So here we go 4th transformation activation of the Uranus Pluto Square. This is the apex point so powerful time of  breaking through. There is a tug of war occurring between the old and the new, and while impulses are coming strong we must be mindful as we move forward. This is key! Here are the Astral Insights…
First from the always insightful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The beginning of November 2013 starts off with the igniting of the with the Uranus/Pluto Square (fourth aspect) so close to the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, it is a powerful time of metamorphosis, change and breaking through the limitations to freedom.
“The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio tends to ‘energize fresh new slate.’ It is a time to act in confident ways in alignment with one’s Soul. There may be a deep feeling of renewal and recharge happening too.
“Are you a ‘change-maker in your life?’ People are being called to move on from long standing relationships, issues and situations. It is shedding the comfort zone that has become outgrown and onto new horizons…”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved
Some great advice on how to handle these energies from the Astrotwins from
“Controlling Pluto and freedom-fighting Uranus are engaged in a three-year series of harsh, 90-degree angles, called ‘squares’ in astro-speak.  As we’re tugged between these contrasts of old versus new, we’re all being forced to examine our deepest values and motives.
“We know we need to open our minds, adapt and try a new approach. At the same time, we don’t want to throw the baby with the bath water. Some rules were not made to be broken—but sussing out which ones to keep has been quite a process. 
“From 2012-15, there will be seven ‘exact’ squares, when the two celestial bodies are at the same degree. During these periods, we’ll feel the tension strongest:
  • June 6-July 9, 2012
  • September 18-October 1, 2012
  • May 15-Jun 1, 2013
  • Apex Point October 17-November 15, 2013
  • April 12-29, 2014
  • November 26-December 27, 2014
  • March 11-28, 2015
“Attempting a peace summit between the planet of liberation (Uranus) and the cosmic control freak (Pluto) ain’t easy. Pluto digs in its heels while Uranus leaps without looking, which can leave us feeling scattered and utterly confused about which direction to take
“Heightening the pressure, Pluto is in patriarchal Capricorn, guardian of hierarchies, governments, structures and the old guard—while Uranus is in hotheaded Aries, defender of autonomy and individual rights…”
“Yet, even with the harshest of planetary events, there’s always a greater lesson or opportunity. Here are a few suggestions for how you can navigate this.
“Plumb your psyche, question your motives. With Lord Pluto, king of the unconscious, in the mix, it’s karma, karma everywhere.
Before you forge ahead with firebrand Uranus-in-Aries’ stubbornness, pause and ask yourself: WHY? Why am I doing this? Why do I want this so badly? Why am I fixated (a Pluto issue) or obsessed with things going a certain way?
“Pluto is associated with the phoenix that rises from the ashes. So if you’re going to tear down an institution in your life, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons…whatever those are.
Don’t rush. If you’re uncertain, allow yourself the time to really mull it over and soul search.
Don’t let progress turn into destruction…In the quest for progress, fast-moving Uranus can make us skim over the finer details, rushing headlong into reform or pursuing change at all costs. But when change happens that quickly, something valuable can get lost or destroyed in the process…”
“As Uranus and Pluto square off, we can expect to deal with the uncomfortable chasm between old and new now, as people and industries undergo growing pains. In some cases, it can be an interesting intellectual inquiry—while in others, it’s retro gone wrong…”
Things are happening…even when they aren’t…trust the ‘invisible realm.‘ Since Pluto rules the underworld, things might be happening that aren’t apparent in tangible form yet. You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels when you aren’t. Perhaps you’re just allowing a situation to marinate and undergo its due process.
“With impatient Uranus jumping the gun, it’s hard to remember that progress can also take time. So while we’re all for manifesting, don’t freak out when your visualization doesn’t deliver on-demand or instant results. Divine timing is where it’s at now.”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Astrotwins All Rights Reserved
Lastly from Sarah Varcas from
This square contains a whole load of very powerful, desperately pent-up energy and if we want to work with that energy in a constructive way we’re going to have to embrace the darker side of our psyche, the unappealing aspects of life and the repressed energy which fuels us from the shadows and distorts much of who we are and what we do.”
“This is no astrological alignment for the faint hearted…It has powerful karmic overtones and reveals the dark under-belly of the current ‘spiritual’ landscape in which so many live these days..”
“…to reap its rewards we really are going to have to face up to what and who we are, who we have been and what that means for us here and now today. Deciding to walk a ‘spiritual’ path doesn’t release us from the consequences of who we have been, as if somehow, now we see things differently, we can just pass ourselves off as a new person.
“Quite the contrary, in fact. Taking responsibility for our lives and our contribution to the collective consciousness from here on in necessitates owning who we were and what we may have contributed to it in the past. And in owning it we have a responsibility to address its impact and recognise how our past choices have impacted not only ourselves but the wider whole.”
“With Uranus under enormous pressure at this time we may well feel like an explosion waiting to happen…this energy coursing through the universe now comes with an instruction manual if we’ll take a moment to read it.
The manual exists in our heart, written in the handwriting of our higher self which knows that nothing ever happens in our life in contradiction of who we are. However we experience this moment is born of all that we are, all that we have been and all that we can be. It doesn’t descend upon us out of the blue but grows up out of us with every breath, every thought, every word and deed that we have contributed to the world around us and beyond.
“This energy flooding the planet now, filling you and me and everyone, is who we are at our very core. It is the life force that we have resisted for so long. It is God/dess, the Divine, the Universe, Chi.. call it what you will, it is what we are made of and it wants us back!
“We must surrender to be born anew, as a more immediate and vibrant expression of life. Life just is. It doesn’t call itself anything. Nor does it pretend to be what it isn’t. And it is life which wraps itself around us now, urging us to do the same: release who we think we are and what we want to be, and just be what we are – alive. But this time be it fully, and then see what happens…”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Sarah Varcas All Rights Reserved
Here’s to inching our way to freedom as we drop the veils and remember~~~



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