We’re going to find thought transmissions boosted now beyond the strength they used to have.
“Aquarius is a subtle network of telepathic thought forms woven throughout shared consciousness.
“Entering Aquarius means placing a high priority on the thoughts you think and the messages you send.
“Vibes are becoming more contagious. Psychic side of life is emerging from its hidden position into plain view.
“The mechanics of Aquarius work to reverse the relationship between center and periphery… What used to be peripheral become central. What was inside opens out. What was out streams in.
“Fringe ideas fertilize the mainstream. The mainstream expands beyond its former boundaries. Subtle wavelengths become not so subtle.
“Inner pictures spread. Mass consciousness becomes less dense and more permeable. Intangible visions solidify.
“This reversal of outer and inner takes some getting used to, because feeling each other’s feelings and thinking each other’s thoughts is not a way of being that most of us are used to, especially in the world large…”
“Aquarius is a shape shifter who stretches us into new forms. If you’ve been in the wings you have to get used to the spotlight. If you’ve been in the spotlight you have to get used to the wings.
“It takes special skills to handle this reversal without freaking out. That’s why shamanic paths have been increasing in the last couple of decades both traditional and nontraditional, to inform us of the other dimensions we inhabit.
“In shamanic tradition we cross through surface reality into this source state of the dreamer, who dreams this waking dream that appears to be physical reality.
“It takes a new boundaries to release into making love with the universe and banging into your karma at every turn before you even get out of the house in the morning!
“So let’s strive to make the change as real as we can inside ourselves, while paying attention to the thoughts we put out and the vibes we send into the increasing telepathic weave of shared consciousness.
“Many former ideas and ways of being are being turned on their head now, which can be disorienting.
“We need to amplify the shared field of believing in a hidden positive undercurrent beneath the strangeness…”
“The spirit of change is opening out everywhere. The bright future seeking to come in asks one requirement: that you let yourself imagine how good and real and true it’s going to be.
“The more you share with others in a way that grants all of us the right to change, the more you get in step with the spirit of the times.
“Visualize all of us here together in the Earth and in the galaxy and in subtle worlds weaving and being woven by threads of light, and offer that into the telepathic weave.
“This approach will multidimensionalize your connections with others beyond the surface…”
~Ellias Lonsdale from his book with Mark Borax, Cosmic Weather Report: Notes from the Edge of the Universe