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Energetic theme for JANUARY 2020 is IF NOT NOW, WHEN?, channeled by always insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power


“We have entered a new year and a new decade with new energies and a different signature than the cycles of the past.
“This one brings despair and hope at the same time and we ‘have our work cut out for us, ‘work’ being the operative word.
“Those not willing to work hard this year will certainly be in the camp of despair more than those that do.
“Even though most of the year will be more intellectual and less emotional, it is not a time for endless discussion and debate but more for action, choice and change.
“There is a ruthless quality to the month as we set ourselves up for the coming times requiring good boundaries, the courage to face the truth, and the discipline to DO IT NOW.
“If not now, when? Time is up for diddling around with ‘sort of’ intentions and action plans.
“If you have been “sort of’ thinking about and considering a change, this is the time to implement it. Make that commitment and do it now. 
2020 is a Warrior year, physical and grounded, and very conducive to cleaning up messes, personal and global, as well as taking care of your own environment, physical and emotional body, and being responsible for your daily actions and consequences. But you have to do it. If not now, when?
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“We are beginning to see the results of the deconstructive energy of last month come to fruition.
“We will be witnessing the further dissolving of many structures we have relied on in the past, both physical and non-physical.
“It is important to be proactive instead of reactive and to keep your focus on your own goals, intentions and choices.
“We can make great progress if we set ourselves up right from the start of this New Year. Show the universe that you are serious about your intentions and the chance you wish to experience by taking action.
“We have an eclipse this month with the Full Moon and it will be a time of great agitation and irritability if you are not taking action.
“And, if you are, you will feel that your tank has been filled with very high-octane fuel.
“This is also a good month to re-evaluate why you have not taken action on something you said you wanted. Why have you procrastinated doing something that is important to you?
“Is it that you don’t deserve it? Is it that it really was for someone else? Is it that it was important 20 years ago but not now?
“Or is it the fear of failure, or even success that holds you back? The first week of this year will be a great time for evaluating your own process, needs, hopes and fears.
“Don’t be surprised if very old patterns, beliefs and the residual of deep emotional wounding surfaces. They are there to be cleared for good so you can move on and seize the day. If not now, when?
“Even a choice to eliminate a ‘someday maybe’ from your life is a powerful one. When you eliminate a ‘someday maybe’ you are bringing your focus and energy back to the present and giving your immediate plans more power.
“Your goals should be attainable by you and aligned with who you are and not someone else. If the ‘someday maybe’ is truly important, it will still be there when the timing is right.
“We are not saying don’t plan for the future. This is about the attachment to a ‘maybe’ scenario that may or may not happen.
“For example: ‘Someday I may pick up grandad’s old banjo I inherited and learn to play it (even if you don’t have any interest in music) because he would have wanted it to be used in the family’.
Anything that is motivated by sentimentality and not you true desire will become an energy leak at some point.
“Let’s address the hope and despair aspects of this time frame. We begin anything with potential and possibilities. It is a neutral place like neutral gear in a car.
“If you are run by fear, hopelessness, lethargy, lack of discipline, self-deprecation, martyrdom or stubbornness, you are likely to put the gear into reverse and go backwards down to the bottom and into the pool of despair.
“On the other hand, if you are motivated by the excitement of what could be with a positive attitude, then you will put yourself in a gear that moves you forward.
“The key is keeping your vibration high by eliminating lower frequency situations, people and experiences from your life. You cannot bring others along. If they are in reverse and dragging you with them, you may need to cut them loose.
You cannot go in reverse and forward at the same time so you will have to choose.
“This is an inspiring time for really asking for what you want and then taking action on your commitments.
“Even small actions and baby steps will be acknowledged by spirit and supported by your allies. Do it now. If not now, when?
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How the month shows up:
“Self-care, self-care, and more self-care is the motto of the month. Make an attainable plan and take action.
“Anything you have neglected or procrastinated because of other responsibilities or just plain resistance, this is the month to fire up the self-care and follow through on what you know will support your body, mind and spirit.
“Even if those plans and intentions cover the next few months, schedule them now.
“This is also a time for soul searching and making sure you have some flexible personal time to re-evaluate your priorities, true desires and choices you need to make.
“If the action you need to take seems overwhelming, take a baby step.
“And if you find yourself in a place of feeling trapped, stuck, despairing, in fear or confused, take action on something completely different and include physical movement and exercise.
“Sometimes just taking a walk or cleaning out the refrigerator will jump start the energy and pave the way for more focused activity.
“You can look forward to this month being active, productive and transformational. It is up to you to make it that way and it will take work and discipline.
Get support when you need it so you are not going about it alone, even if it is just the encouragement of others on the same page.
“Revisiting your boundaries and setting new ones where needed are another aspect of this month’s potential for improvement and change.
“It is all part of the self-care theme. Don’t ignore it. Put yourself first. If not now, when?


