birthHere is a very insightful chanelling I found by Lena Stevens about the prevalent energy for this month of July…
The main theme for July is Birth…
We have been in labor and in the birth canal for a while now. Labor is uncomfortable and being in the birth canal is intense. We leave the safety of the known environment that has gotten too small for our growth. We are launched into a new world that we have no idea yet how to navigate. It is a scary place of stimulus, danger and our focus is instantly on the basic need for survival. We are vulnerable yet strong with a powerful intent to survive and live life. If you have ever watched newborn animals at this critical phase, their ability to propel themselves fully into life in order to survive is amazing.
At this juncture we have been launched into something new. We are all in some process of birth whether we like it or not. Some of us are still in labor as some labors are longer than others. The shorter labors provide more intensity and the longer labors provide for more preparation even though they may leave you somewhat weakened. Some of us are already in the birth canal with the realization that there is no going back. And some of us are actually crowning and ready to explode into a new life.
Just as it is important to have good physical caretakers that await you as you are born, and helpful teachers as you learn to navigate physical life, it is also important at this time to have strong guidance and support from your spiritual practice, your relationship to spirit and nature, your guides and allies, and those who can help you at this time. The support of community is also being called upon to provide a strong container for this new experience.
An infant at birth has no idea how their intentions and life goals will manifest as they mature. An infant at birth is pure potential landing in an environment of vast opportunity, pure innocence, and not yet imprinted with the limited belief systems of others. The imprinting and circumstances of a physical infants birth and first experience of life is usually dictated by karma, agreements and a chosen blueprint. Your birth now into something new carries a freedom with it of choice with regards to intention, imprinting and limitations. Use this time well and decide how you wish to live, how you intend to be supported and what you choose as your new imprinting. You can either limit yourself or go for an expanded sense of freedom and creativity.
An infant spends a great deal of time on the astral plane bringing across the information needed for developing the lifetime. You may find yourself drawn into dreamtime for short catnaps during the day. Do not resist this. It is important time on the astral plane. An infant is curious and trusting and has no way yet of defining the present based on past experiences. Practice living your life like an infant whenever possible. This will keep all your options open and allow you to truly see things in a new way.
We can’t stress enough how truly amazing this time is for breaking through into something new. See every challenge as an opportunity and trust in the big picture when events around you are being defined as negative, destructive or unnecessary. It is a raw and edgy time. Emotions will run high and aggression could be at its worst.
Just as a woman in the process of giving birth is not always the nicest to be around, everyone going through their own process will have times of being cranky, overwhelmed, out of sorts, very uncomfortable, and even in major meltdown mode. Have compassion for yourself and for others around you.
You have grown beyond the size of the old container and it is time to push through into a new landscape. It is scary leaving the known environment even though you are cramped and squeezed but there is no other option at this time. We are at the point of no return and there is no going back. An infant that refuses to come out of the womb when it is time will become toxic with its own waste. Do not let that happen to you. Let go, let go, let go. Your future security will depend on how well you navigate the birth canal, not whether or not you can hold on to any of your old structures.
An infant needs care. You need care. It is a time to put yourself and your needs first. We are not talking about high maintenance needs of the physical body personality here. We are addressing care in terms of health, spiritual life, time, rest, creativity, love, and allowing yourselves to do the things that you love to do and have wanted to do for a long time. Personal care is nurturing and protecting the new landscape, not taking things personally that others may project onto you, and making sure that you put yourself and your true desires of spirit first. It is a good time to revisit your definitions of responsibility and to differentiate between your true responsibilities and the dependent expectations of others. Being of service is not carrying another’s burden but rather showing them the way through your own example.
This month is crucial for taking some time for self and for setting good boundaries against energy leaks from others, bad habits or behaviors. It is an excellent time to be surrounded by nature whenever possible. Focus on the power of the sun as the representative of fire, one of the elements of the year and a masculine energy. Bless the service of this element and spirit in your life. Focus on the power of water and the other element of the year and a feminine energy. Bless the service of water, its life-giving as well as destructive force. Pay attention to your own water element in your body. Feed it with the spirit of water. Focus on the masculine sky realm as the patriarchal father archetype witnessing and supporting your birth, protecting the infant, imprinting it with the unconditional love of the generous and protective masculine. Focus on the feminine earth realm of pachamama as the great container and basket in which to land and to be nurtured, fed, loved and held.
How the month shows up:
It is OK to feel like a different person, to not know who you are, to sense that something has changed in a big way even though you can’t really say what it is, and to feel somewhat unsettled, ungrounded and anxious. It means you have found yourself in a new landscape and are uncertain as to how to navigate and move forward. Learn to let spirit guide you and give up trying to control everything. There is great opportunity this month for personal growth and truly stretching your container of what is possible. You can adopt a whole new belief system and expand your awareness to the degree you never thought possible.
The “birth” theme of the month can also be seen as a re-birth. Re-birth always follows the death of something. It is not too late to give up and let go of attachments that may have been holding you back. What in you still has to die for you to be able to have a re-birth into a new life?
Your relationship to self is the most important relationship to focus on this month. Your relationship to self will determine your relationship to others and to the environment around you. How much can you let in of support, wisdom, nurturing, co creative ideas, love, and the inspiration of being in true community? This is a month where you can heal your fears of abandonment and experience trust. Practice being that infant at birth and realize you have the power to dictate how your life will be. As the aggression intensifies you may experience others being unreasonably demanding. Don’t take this personally as these reactions come out of the fear of change, not getting enough, abandonment, undeserving, and death at the very extreme. Have compassion and stay out of reaction yourself. See spirit in everyone. See yourself connected to all even as you are focused on yourself primarily this month.
