Here is an amazing download of the energy the super FULL MOON brought forth and activated from the always inspiring Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“The next two weeks offer us ways to stabilize and solidify recent life developments expressed as intense magnetic forms of our spirituality. We shall see the light of mobilizing our spiritual awareness in polarized forms. This will express as seeing how our Higher Self and Soul have gestated into a unique spiritual self-reliance….”
“A brief overview: the period ruled by this Full Moon will illuminate our ability to mobilize after a time of searching for new forms and new ways of transmitting information, so let your Divine enthusiasm move whatever mountains need moving! This opens a new way, a new day, a new life chapter after an ordeal.”
“This will show us how to stabilize and consolidate new adventures, new truths, and new futures. It will take shape showing us the ‘spiritual offspring’ we’ve been carrying…”
“This is a time of integrating our interests into a central order, and give personal attention to critical details that will help us organize broader efforts. This is a highly specializing Lunation, with many gifts for those who know how to use the down times productively. Whenever you feel scattered, go to your Higher Self and remember that sometimes all we need to do is shape our minds so that we can receive forms of fulfillment, and they will inevitably come….”
“Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, says this is a degree of  ‘the eternal struggle between the practical necessities or transient competitions of life on the one hand and the motives and meanings which give them direction and order on the other.’ He states this symbol is one of surviving and gaining genuine self-fulfillment by aligning ourselves with the causes of enlightenment while respecting ‘the manifestations of might.'”
“He offers the keyword RESOLUTION. When operating positively, the degree is ‘high organizational skill and an ability to bring the magic of understanding to any specific difficulty.'”
“The Lunar degree symbol for the 17th degree of Scorpio is ‘A woman the father of her own child.’ Rudhyar states this degree is one of ‘fullness of self-reliance and individual destiny,’ ‘cooperation between spiritual and material agencies,’ and ‘Pure self-revelation.'”
“In the Astrological Mandala, he says this degree is one of  ‘A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within,’ where we experience ‘the result of a deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power.’ Here we see the ‘potency of the inward way’ where ego-surrender lead to dynamic manifestations of the Divine Will.”
“He says this ‘brings to us the realization of normally hidden potentialities,’ where ‘Faith in the Divine’ helps us become ‘A Mother of the Living God,’ living a ‘transpersonal existence’ that leads to ‘creative mutations.’ Rudhyar says this degree falls in the Span of Appreciation, Act of Group Integration, and Scene of Faith on the Actional-Physical level.”
“Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, says this is a degree of ‘the eternal conflict between the practical involvements and the ideal potentialities of human nature’ emphasized in our ‘conscious individuality,’ where our ‘Soul feels the weight of (our) transient responsibilities while the indwelling and immortal spirit is sensitive to its need for an enduring place in the scheme of things’….”
“He offers the keyword NUCLEATION. When operating positively, the degree is “an illimitable self-potentiality with effective spiritual or ideal as well as practical or everyday orientations.”
“From these symbols it seems we can see the light of knowing how to mobilize wholeheartedly, seeing what is of the world and what is of Spirit, allowing our values to be polarized to move beyond obsolete ideas and approaches. These can express through concentrated magnetic forms that work on both practical and spiritual levels of life, where our inner “God” comes forth as a result of our own carrying it to fruition.”
“We can find illumination through seeing how to confirm our spiritual integrity and power through positive actions, where we reorient and mobilize our divine enthusiasm. These will be focused through the truth or Dharma we’ve been carrying as though we were pregnant, where our Spiritual Self and our human self find cooperation in ways that make us more self-reliant than we have been before now.”
“Overall, this Full Moon will show us new wisdom forms whereby we can integrate a lot in our ‘upper chamber of consciousness,’ along with showing us how to be more effective in our use of time, even when it seems we have to wait for something to happen before we can do our thing. There will be high specialization and gifts in multiple life areas, and many promises will be redeemed in the next two weeks that have been hanging since March 2011 due to Mercury occupying the exact degree it went stationary retrograde then.”
“Again, this is a period where we will get the answer from Spirit for having gone through our crises with courage and determination in obedience to Divine Will. While there will be some major adjustments and sacrifices, overall this period is one of many gifts, unique interactions, and the emergence of global manifestations in each of us, freed from local conditions and narrow heritages. Just go deep, practice your breathing when under pressure, and take note of subconscious or unconscious factors going on around you.”
“…We’re still being given solid understandings so we can come to forms of philosophical completion through revisiting some of the nobler aspirations we’ve been chasing since late 2011. This is a transition from old ways to new ways, truths, and futures.”
“Find a way of harmony beyond the oscillations, open your practical imagination, and go through whatever you need to in order to mobilize your Higher Self, since those trials are showing your way to confirm something of real value. Let go, purify, see the indestructible elements of your life and Path, and catch glimpses of how you’re being freed for greater responsibilities and duties.”
“After your mind wearies of material orientations and interpretations, embrace positive Sagittarian traits whenever you confront an ending or a greater understanding of higher things. We’re on our way to a greater life adventure now that the crises are over, and with the Sun conjunct Jupiter, embrace a gentle simple humor, openness, courage, and imagination. See a bigger picture or a grander adventure, be the embodiment of freedom of thought and try not to stay stuck in heavy or unnecessarily limited attitudes.”
“Move forward with boldness and imagination, avoid extremists who put you into tugs of war, learn the rules of the game and insist on fair play, and take hope that you will be getting signals from Spirit that the flood is over and a new day is dawning.”
“As with last month, see the links between the rapidly-fading past with the new life you’re already living. We’re all being propelled into a new love, a new joy, a new enthusiasm, or a new truth (or all of the above!) This is the time to embrace a new life and a new way of living.”
“…This is the time to embrace and live a new wisdom that will help you see that old ways, old knowledge, and old truths are not adequate to confirm your new conditions of existence. It’s mobilization time!”
© Copyright 2012 Robert Wilkinson