Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 1st, serves that which can no longer be ignored. Inner truth casts a golden light on inner shadows so we can address what is, come to terms with what is and realign with what is truly in harmony with our soul. 
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured readers of the planetary movements. First from the always wonderful PAT LILES from The Power
“It’s a powerful month of alignments opening with the Sun, Moon, and Earth aligning perfectly for this second eclipse period of the year.
“First, we have this solar eclipse on September 1 in Virgo…Although visible mostly across Africa and Asia, they are nonetheless felt globally.
“Eclipses let us realign with our highest intentions. We can release at the deepest levels and honor what is ending while starting out on a new foot and begin anew.
“It’s a dynamic opportunity to use the order of the celestial spheres to energize our lives. But that’s only a part of the whole…”
“The eclipse and New Moon cycle in Virgo is colored and highly influenced by Mercury’s retrogradehelping us to really feel into the thought patterns ready to be released that serve an old consciousness.”
“…We take stock of our inner resources, honor our harvest and hone our craft. A non-linear time, yet with potential for great productivity…”
“Saturn square Neptune is dominant in this chart… As a closing square of this cycle begun in 1989, we have until 2020 to complete the social-political lessons here.
“A closing square is about a shift in consciousness ~ realizing the lessons in a cycle, summing up, and re-orienting, beginning to turn away from the old, accepting what is and forgiving, while beginning to feel the first influences of the new from the invisible plane.
“It will take a few more years to distill the wisdom of this cycle and feel a resulting deep transformation take place. In the mean time, this is a most pressurized period – this last of three Saturn/Neptune squares (Nov.’15, June, now).
“Saturn rules the structures enforcing the beliefs we hold… Neptune, on the other hand is a dissolver of boundaries, pointing toward unity, idealism – the best that can be imagined, spiritual unity, the visionary aspect of imagination.
“Neptune says we must dream true about welcoming in the highest consciousness we can at this time…Neptune in Pisces is inviting us to look not outside ourselves for truth, meaning and direction, but within.
“Saturn in Sagittarius is struggling with the last vestiges of dogma and the disillusionment of beliefs in a purely physical existence cut off from the feminine and Spirit.
“Mutable signs ask for growth and learning, being flexible and learning how to adapt to shifting circumstance.
“Can you allow yourself a little quality time alone daily to fertilize the process instead of growing the product?
Copyright © 2016 PAT LILES
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA astrology:
“With this eclipse triggering the Saturn-Neptune square (opposite Neptune, square Saturn), along with a square to heated Mars, what is dis-eased in our lives, may become apparent.
“Soul sickness is evident in our world and has been a challenge to navigate. We have witnessed great suffering (Neptune in Pisces) and divides have appeared between cultures (Saturn in Sagittarius).
“Saturn square Neptune has been prodding us to let go of unrealistic fantasies and focus on reality without losing our sense of spiritual wonder.
“Global and personal bubbles have popped and we haven’t been allowed to pretend any more that it’s OK when it isn’t.
“Eclipses tend to have a habit of revealing what has been hidden so it feels like this eclipse shatters the last illusion.
“Neptune’s seas have been eroding what seemed real and solid. It may have felt like standing on shifting sands. Uncertainty and confusion have further fueled instability.
“With the eclipse square to Mars, we could get angry or maybe with Mars conjunct Saturn, we procrastinate because we don’t know what to do – it’s analysis paralysis. Doing nothing may feel a better option instead of worrying about doing the ‘wrong’ thing.
“Maybe there’s a temptation to tune out the disorder and escape with the opposition to Neptune. Apathy too is possible with Mars square to Neptune…seriously man, says Mars pouring himself his third drink, what’s the point?
“But in the midst of all this challenging pattern, the eclipse is conjunct the North Node. There is an opening here, to use this potent energetic pattern to its highest frequency.
“Doing something is better than doing nothing. Virgo is real and present and she’s here to help. Time to muck in and get this stuff sorted! Be part of the cure.
“Mars conjunct Saturn when working at its best is determined, brave enough to start long term projects, authoritative enough to lead the way.