We are moving away from the model of hierarchy and comparison and towards sameness and connectivity. Be aware of this as in birth everyone is pretty much the same before spirit and before they develop their distinctive personalities.
You will see the theme of birth being played out as innovations emerge out of areas disrupted of their past form. I always like to tell the story of how our labyrinth came about at the house. We had an area at the corner of our property that was covered in pinion trees. We rarely spent actual time there but it was a part of our landscape and environment. We got used to it being a certain way. Then the beetles came and started killing the trees. All the trees in that corner of our property died. It was difficult to cut them down and face a barren landscape.
Several months later we were contemplating what to do and it came to us to build a labyrinth. We measured and the space was exactly the size we needed. So we built a labyrinth, which since then has been a power anchor on our property, a place to do potent spiritual work, and we cannot imagine our property without it.
So when it comes to the environment always ask spirit what it is becoming instead of focusing on what is being lost or changed as the force of nature increases its impact on what we perceive to be balanced and stable. Remember this is an aggression mode year, an emotional year and a year of service. Your service with regards to the environment is to be neutral and supportive to how the planet is trying to support us in these times of necessary change.
This is a stressful time for the body and requires extra care especially in support of the systems that digest, eliminate, process and circulate. Do whatever you can to strengthen your immune system, keep your liver and kidneys healthy and aid your digestion. Remember that the body does not only respond to food intake but also to stress related to negative thoughts, obsessions, emotions, ambivalence and confusion. When you listen to too many experts and don’t trust your own judgment you are throwing your system into confusion and giving yourself too much to digest at once. Spend time in the simplicity of nature, minimize sensory input, rest when you need to, bless everything you ingest and realize that your health is your own manifestation and directly related to how the quantum field is responding to your personal beliefs. If you don’t like what is manifesting, only you have the power to change it.
One of the things happening in this “birth” is the new imprint of responsibility. Your health is your responsibility and you have the opportunity this month to really move this idea from a concept outside of yourself to a reality inside yourself. It is very empowering to see the positive results of taking on that responsibility. It will require dropping any martyrdom, blame, fatalistic beliefs, self-deprecation, whining, complaining and judgment. This is your life. You decide how it is going to be.
The theme of birth affects all projects, partnerships and business ventures. This could be a truly excellent time to launch something new in any of these areas. It is a great time to bring collaborative groups together that are focused on a common goal, to re-launch with a new direction something that has been floundering, to revisit and recommit to important goals, to restructure or reorganize, or to completely drop the old model and start something brand new. The sky is the limit here. The important thing is to honor the birth of whatever it is. Do a ceremony, get an astrological birth chart for the project, define a date and time of initiation, make an offering for its success, ask for allies and helpers, honor its birth as a living breathing entity. If you are dealing with an ongoing business, perhaps add something new or make a change giving it a new look. Do a ceremony of gratitude for its continued success.
The birth of new governments, new rules, new laws, new alliances, new leadership, new political groups, new ways of thinking, new approaches will all be possible this month. We may not see the results right away but the foundations for these things are gathering momentum from the influence. Remember that this last new moon and partial solar eclipse provided a huge charge and whip lash effect that is being harnessed and hopefully used in a positive way to initiate change and give birth to something new. We need to trust in the evolutionary process and not get caught up in what is not working but rather focus on what wants to emerge and be birthed, and become the future that is positive, forward thinking, mature and conscious.
July 1: The new moon with a partial solar eclipse was at 2:54 AM Mountain Daylight Time. This is the third eclipse and the bookend to the intense time of change and realignment. You are still under the influence of this whiplash effect that could either bring dramatic and unexpected change or it could give you the burst of energy you need to launch what you have set in your intentions. Whatever the case may be, meet this force head on and enjoy the ride. If you feel derailed or scattered by events, make sure to spend some time in quieting the mind and meditation. It will serve you far better that any worry, anxiety or stress.
July 1-7: Labor is painful and it is dark and claustrophobic in the birth canal so those of you who are still in it, there is light at the end. This is a time to work on your support container, connect with your community, work with all your allies, bless and be in gratitude. Organize a routine of self-care and check in with yourself frequently around doing what it is that feeds and serves you. This is also a good time to pay attention and see what is coming your way in terms of opportunity for launching something or gathering a group around a focus or starting a new project. Make sure not to spread yourself too thin. When in doubt, ask if this is good for you or not, does it serve you or not. If you are dealing with loss, painful change, fear, or extreme confusion, turn it over to spirit with the intention to trust in the greater picture and plan. Staying out of resistance will help. Remember that these times are accelerated and things can move very, very quickly. You may not need to spend as much time as you think in that dark constricted birth canal.
July 8-15: Focus on the newness, the innocence, the curiosity, the trust, the openness and the freshness of the infant, the newborn. Look for the new in everything, honor the new, the change and what is different from before. Accept that you do not know anything and trust that everything you will need to know will come to you in time. An infant does not go from the crib to college in one day. Your mind will not know everything right away. Trust your intuition more than your thought process. Have fun with doing what you always wanted to do. Play, express, learn, be loved, be nurtured and relax.”