Dearest Light*beings!
On the Solstice, we honor the Light, we remember the Light, we celebrate the Light.
These seasonal turning points remind us of the essential, the elemental…wherein lies our planetary unity.
Whether we welcome Winter in the Northern hem or Summer in the Southern hem, we enter a new cycle. We cross over a new threshold. 





Symbolically, in many cultures, this crossing over was personified by the ancient ritual of jumping over fires.
I rejoice the opportunity for us as a planet, to come together in this unifying factor of remembrance~~~



No matter what faith or culture, we all acknowledge this pivotal time, for we are all inhabitants of this planet~~~
Technology has brought us together, can we unite our thoughts for peace and well being for our beautiful planet Earth and all her inhabitants?  
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But if perhaps you are not quite in the space or spirit for celebration, or find yourself alone, do take a moment to do this one simple act >>>light a candle and simply hold a prayer for peace in your heart. Visualize our planet surrounded by white light.




Take a moment on this day to *Focus* on the *light*



Give yourself a *LIGHT* bath. Visualize a large body of LIGHT surrounding you, bright white light enveloping you in its splendor, see this light beaming from you and all around you as you feel your entire body, all your subtle bodies, enveloped in all this healing white light.
Whatever way you can envision it and feel it, go with it.
Allow your own unique way or method to emerge, your intuition will guide you.
Visualize our beautiful Earth in a ball of white light, surrounded by it, glowing with it. All living things, freed by its lightness.


earth nasa

Remember the *LIGHT*
Observe the single flickering flame. See the Spirit of the Flame, the Spirit of Fire, dancing its Spirit dance.
Thank it for its Light. See Spirit before you. Your own reflection. 
Thank you and a million thank yous, sending waves of light flowing to you from Source ~infinite ~eternal ~all encompassing ~love ~nurturing love ~healing love ~right to your heart ~virtual hugs ~acceptance, tears, understanding, all of it ~it’s ok ~love is here.
Solstice Blessings!


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