Stepping into our own personal power requires that we learn to stand in the center on our truth and own how we really feel.
Oftentimes we don’t trust our feelings, our emotions. and we don’t act from that place of feeling/knowing within us. We let our brains decide what to do, rather than our heart.
Our brain, the masculine part of us, becomes a tyrant to the feminine/feeling part in us. This imbalance needs to shift.
Now is the time that many have been speaking of  “the return of the feminine.” It’s a return to our truth, a connection to our feelings and a living from our heart.
When we allow our heart to lead the way, we create the space for our emotions to live, to have a voice. So many of us suppress our emotions. We suppress what we really feel. Why? Because it’s too painful, it’s too much to bear. It’s heart-breaking. Strong emotions scare us because they overwhelm us with feeling.
The thinking masculine in us feels “out of control.” So we repress them to to keep them in check, but our feelings don’t just disappear.
No matter how deep down we try to push and deny what we really feel it abides under the surface. It holds space, not only in our energetic bodies, but in our physical bodies and can continue to build until it manifests physically. This we know and now can no longer deny. As our shadows are coming into the light, the feelings we have kept buried deep down are pushing their way through the surface and moving outward toward the light to be healed.
Welcome all these sprouts of emotion which are rising to the surface, and let these emotions move.
E-motion, has motion in its core, it’s supposed to move, to be moved through. It’s like the wind.
Allow your e-motions to move through you and out of you. Whether sadness or pain, anger or rage let it move through you. Don’t deny it, don’t repress it, cry those tears.
Feel the deep sadness that feels like there is no end to it, feel the core of your being, and allow yourself,  for the first time, to bathe in the center of your own truth.
What a relief to accept it all. To accept all the ugliness and the things you never wanted to feel.
Freedom is calling. What a relief to accept all as it truly is and not be afraid to deal with the consequences of having to act on our truth.
Oh yes, that’s what follows. Accepting how we really feel and then having to stand in that truth. That’s the consequence, and oftentimes what scares us the most.
The consequence of acting on what we really feel deep down, having to face that truth means having to act accordingly. Nothing to fear, your power is waiting.
When we step into our truth, we step into our personal power.
We do not bend, conform, hide, neglect, or deny our energy for the sake of someone else, or for fear, for when we do that we become fragmented. We lose bits and parts of ourselves that were not honored.
When we honor our feelings, we are loving ourselves and calling back all those disowned parts. We call our power back as we decide to stand in it, and this is the process of becoming whole.
Unify, solidify your energy. Stand in your truth, in your beauty, as you are.
As you truly are!