We have the biggest FULL MOON of the year arriving on May 5th, during the Celtic festival of Beltane and known as Wesak Moon which is an auspicious day that celebrates the birth, life and death of the Buddha and Christ Consciousness. The word out is that it’s going to be big and powerful. I’ve gathered some of the best insights from the best readers of the stars so we can tune into the energy coming our way…
From Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This year’s Scorpio Full Moon arrives during Beltane (May 1-5), the Celtic earth festival that celebrates the beginning of Summer….”
 “At Beltane, we dance around the Maypole, weaving the masculine and feminine energies of life and love, hope and expectation.  And so, each year Life is renewed.  Beltane is another fire festival, symbolizing the next leap of light here in the northern hemisphere.  You’ll notice that the light will increase dramatically now as high summer approaches.  The bonfires we light at Beltane give us back the light of renewed hope for the coming year.   When we leap over the Beltane fire, it cleanses us of any lingering darkness, and brings us luck and fertility.  It is during Beltane that the veils between the worlds open and the Faerie folk come out to dance with us.  So go outside and enjoy this time of beauty and delight. “
“This Scorpio Full Moon is also called the Wesak Moon, the most auspicious day in Buddhism, for it celebrates the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha.  In this energetic opposition between Taurus and Scorpio, we are all called to the great union with Nature and the heavens, celebrating the Divine within Nature and within ourselves.  Like the Buddha, we are called to acknowledge the divine spirit in our human nature as we overcome and release the emotional demons that plague us and separate us from our spiritual inheritance…”
“This potent full Moon, which is also another superMoon, meaning it is close to the Earth and therefore exerts a stronger pull on us, calls us to give birth to the powerful destiny seeded within each of us.  This is the year to do it and now is the time to let go of the fears and the demons that keep us caught up in the delusions of our patriarchal society.   We can band together with like-minded people (Venus in Gemini) and create a life that is meaningful, creative and strong (Mars in Virgo).”
“This Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon asks us to become aware of the people and things we give the highest value to, and to look at the emotional trauma that keeps us apart.  It’s time to question our values and beliefs about money, power, happiness and our connection to each other and to the Earth.  There are powerful forces at work determined to keep the old system alive, regardless of how many people and places it destroys.  But we are equally powerful, and the Cosmos is lending us energy to break-through our paralysis and stand up for our beliefs. “
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From Astrologywork.com
“The Wesak Festival is upon us. This Scorpio / Taurus full moon, is THE full moon of the year, no matter what configuration surrounds it.”
“So, why do we, astrologers, make such a big fuss over this full moon? In the spiritual circles this full moon is known as the full moon in which the guardians of humanity transmit the energy of enlightenment, and yes, there is the belief that the Buddha realized enlightenment on this full moon.”
“For us, ordinary people, this full moon is also a time to reach beyond. We can all get a chance to experience a new feeling. This full moon is on a Sunday, so most of us will have the opportunity of opening up quietly into a new impression.”
“What do I mean by that? We live our lives in a mixture of feelings, each with his or her range of feelings, emotions and thoughts, and we are so used to them that we can hardly move past them. The Scorpio full moon can give each of us a taste of a new feeling, something that is beyond words, fleeting sensation that cannot be grasped, it washes over us, and it’s gone. This small quiet loving feeling can make a huge impact over the many months that will follow….”
“This full moon will not be easy. (I find it so hard just to write this post…)Many of us are struggling with these specific issues which seem to cause so much pain: sense of no power, lack of resources, and relationships that are based on anything other than love (lust, energy steeling, power struggles, and compromises)….”
“There are so many issues that come to the surface with this Full Moon in Scorpio /Taurus. Many of them have been highlighted in the past few months. Besides the Sun/Moon opposition, there is the Mars /Neptune opposition which have been with us for a few months by now. Our actions are still not where we want them to be. We make plans, we try hard, and yet for some reason when it’s time to actually manifest, we end up with a diffused product. We are angry and we don’t know why, we want to change things and we don’t know where to start. We feel tired unexpectedly, and many have the feeling of loosing trust with themselves and with the world.”
“The good news about this Full Moon is that this configuration is about to finish in the next few day, and that overall this full moon does have a lot of positive building energies in it…. “
“The moon is in Quintile triangle with Mars and Venus, which can help creative solutions to come to mind, and help that fleeting feeling come in s surprising manner and give all of us a lot of hope and a sense that after all – life is good, life is worth living.”
