Here are some wonderful and helpful insights from astrologer Divine Harmony about the activation happening with the Asteroid Goddess Ceres and the feelings that might be arising with it relating to Mothering, security and the home…
“there are a lot of powerful transits playing out with the asteroid Goddesses right now- which means there’s a lot of activation going on with the Divine Feminine. if you are a woman i am sure this resonates DEEPLY for you. if you are a man then either some woman in your life is moving through profound transformation (read: intensity) and/or your own relationship with the feminine is undergoing radical change (often in the form of some drama with a woman in your life).”
“this week the activation involved has to do with ceres, the asteroid Goddess of mothering, nurturing and caretaking. she is known as the Great Mother and she is associated with parent/child relationships…currently ceres is in cancer a sign she has much affinity with. ceres in cancer is super emotional, attached and in need of safety and security. home, family, roots and abundance of both food and money are key for her to feel safe in the world.”
“right now ceres is heading into radical activation by uranus and pluto. if you recall uranus is square pluto from 2012-2015 and our first uranus/pluto square of 2013 is coming up on may 20th. ceres will square uranus on may 5th and she will oppose pluto on may 7th- bringing in a highly charged couple of days where breakdowns and breakthroughs in home, family and parent/child dynamics are a focus.”
“ceres square uranus brings in the element of unexpected change. something is shfiting and ceres in cancer may not like it, but the Higher Self knows these changes are necessary in order for growth and transformation to occur. when ceres opposes pluto we have a deeper, perhaps darker energy. this can shine a Light on what aspects of life are dead and need to be fully released before new growth can occur. it can also bring up power/control dynamics in home, family and/or parent/child dynamics. ceres in cancer’s deep need for safety and security is going to be rocked big time- and the only thing to do is embrace the change and the deaths/letting go that are necessary now, as that is a precursor for new life to come in.”
“ceres’ activation right smack in the middle of eclipses can make this transit feel even more intense. two days after ceres opposite pluto we have the solar eclipse in taurus (may 9th). on may 20th uranus squares pluto and on may 24th we have the lunar eclipse in sagittarius. being that ceres is in cancer the moon children will definitely feel the impact of this intensely. the same goes for the other cardinal signs- aries, libra and capricorn.”
“it is interesting to note that the next time ceres will activate uranus and pluto will be at the end of november 2013, right after our next series of ecilpses make their debut. eclipses initiate massive change- there is no escaping it. right now with ceres activated as well as juno we have profound and long-lasting changes impacting home and family dynamics as well as committed relationships and contractual arrangements. the energy present right now is not for the faint of heart! hopefully you are finding the liberation and freedom in the midst of the unfolding changes- as that is the whole point of the astrology right now. we are meant to come back to life!”
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