Here is the channelled theme of the month from the always insightful Lena Stevens from her
“The image is that of transitioning from one experience to another or one place to another where the old has been dismantled but the new does not have its right place yet. The feeling is unfocused, a bit scattered, nostalgic for the old, uncertain about the new, and somewhat ungrounded with too many ideas and thoughts to organize successfully into anything solid.”
“Transition often makes people irritable, grumpy and reactive. There is also a sense of uncertainty especially about what we are actually supposed to be feeling or doing right now in the aftermath of the Solstice and the much-publicized marker of great change.”
“Keep in mind that change occurs gradually. When you decide to make a major move in your life, that choice or decision is a major change. However it may take some time to actually physically manifest the move. So it is with this new cycle. Energetically everything is different but it will take some time to manifest it physically.”
“The energy this month is up and down. One day you will feel truly inspired with your new ideas, clarity and resolutions, and the next day you may feel depressed, withdrawn, confused and scattered. Some of you may experience yourselves as wanting to sleep more, being drawn into the dreamscapes of the astral plane, and for some it may be just the opposite. There is a fatigue factor that relates to a let down after holding so much intensity and energy around events and expectations and changes in the last few months. Some of you may feel it and some may not. Just know that whatever you are experiencing is just right for you and you should not resist it.
“It has been many years since we have had a higher centered year (this year higher emotional) and we are a bit rusty in our ability to navigate it as a major influence. Higher centers give us an expanded point of reference but trying to stay there for any length of time feels unfocused and unanchored. It is much like floating on a wave of diffused energy.”
“So what is the purpose then of the higher emotional center as an influence? Its purpose is to help us connect to the universal aspect of unconditional love (thus helping us with forgiveness) and to help us expand into new experiences of creativity and a deeper understanding of how the astral plane and quantum field works.”
“If we are to successfully navigate this transition, we need to allow the higher centers to guide us, as they are able to expand our awareness beyond what we think we know.”
“The higher emotional center is not rational, organized or linear, therefore much of your experience with it at this time may be that not much makes practical sense. Remember that we are trying to move beyond our limited beliefs and understanding and into a new expanded sense of life. So be patient and comfortable with not knowing.”
“Even within the month itself there is a transition from one influence in the first half to another in the second half. We mentioned in our discussion of the trends for 2013 that there would be other centers as influences each month in addition to the higher emotional center, and this month for the first couple of weeks we are dealing with the instinctive center as a major influence.”
“The instinctive center is always engaged when there is major transition and where assemblage points need to be re anchored. The instinctive center also shows us our subconscious and brings up old childhood debris for clearing. It may make us feel regressed and incompetent, withdrawing and assimilative.”
“Your assemblage point is your personal collection of the patterns that run your life. It has a position in your energetic field much like a point on a clock face. The position determines how your life manifests and unfolds.”
“When a person really needs to change the position of their own assemblage point, sometimes they will create an event such as an accident or a fall to knock the point into a new position. Sometimes there is a world event like a major earthquake that knocks the assemblage point of the planet into a new position. A shift in the assemblage point always creates a time of feeling somewhat out of balance before the new position is anchored.
“There are many that are shifting or have shifted the position of their assemblage points to accommodate a new energy on the planet. This causes a time of transition that is unfamiliar as to what the new point is creating, and the instinctive center needs time to adjust.”
“So be OK with feeling out of sorts and a bit ungrounded during this time. Some of you may have had a head start with being proactive with this transition and may actually be on the other end and ready to get on with a new sense of creativity and purpose. If you are one of these, be patient with the others that are still catching up.”
“So how can you use this instinctive time of transition and re evaluation positively? Slow down. Take a day where you do nothing with the intention to hold an empty space for inner change allowing a new position for your assemblage point. Note any addiction you have to a full calendar or to do list. Do something in the first couple of weeks that expands you spiritually. Be around something that inspires you every day. Eliminate unimportant activities. Spend time going through accumulated possessions and get rid of anything that feels extra and not useful. Clean junk drawers. Do your laundry. Take care of simple physical needs. Use forgiveness daily as a powerful tool to keep things moving in the right direction.”
“If you allow this time of instinctive re evaluation, you will create space for the higher emotional center to guide you more powerfully in whatever transition you have set up for yourself. It is also important to honor the new by starting something new or doing something new even if it is a small thing.”
“The challenge to this time is that you could resist it and fall into a despairing sense of depression, scattered, unfocused, unmotivated, apathetic, and feeling really bad about yourself. Watch for self-deprecation, the obstacle of the year, as you may question your own value.”
“The second half of the month moves away from the instinctive to a more emotionally centered time. The emotional center allows us to process some of the instinctive material kicked up by recent change. We may struggle with our feelings about how things are and what is transpiring around us. We may also forge new emotional commitments to personal health and intentions we have gained some clarity around. There is much more movement and tangible inspiration in this second part of the month as the emotional center is active in moving us where we need to be in this time of transition.”
“The start of a new cycle is still in its seed stage. It will be many years until we finally see the fruit of the tree. Meanwhile just know that everything you have come into contact with or experienced or learned in your lifetime up to this point that you have not been able to process consciously has been downloaded into your quantum field. Over time, bits and pieces of this vast wisdom will surface as needed for your understanding and personal use.”
“…This time is hard on relationships especially where communication is concerned. Beware of projecting and projections as instinctive material surfaces, some of it very old. Practice forgiveness and resist making any radical choices or decisions in the first couple of weeks having to do with close relationships. You are in a time of re evaluation and the jury is still out. Give everything more time than you usually would. Be patient with those that seem confused, unfocused, and uncommitted. They are in transition too.”
“This is a good month to evaluate your relationship with your possessions, your environment, your body and all the parts of your personality. Who are you? And keep in mind you are in transition.”
“…The year has an aspect of leadership to it and support for taking charge of ones life. This starts with the physical body and being responsible for ones health and well-being. There will be many opportunities this month for intentions and choices around taking better care of yourselves and not expecting someone else to do it for you. You know what you need. Be disciplined and inspired.”
“This is a really good month for something new. Event though the first part of the month may be challenging around anchoring the many ideas that are floating around, there is an opportunity to start something new that will develop and manifest over time. Share your dreams with others and don’t be afraid to dream big and think outside the box. If you have not already done so, take some time to write down your intentions and your resolutions for the New Year.”
“Some projects that are left over from past times may need a facelift and some new energy. Think of this area of your life as in transition and follow the same principles in dealing with it as you would around your personal health or environment. A positive way to work with transition of any kind is to always come from a place of gratitude for where you are transitioning from, be it personally or professionally. Beware of self-deprecation trying to seduce you into judging some of your past endeavors as worthless or a waste of time. There is no such thing.”
“Hope is a big operative word this year and we will look forward to seeing how it plays out in this new era. Do your part and never lose sight of it as a powerful attitude towards life and your future.” 
© Copyright 2012 Lena Stevens