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From the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“Not only is this a significant Full Moon in Scorpio, but the emotional currents are very strong. And under a Full Moon’s influence emotional tides run high and low.  Have no doubt we are going to feel – intense with just about everything and perhaps everyone. This can be helpful practice to trust yourself and the in another. Extreme emotions ranging from dark to light may arise at the slightest trigger. We have the opportunity to purge, let go and rebirth our emotional selves now.  We may need to intimately express our feelings to someone. We can practice deepening our trust within ourselves here.”
 “It may be that we find ourselves in an uncomfortable power struggle or struggling to trust self in some way. But engaging in the extreme point of view of ‘right and wrong’ only makes things messy and more confusing and no one wins. It is possible to step away from it and realize the lesson within it, find the middle ground and move on.”
“The following astrological aspects; Mercury /Saturn as well as Mars/Neptune and Chiron symbolism suggests a see-saw between communication and honest expression within relationships of all types. There may be conflict or clash in opinions that arises now that will need to be talked about, healed or resolved. Or old emotional wounds and scars that are still waiting to be notice and felt to heal. It is wise to approach things with tact, care and sensitivity. We may be called upon to use compassion so healing takes place. Let actions be guided by compassion than aggression or vengeance.”
“Mars/Pluto Trine in earth signs gives a nice positive resilience or ability to be resourceful and bounce back from any crisis or potentially hurtful situation. Use the nice empowering, stabilizing and grounding energy to remain light on your feel. Cats are great with landing on their feet, and they don’t have to work at it – it happens naturally. This is a great metaphor for this aspect”
“We can use our desires to raise Consciousness. This Full Moon is also known as “Wesak” – celebration of Buddha’s birth & enlightenment.  We are reminded to attune ourselves to Buddhic/Christ level Consciousness. This level of facilitates the expansion of consciousness beyond separative individuality and a union with others as the Divine within all. This level brings happiness, bliss and expansion of love.”
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From astrologer Diane at Libra Seeking Balance:
“This is one of the most magical, powerful lunations of the year in my opinion…There is nothing ephemeral about the Full Moon in Scorpio. It is very real, passionate and deeply involved with life in the most essential ways – birth, death and regeneration.”
“Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is part of an amazing Grand Kite pattern along with Mars in Virgo and Ceres in Taurus. …In many ways, this is the perfect pattern to help us delve into our inner beings to take a long look at our expectations and seek out the flaws in our belief system (Chiron). Ceres will be there to provide a nurturing touch and help us from getting too discouraged.”
“Forgiveness is a huge part of any healing process as is the need to remain as non-judgmental as possible. Pluto both fuels the need to dig deep and the knife to open old wounds, allowing them to drain. Mars in Virgo is very well suited to going over the details but since it is also exactly inconjunct Uranus in Aries, it will be less patient than usual. Go easy on the criticism – both of yourself and others.”
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From astrologer Kelley Rosano:
“The Scorpio Full Moon stresses truth and emotional truth. Scorpio rules what is hidden and at the core of an issue. All souls, structures and systems must recalibrate to a higher calling of Truth. We are entering the Age of Truth, the Age of Empowerment. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet teaches us about power. How we use power. How we get power. How we own our power and/or how we give our power away…”
“This is a magical and powerful Scorpio Full Moon. You are a powerful manifestor and creator. Stay out of fear. Be the magician! Use your power, your magic to create beauty and goodness. We are birthing a new paradigm one based on the power of love rather than the love of power. We are moving into fourth dimension. We are learning to create from our heart. Living from our heart, what we truly love and value. This will create Heaven on Earth…”
“The focus will be on our self-worth, resources and our core values. Taurus seeks comfort and acceptance for ourselves as we are; Scorpio seeks to reveal our vulnerabilities, unmet needs, desires and hidden resentment. We may feel it is impossible to avoid the intensity of our feelings at this powerful Scorpio Full Moon. Yet, a small amount of objectivity can make our feelings useful rather than destructive. Taurus reminds us of what we cherish. Scorpio shows us what we need to transform. We are in the process of a universal transformation.”
“The Scorpio Full Moon is revealing the hidden motivations, hidden agendas and important truths about the misuse of power and our resources worldwide.  We are changing from short-term, shortsighted gains to long-term, life-enhancing goals.”
“The power is with the individual. The power is with individuals coming together in groups— power teams. From the grass roots up, we are transforming the world from darkness into the Light. Remember that action speaks louder than suffering. Do what empowers you.”
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