Here is the energetic download for the month of APRIL 2013 from the always insightful Lena Stevens from The Power
“The theme for April is MOMENTUM.
“When something has momentum it takes more of an effort to change its course, and less of an effort to move it in the direction it is already going. This is a tricky month as momentum will take hold in whatever direction you happen to be putting your focus and energy.”
“For example, if you are in a bad mood, that mood is in danger of gathering momentum. If you are focused on a creative project of your choosing, it will also gather momentum. It is very important that you are focused on the things you want in your life at this time for they are the ones that will gather momentum.”
“This is a highly creative and productive time. The challenge will be to stay directed and to have the discipline to move yourself out of situations and away from negativity that you would rather not be gathering momentum around. This will take discernment, the use of good boundaries and a commitment to some truth telling about what serves you and what does not.”
“If you find yourself in a downward spiral where everything seems to be falling apart in a big way, you may need to look at the truth of allowing something you have been holding onto to dissolve and leave your life. You may finally have the momentum to move yourself out of a situation that is not healthy or serving. On the other hand, a creative project that is aligned with spirit may have just been waiting for such a time to take off.”
“Whenever you have a great deal of creativity you also have destruction. Destruction as an energy can be used wisely this month as a way of cleaning and clearing and changing your environment to something more compatible. It can also be used as a tool to end something that needs to be completed. If however you are engaged in negative behaviors, bad attitudes and addictions, this destructive energy can turn against you and you could both experience and witness a very grim side of it. This month will be especially difficult for those who struggle with addictions.”
“With that said, however, it could also be an extremely positive month for those who have struggled with addictions in the past but are now willing to tell the truth and focus on changing their behavior at a deeper level. This willingness and determination to proactively create a better situation for themselves will gather momentum and has the potential for profound and permanent change. People with addictions will need a lot of support this month as the creative side of the month can offer many distractions that end up derailing good intentions.”
“Distractions will show up in the form of unimportant things vying for your attention. For example, if you suddenly find yourself fixated with how dirty your car is and begin the process of thoroughly cleaning it, this better be what you want to do with your time because it will gather momentum and you will not be available for something else that may be more important.”
“PRIORITIZE this month and be disciplined about your priorities because if you are not, something will come in to distract you and gather up all your momentum and creativity. This is especially true around someone else’s project or situation. Make sure you are telling the truth to yourself about what you are willing to do and what is really a distraction that becomes an energy leak.”
“This is a good month to revisit the concept of energy leaks as a model to help you with organizing where your focus is and what serves you as opposed to what is distracting and non-serving. An energy leak is something that bleeds your vitality and gives nothing back. It can be a bad habit or behavior, unnecessary worry, a relationship that takes and never gives back, and any time your obstacle gets the better of you (Stubbornness, Impatience, Martyrdom, Self-Deprecation, Arrogance, Greed, Self-Destruction). Remember that MOMENTUM will attach itself to wherever you are focused this month so if it is to any one of these behaviors you may be in trouble. There is a difference between a true energy leak and a necessary responsibility. A necessary responsibility will ultimately lead you towards your goal, an energy leak will not.”
“Be aware and be present this month. If momentum is taking you in the wrong direction, examine it. If your truth tells you that dissolving is a good thing, allow it. If momentum is simply taking you in a negative direction, use your own inner discipline and determination to change it. Sometimes this is not easy so you may need to ask for help. We always recommend baby steps and this month even the baby steps will grab the momentum and move you quickly in the right direction.”
“As to the creativity, set some boundaries so you don’t bite off more than you can chew at this time. Make sure that what you are focused on is what you really want. This may be a time to revisit your goals and dreams and to refine them if necessary. Make sure they are yours and not someone else’s. The need for Freedom is huge this month and shows up as the freedom to choose, the freedom to think for ones’ self and the freedom to eliminate what does not serve.
To jump-start projects in a highly creative way
To complete something efficiently and with integrity
To increase your abundance, health, vitality, joy
To become more and more clear about what serves you and what doesn’t
To work on your boundaries
To create something spectacular
To make a big change in the right direction”
Other people’s drama
The 7 Obstacles
Scatter and Chaos
Too much on your plate”
“Bottom line: It’s your life. You get to choose. Do it for yourself. What do you want? Stop whining and take advantage of this fabulous opportunity
How the month shows up:
“It is time to live the life you want. Don’t be afraid to put what you want out there. Ask for it. If it’s not right, it won’t happen. If it is right, the momentum will engage and you will get it in spades. The lessons personally this month are around seeing just how much you get in your own way. If you ask for something, observe what shows up. Don’t reject it before you examine if it is a tool that spirit is handing you to better achieve your dream, or if it is a distraction you have created for yourself as a test.”
