Here’s the Energetic theme for SEPTEMBER 2019 channeled by the always insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power Path.com:
“What is commitment? Commitment is making a choice to move ahead with a plan of action or intention without giving yourself a back door.
“Commitment is getting off the fence about something and making a decision that you then stick to. Commitment is finally taking that step of no return towards something you have only been dreaming of.
“Commitment requires eliminating the safety net of ‘I’ll do it if’, or ‘I’ll do it when’, and moving through the fear that holds you in the state of ambivalence, confusion and feeling stuck.
“There is a saying, ‘action cures fear’ and this is certainly true as a way to move forward and take advantage of the dynamic energy that comes available this month.
“Commitment engages the will and the masculine part of ourselves. Resistance to embracing your ‘will’ and trusting the masculine can lead to lethargy, apathy, confusion and your energy not moving.
“‘Will’ should be aggressive in a positive way. Aggression should be used proactively as a support to move you beyond your fear and resistance and towards how and what you wish to manifest.
Commitment opens the channel to support. The universe will deliver on commitment as it is always a sign that you are willing to eliminate the back (and side) doors on your choices.
“How you ask is also important. It should never be a question but always a statement delivered with certainty.
“The mental thought process of weighing pros and cons should always be secondary to the intuition of the heart.
“If you are overthinking a choice, stop and go back to what you ‘feel’ about it. Does it feel right or not?
“Commitments made from the feeling of being the right choice are usually the ones that end up being the right choice.
“Commitments and choices made from the place of fear, other people’s judgments or reactions, and overthinking (which almost always engages the ego), are often fraught with issues that keep the uncertainty and confusion going.
“The universe will always deliver on a clear commitment with no ambivalence, back doors, negative ‘what if’ considerations and compromises.
“Many of us carry patterns from other lifetimes that include a resistance to commitment based on loss of freedom, karmic situations and abuse.
“To get beyond the instinctive fears and resistance, practice committing to being present in the moment, commit to doing your best, commit fully to whatever you happen to be doing at that time, whether eating a meal, listening to someone, doing your laundry, walking to a destination.
“You are doing these things anyway, so practice your will, aggression and commitment as an energy that has a 100% forward motion without any back doors.
“Notice all the times during your day what you do something automatically and that you never question the clarity of your actions.
“If you acknowledge these moments as commitments, you will gain a deeper certainty and willingness to put this level of commitment behind all of your tasks and projects. (There is a good clearing exercise our monthly audio to help with patterns of the past)
“The other aspect of this month’s theme is to pay attention to and work on the balance between the masculine and the feminine.
“The third chakra is engaged this month as the masculine aspect of action, will and the aggressive quality of moving forward.
“It is a good month to work on clearing the third chakra and anything that is in the way of your fully embracing your own positive aggression that helps you move towards what you want to manifest.
“If the feminine does not trust the masculine, and the masculine is in resistance to the support and creativity of the feminine, your power to manifest is compromised.
“The two should be working together in harmony, and part of what is possible this month is to do some good healing on the masculine and its energies of will and aggression, so important to manifesting what you are committed to.
“Helpful and recommended online course this month is:  The Power Path to Understanding the Masculine and Feminine: How to Heal this Age-Old Rift.



How the month shows up:
“This is a great month to work on your self-esteem, your fears, the balance of your masculine and feminine, and any resistance to your own will and aggression.
“These all have to do with how you are willing and able to commit to something. We are not talking about a loss of freedom but rather the gaining of a freedom of choice.
“Once you choose, you experience the power of choice. If that choice does not manifest in a good way, you can always choose something else.
“The point is to make a choice as choice is an action step and will move you out of ambivalence, the enemy of manifesting.
“If you are a person that has always allowed others to choose for you, you never had to commit to a point of view, a desire, decision or personal need. There is no power in the fear that keeps you in that position.
“The fear can be a fear of disappointing someone else, or being rejected for your choice, or worse, being punished for your choice.
“It can also be the fear of being seen, being heard, and having to either deliver on your choice or take the consequences of your choice.
“Never fully committing to a choice does not give the universe enough of a message of what you want.
“This month is an opportunity to explore this idea and to examine where you are in the process of choice, commitment, manifesting, balance, resistance and whether you feel stuck or confused.
“Some of you will have a great time this month as the energy finally gets moving. But for some it will be an experience of questioning, growth and possibly some hard decisions.


“Some of the hardest decisions and lessons this month will come around relationships.
“The idea of commitment in relationships is a tricky one.  We tend to think of Commitment as a contract for loyalty no matter what. 
“Commitment in relationships needs to be examined more carefully to include things like good communication, telling the truth, not taking things personally, honoring the needs of another (whether you can provide those for them or not), honoring your own needs, taking responsibility for differences and growth, staying away from blame, and being adaptable to changing situations.
“The most important relationship this month is your relationship to yourself. What is your commitment? To your health? To your growth?
“To being in relationship with others in a way that serves you? To living well? To always doing your best?
“It is a great time to evaluate where you are in any relationship and to make some commitments that make sense.
“It is never a good idea to stay in a relationship that does not serve you because you don’t know what else to do, or you just want a place holder before something better comes around, or you are afraid of what others may think, or you are dependent on them in some way.
“All of this is disempowering and this month you have the opportunity to make a more powerful choice as a commitment to yourself
“If you are staying in any situation that disempowers you, and you have the words ‘when’ and ‘if’ when you contemplate a change, those are ‘back door’ words and not considered by the universe to show true intention.
“Take a risk. You will be rewarded.


“A good month for committing to new routines to support better health. This is an area that has many back and side doors.
“How many of you set intentions for eating only certain foods or adopting an exercise routine only to get derailed by a lack of discipline.
“Notice that the lack of discipline is a mental argument about why it won’t work, why you shouldn’t do it, why you are too tired or have too much work to do etc. These are all machinations of the mind keeping you in an egoic comfort zone.
“There is something to be said for keeping your commitments attainable. Don’t commit to jogging 5 miles a day if you have spent the last few months being a couch potato.
“Remember that the universe will reward a commitment so make it attainable when it comes to your health.
“The body is run by instinctive patterns of survival that are threatened when you try and implement a change even if that change is positive.
“You need to talk to your body, let it know what you want to commit to and why. Start with small attainable changes and then work up to where you want to end up.
“The most important general commitment is one of love, support, nurturing and improvement. Then you can add the details.


“Here are some good ones for the environment:
“I am committed to only accepting, buying or receiving things into my personal environment that I truly love and that inspire me or bring me joy or that are necessary to support my other commitments.
“I am committed to improving my environment to support me better.
“I am committed to being flexible without judgement or negativity around weather related changes, delays or inconveniences.
“I am committed to building a better relationship with the natural environment in ways that are mutually supportive. 
“You get the idea.
“Maybe one of your commitments is to recycle better. Or keep your home cleaner, or finally get rid of furniture that needs to be replaced.
“In some ways, the commitments around your environment may be easier to practice on rather than the ones around relationships or personal health as they may be less charged and usually do not involve the emotions of others.
“Stay present and pay attention to your environment and it will communicate to you what it needs.
“If you are clear about intentions to make changes, do the getting rid of before you have the replacements.
“It will make it easier for what is new to come in.
“Have a wonderful month!
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