“Mars square Neptune is a spiritual warrior. Neptune feeds the Moon and Sun with great compassion and Virgo energy takes that compassion and spreads kindness where she goes through being of practical service.
“Doing nothing is just not an option with Virgo. A trine from the eclipse to Pluto emphasizes that we have a measure of control here and it’s up to each and every one of us to use the power we have for the betterment of our own lives and society as a whole.
“Ruler Mercury is retrograde suggesting that. We have to change our thinking to treat the problem.
“Mercury is also exactly conjunct Jupiter and opposite Chiron. Sometimes, when something hurts, it’s hard to understand but faith is key. Pain can be a great teacher.
Copyright © 2016 LEAH WHITEHORSE
From CHAD WOODWARD from Kosmic Mind:
“This final solar eclipse of 2016 creates a powerful t-square with Neptune and the Saturn/Mars conjunction. This will likely generate immense internal tension, especially for those of us with placements in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
“The Saturn/Mars conjunction suggests having a task or mission for which you can focus your attention. Having a point of concentration with something you’re attempting to accomplish will help to relieve confusion, distraction, or escapist tendencies.
“Mercury retrograde, the ruler of this eclipse, invites you to slow down and take your time when considering your options at the moment.
Accept that not all the information you need is available yet. And due to its backward movement, may bring situations from the past into conscious view.
“It’s important to consider that this eclipse is a time to increase your awareness of opportunities you may not have been fully conscious of. These opportunities may assist you greatly in reorganizing your life and getting yourself back on track…”
“Dealing with the Saturn/Mars conjunction can feel like coming up against the resistance of reality’s harsh limitations. But Neptune in Pisces suggests that contained within those limitations is a clear view to a new vision
“Consider this eclipse passageway as a point of transition into a new landscape.
“If you work consciously with it, you’ll find it easier to accept reality the way that it is without losing hope or your ability to dream of new possibilities for your life.
“If the eclipse presents you with a crisis, trust that it will resolve itself in the following days or weeks.
“Remember, an eclipse tends to amplify unconscious contents. What is emerging is not so much concerned with the ego’s comfort.
“The psychic instability of the eclipse is a reminder that ultimately the unconscious underwrites the life events we actually experience in our waking life.
“As unsettling as that realization can be, it’s also liberating to know that we don’t always need to fix things; often, life has a way of coming to its own resolutions if we get out of the way. “
Copyright © 2016 CHAD WOODWARD


From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“With the Solar Eclipse in Virgo and the following Lunar Eclipse in Pisces- we are being asked to bridge body and Spirit in new and more masterful ways.
“Virgo is a sign that is present, discerning and embodied- while Pisces is mystical, otherworldly and magical.
“Virgo and Pisces are the signs of the Priestess- the one who sits between the worlds and mediates them so that the sacred can be discovered concealed in the profane.
“The coming lunar cycle is a powerful time to show up and do our inner work so that the mystical, spiritual, otherworldly visions we have within us can take root and manifest in our lives!
“This Solar Eclipse in Virgo is extra potent as it is aligned with the evolutionary North Node and it triggers the Saturn/Neptune square.
“With the North Node activated by the Sun/Moon conjunction this Eclipse is setting into motion a brand new evolutionary path for us- personally and collectively.
“Yet we must remember the North Node growth is not the easy path. It’s the place where we are pushed out of the nest and we have to figure out how to fly falling down…
“With the Saturn/Neptune square involved there is a need to get really clear, discerning and aligned with the deepest reservoirs of integrity and self honesty right now- and Virgo can teach us that.
“Saturn square Neptune makes the fine line between Truth and lies, reality and illusion very nebulous and unclear. It’s easy to delude or deceive ourselves. It’s easy to lie to ourselves and believe it. We need to be really clear with ourselves about where our growth edge…
“Mars is past exact conjunction with Saturn but is still within orb and the Sun will trigger both Saturn and Mars in the hours and weeks following the Eclipse (Sun square Saturn later that evening on 9/1 and Sun square Mars on 9/13).
“This can bring a heavy energy to the days and weeks that follow but harnessed well this can be about mastery around what IS and taking positive, mature action around what needs to happen as a result of facing reality.
“…This alignment brings two malefic planets together in a powerful conjunction. Mars is the will, warrior and drive- and he governs anger, action, aggression and passion.
“Saturn is the Great Task Master that reigns us in, disciplines us and brings us karmic lessons when we act without integrity.
“Mars/Saturn can help us master our passions and ego drives but there can also be a suppression energy going on where we really don’t want to reign it in but we are doing so in unskillful ways or possibly acting out in this energy like a child who does not want to be told what to do (even if what is being told is the best thing for us).
“This is great for discipline and doing the inner work- not so great for depression, repression, aggression, stuckness and karma.
“If you can stay with the energy and not buckle under it nor aggressively fight it- you can make this energy work for you… but its up to you to show up and take the Higher Path right now!
“With Mars/Saturn we need to think long term benefit not short term reward. Since the Eclipse activates this we are challenged to reign in our egos and ensure that any new beginnings we commence are founded on maturity, integrity, honesty and discipline.
“If we react or do things in haste or from a place of impulsivity or reactivity- it can and will cost us!
“Another amazing alignment in the Solar Eclipse chart is a beautiful Grand Water Trine between Juno and Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, Vesta in Cancer with the fixed star Sirius and Neptune in Pisces on the South Node.
“Grand trines bring great gifts and in water the gifts are of intuition, sensitivity, empathy and emotional connection with ourselves and others…”
“What is interesting is when you add in the Sun/Moon/North Node conjunction you have what is called a kite formation. The watery, intuitive, psychic, cosmic and transdimensional gifts of the Grand Water Trine get anchored by the Solar Eclipse.
“When we show up embodied, present and willing to do our inner and outer work– the gifts of the grand trine will pour forth.
“The otherworldly energy of neptune and the Grand Water Trine needs a container- and the Solar Eclipse in Virgo is the chalice that can hold all the potent mystical, feminine energies hidden right in front of our very eyes!
“The inner work we do on ourselves is what clears the blockages in our field that prevent us from being the empty chalice that is ready willing and able to be filled by Spirit- so focusing on our inner work/shadow work, making necessary self adjustments, and deepening in our integrity, self honesty and Truthfulness with others is a prerequisite to fully accessing all the gifts of this watery trine (and let me tell you it will be well worth it!)”
“I leave you with the Star Sparks meditation for 10 Virgo by Ellias Lonsdale…
Copyright © 2016 DIVINE HARMONY
~Ellias Lonsdale
Virgo 10 A pin cushion
This is a gathering point, a focus of awareness, a sphere of sharp, clear intent. We have agreed to (show up) in a very particular way. And we are holding ourselves to this task with acumen, precise applied capacity.
All of us go into the gathering point. There is no observer. There is no greater picture. There is simply the willingness, the ability, and the task that is drawn to match what we can do and what we have agreed to do.
“If we are devoted to such a micro level of intensive rightfulness, this reveals that we have standing behind this straight plain track, a goodness, a caring and loving quality of participation in what is needed.
“Yet we prefer to not even look this far. We would much rather not think about ourselves at all and just become what is here in the foreground in a very literal self-giving.
“There is a peculiar feeling tone around the edges of this exemplary service. The sense is that we are working off our self-important syndromes and almost abasing ourselves within the mundane, the external, the endlessly specific and particular details of ordinary life.
“We can recognize that a guilt and shame, a self-conscious set of memories are lurking in the background. And we can realize that this outer deeds way of working these things out is as binding as we insist that it must be.
“But we can also shift the pattern as we wear it out, and no longer feel we owe it to anybody to be as purely selflessly helpful as any soul can be.
“It is very hard to get a good angle on this one. It takes a lot of painful ordeals before we relent against our own best intentions. But sooner or later, we do outlive what we have set up for ourselves so strictly.
“And then we can breathe into this space with a deeper kind of self-surrender, the kind where we get ourselves back refreshed, restored.”
Copyright © 2016 Ellias Lonsdale


ECLIPSE Blessings to all!

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