“Work on your boundaries. They will certainly be tested. Work on your energy leaks and get to know yourself better from your own perspective. This is a “take charge” kind of a month. If you don’t, you will be yanked around by someone else’s momentum and someone else’s dream. If you lose your center, stop everything, take a deep breath and go back to your own priorities. You will find that if you ignore your own priorities and allow something else to distract you, you will become very irritated and your irritation will gather momentum. If this happens you need to consciously reset what you are doing, and/or whom you are with to get back on track.”
“Be very aware of the dynamic of relationship this month. You will experience that you have the power to move a relationship either in the right direction or the wrong one just by having the focus and discipline to refrain from negative responses. If you put positivity into a relationship, either that relationship will grab onto it and the momentum will drive it into a good direction, or the relationship will fall away because it cannot
“If a relationship is one where a difficult karma is present, the karma may be amplified or accelerated by the momentum. It is a good month to examine what can be completed and finished using the destructive energy that accompanies creativity. Many relationships can be reset and changed from an old dynamic to something that serves better. Some relationships will end simply because they are past their time or no longer appropriate.”
“Let’s just say that there will be a lot of work in relationships, some setting of boundaries especially against negativity, and a great deal of creativity available to move them in a positive and exciting direction.”
Any seed that was planted in dealing positively with the environment will gather momentum this month. Any ideas or proposals that resonate with the greater collective around having a better relationship with the environment will have a chance to become well anchored and gather momentum. When the timing is right, things can move very quickly gathering the momentum they need to take root and become viable.”
“For your own part, we recommend looking at your own environment to see what is irritating to you and what may need to change, be completed or refined. It is certainly a good month to clean out your garage, basement, closets, junk drawers and any other space that may irritate you when you notice it. You will experience a great deal of energy, motivation and momentum for such projects. Making space in your environment makes space for more creativity…”
“This is an excellent month to jump-start and move ahead full on with any business idea or creative project. This may be the month where those of you that need to change how you are supporting yourself can do so. Look for many changes in jobs, career dreams, people going back to school, people dropping out of school after realizing it is truthfully not for them, people closing businesses or starting businesses, restructuring partnerships, telling the truth, investing from the heart and taking the freedom needed to make their own choices.”
“This is also a good month to do some focused prosperity work to increase your positive beliefs about abundance. Any discipline of this nature will gather momentum and have positive far-reaching effects. It is an excellent time to re-examine your beliefs about finances and what is possible for you. Stretch a little and use the momentum and creativity to expand your havingness…”
“April 1-7: Take an inventory of your energy leaks, the things that do not serve you, and what is unimportant on your plate. Tell the truth about what you want and where your boundaries need to be. Clean something out in your environment and practice focusing on the positive.”
“This is a time frame that sets up the month so use it wisely so don’t get distracted and don’t wallow in negativity. Take the freedom to choose clearly and with integrity. How you organize this week energetically will have an effect on the weeks to come. It is a powerful month with great opportunities. Don’t waste it.”
“April 8-15: A creative surge influences everything we do. If destruction is where you are focused, work with it appropriately to complete something that needs completing. This is not a soft or slowly paced time and the lessons tend to be on the harsh side, the gifts large and the momentum overwhelming.”
“The best thing is to stay focused on one thing at a time. It will get done very quickly and creatively. Then you can move on to the next project. If you are clear about your priorities and have set up good boundaries, the creative momentum of this time should be an asset to you rather than a hindrance.”
“April 10: New Moon is at 3:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) Get clear on your priorities, examine your energy leaks, and ruthlessly cut off what does not serve. This is a very good day to clean, clear, eliminate, prune, and make space. Remember that when you make space, the creativity will naturally flow in to the vacuum.”
“April 15-22: This could be a challenging time for some especially around truth, distractions, too much on your plate and battling your own limiting beliefs. You could be plagued with uncertainty, chaos, doubt, frustration, impatience, and irritation at self and others. This is a time to take a deep breath and re-set yourself as many times a day as needed. Pick one project at a time, one focus at a time and when all else fails, clean something out.”
“The truth around certain relationships will also become very clear at this time and you may be faced with some hard decisions. Remember to use integrity and appropriate destruction when ending or changing anything that does not serve.”
“April 23-30: This is a time of noticing markers. Notice what is being handed to you by spirit, what is dropping into your lap, what seems to be falling apart no matter what you do and what seems to keep following you around, vying for your attention. Assume that nothing happens without a reason, so notice, witness and take stock of exactly where you are, what you are doing and whom you are with.”
“How do you feel? If positive, the direction is right and you can keep on going. If negative, ask what is not right. Take another inventory of where you are and of what needs to change. Have gratitude for what you have accomplished and where your creativity did shine.”
“April 25: Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) is at 1:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a time to connect with who you are at this time. Appreciation is important as well as gratitude. This is a time to honor anything that has happened in a big way in your life. Practice moving any fear towards excitement and enthusiasm. Trust that spirit has handed you exactly what you need regardless of how you may define it as positive or negative.”
“Have fun!” 
Copyright ©2013 Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved.