something happen either for ourselves or for others.
“To say that you can expect a lot of ‘acting out’ is an understatement. And, this is where our maturity and responsible behavior comes in.
“We may need to give up our need to know everything and certainly our control over the outcomes.
“We may need to embrace whatever emotional lessons are coming our way, clean up old karmic debts, and set up some new rules, boundaries and intentions for ourselves.
“We will definitely need to step back often to refocus on the big picture and to forgive small and petty thoughts and judgments in ourselves and in others.
“And, we will need to remind ourselves often to be mature, responsible and flexible in the face of chaos, reactivity and bad behavior. (In support of this we are offering our digital audio “How to Deal with Meltdowns for 25% off this month)
“It is an explosive time with an aggressive attitude full of triggers that can either be used for tremendous growth, movement, initiation and progress, or it can spiral down into something nasty.
“We strongly suggest that you pay attention to this opportunity and use the energy to engage your own passion and to push forward to create something you want.
“If your desires are clear and coming from the heart and your motivation is from a place of integrity, you will be able to use the month to your advantage even though it may feel challenging at times.
“However, you will need to stay out of drama and not engage in arguments, negativity and reactionary behavior. And you will need to set good boundaries around your positivity and stay balanced.
“Those who face their fears and their deepest wounds and take action towards change will be rewarded.
“Those who stick their head in the sand in denial and hold on to what is familiar may suffer. The choice is yours.
“The good news is that help is available in many forms. Use your allies, your prayers, and your connection to nature and spirit and acknowledge all the support you have.
“And, most of all, notice and place your attention on what is working instead of obsessing about what is not.
“The creative inspired feminine brings us hope, beauty, connection and healing.
“Healing often comes through service to others and expressing your own emotional vulnerability.
“Asking for help is not a weakness but rather shows strength and maturity so ask for help when you need it and allow others to be empowered through their service to you.
Be kind and nurturing and stay present with your process whatever it may be and avoid procrastinating what you can do today.
“The potent energy generated this month can also be harnessed for finding and feeding your passion and channeling that passion into what you love. This could be a passion for something new or a rekindling of one from the past.
Feed your creativity and imagination instead of your fears.
“Work with color, shapes, sound, ideas, collaboration, exciting projects and lots of gratitude.
“Anything is possible if you take action. Action moves us forward. Fear and procrastination hold us back.”
How the month shows up:
“We may have to face up to some old fears and tell the truth about some deep emotional issues.
“The trick is not to get stuck there especially in blame, despair, or feeling victimized.
“There is great freedom in vulnerability and powerful personal growth when you take responsibility for your own life. No one is going to do it for you.
“You can certainly get support, but the actual choices and actions are yours alone.
“We have a tremendous opportunity this month to reach a new level of maturity.
“Just as adults can wisely see more of a bigger picture than a child can, so you will be able to step out of your own myopic narrow focus to view a larger landscape of reality and a bigger picture of your life.
“This may take courage and giving up the comfort level of keeping yourself small, but the rewards are great.
“Pay attention to how you may be focusing on what does not work instead of feeding the positive unfolding in your life.
“It is helpful to acknowledge what is not working but only to mark it as a turning point. Once acknowledged, a choice to focus on the positive and taking action towards what you wish to empower instead, will bring you much more of what you want.
“It is also important not to resist the choices and actions of others.
“If you find yourself being projected upon or negatively affected, use good boundaries.
“You don’t always have to agree but you can accept.
“This is where you have a choice as to how you engage and how you use your own aggression and will to move towards something positive when others may be caught in a negative spin.
“This may be the most powerful area of growth this month as our own well-being (in body, mind and emotion) is often where we give our power away and expect someone else to save us, fix us, and keep us healthy.
“Asking for help and support is different from giving your power away.
“Asking for help is acknowledging your vulnerability and taking responsibility for getting support when you need it without expecting someone else to do the work.
“Many of us tend to be very undisciplined when it comes to the practices we know will keep us healthy and balanced.
“We can blame the environment, our genetics, our dysfunctional childhood, and all the factors that produce stress in our lives, but the bottom line and the position of power is to take responsibility for being co-creators of our reality.
“The point of growth this month is a new understanding of how our emotions work and how they are connected to our physical nature as well as our thoughts and beliefs.
Work on clearing emotional issues and the rest will follow. (There is help with clearing on the Monthly Audio)
“The predominant ‘feeling’ that will lead to where you need to work is ‘dissatisfaction’.
“To the extent that you are dissatisfied in your life, you have work to do in the emotional realm.
“Dissatisfaction often has its roots in disappointment that has its roots in unrealized or unfulfilled expectations.
“It is easy to point to something outside of yourself to blame. This leaves you no power to do something about it.
“It is more powerful to take responsibility, acknowledge your part, and without judgment decide to change it.
“Being empowered by your own sense of responsibility and maturity and taking action is a sure way to get out of the low energy state that accompanies depression and feeling victimized.
“This can be a powerful month for business and projects. What is needed is the ability to be flexible, think outside the box and come up with solutions that are unconventional and out of the ordinary.
“Taking a hard look at responsibility and avoiding procrastination when action is needed is key this month to productivity and balance.
“Staying neutral and holding a balanced position of non-judgment is also helpful this month.
“Because of the unpredictability and instability of the times, one day things could look really grim with great fluctuations in economy, productivity, negative influences and problems, and on another day the sky clears and everything is better than fine.
“Keep your eye on the bigger picture and stay on track no matter what.
“Accept help from unexpected places and be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.
“This is also a good month to take a risk on an untested investment that you have a good intuition about. It is also a positive window to start a new project that is a bid for power for you.
“Regarding partnerships with others, try something new or introduce something different in the way you organize, communicate or delegate.
“Change is always supported during eclipse times and will create openings for improvement as long as you continue to nurture and pay attention to details.
“Spend a bit of extra time and energy in giving personal attention to others that are important to you.
“This month we look at our adaptability to the environment around what we cannot change, and our maturity and responsibility to change what we can.
“The attention to environmental issues may gain new ground as unpredictable weather patterns and intense extremes bring focus to what is out of balance.
“Instead of ‘waiting for it to be over or different’, take responsibility and adapt in new and creative ways to present circumstances.
“Maturity is staying out of judgment and blame. Maturity is focusing on solutions instead of feeding the problem with negativity.
“Maturity is being willing to cooperate with others for a greater good rather than pointing fingers from a victimized place.
“How can you serve your environment? How can you better take care of your own back yard?
“These should be the questions of the month taken seriously as a responsible person would.
Practice gratitude for what you do have and how your environment does serve you.
“Gratitude goes a long way and will help to eliminate any resistance you may be feeling.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved
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