“The self-care theme could have an effect on your relationships as you evaluate which ones are healthy for you and where change needs to occur.
“If you have been overly giving, putting up with negativity, saying ‘yes’ when you should have said ‘no’, compromising yourself for the desires of another, or shouldering responsibilities that are not yours, then you have work to do.
“On the other hand, this is a great month to allow yourself to receive love and support if that has been scarce in your life.
“If you are desiring of better relationships include that intention in your ‘do it now’ list.
“It is also a good time to reach out and connect or reconnect with those that you have not been spending enough time with.
“With the aspects of change this month, anything is possible with the main focus being to bring in and develop relationships that are truly aligned with you for love, support, partnership and compatibility.



“Since this is a huge area of self-care, we would say that this area needs special attention this month.
“This is also an area that tends to create emotional mood swings and self-judgment more than any other area especially when we don’t follow through with our good intentions. 
“Whatever goals and intentions you make around your health and physical body, make sure they are attainable little by little. If you do end up disappointed in yourself for lack of discipline, quickly readjust your action plan and keep going.
“We have certain beliefs about health and the physical body that our minds hold on to because they know nothing else.
“This is an area you can work with the quantum field and pose your intentions as ‘what if questions’.
“For example, what if I felt really great every morning when I woke up? What if I always had lots of energy to do everything I wish to do? What if my body was at its optimum weight, shape and condition without effort?
“Then follow this up with your own disciplines to show spirit that you are serious.  Take the attitude that you will see it when you believe it instead of that you will believe it when you see it.
“Any meditation or energy work you can include in your daily routine will also help keep the energy moving and give you a focus, some important grounding and balance.
“Ultimately it all starts with energy and what you cannot see and then filters down into the physical. (there is a good support for this on the monthly audio)
Anything you have been putting off should be handled now. Appointments with dentists, health professionals and others that support your body, mind and spirit should be on your list of things to do.
“If your body gets cranky this month, it is communicating to you what it needs. Stop and listen. Get help with what you cannot implement yourself.
“Focus on self-care and what that means to you. More time to meditate? Friends to walk with? A massage? Do it now. If not now, when?
“Physical challenges this month include bones, teeth, joints and circulation.
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“This is a great month for good endings and good beginnings making it a perfect time to start something new as well as to cut something loose that no longer serves you.
“Projects that have been sluggish in action or enthusiasm will either suddenly take off or go through a quick death. There is inspiration available for changing things up in your business and partnerships. Don’t be afraid to stretch a little and take action.
“Restructuring is also in the cards for this month. Evaluate the ‘structures’ of your business, finances, support teams, partnerships, goals, time frames etc., and reset things where needed.
“If all is going well, and there is no need for a radical change, make small changes for improvement, even if it is just some new furniture or upgrading a pencil sharpener.
“This is the self-care aspect of taking care of the structures that serve your work. Be a little creative with this as it can be your inspiration and raise your self-esteem.
“One of the themes of the year is to look at all of your resources and evaluate them. Your resources are not only your finances but also your ideas, talents, support teams, partnerships, work environment, technology and any information you are using, lacking or need.
“It is a good month re-evaluate all of the above.



“The most important environment is your personal one this month. It falls into the category of self-care.
“If something needs to be upgraded, it will break. If you have neglected your personal spaces, they will let you know in creative ways.
“Best way to deal with breakage and malfunction is with humor and an action plan. Trust that if you are willing to pay attention and ‘do it now’, taking care of your personal environment will get lots of support.
“There is an unpredictable quality to the greater environment that is pushing for change.
“We can reflect our own self-care outward to include the environment around us. It is our attention in intention that will make a difference.
Acknowledging how the Earth supports us instead of being fearful of intense and potentially destructive phenomena will go far in balancing your relationship to Pachamama.
“This an earth year which gives us the opportunity to establish a deeper sense of tending to this aspect of the environment.
“It can start with cleaning up any garbage you see on roads or in your own town. Pay attention to what you use and just say hello to her every day.
“Have a wonderful month! Keep smiling, keep laughing, keep loving!


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