PHOTO: “Portrait of MM/ Mijanou Montealegre” by

“Eternal One is continuously sending emissaries. They are comprised exclusively of the wise silence, the universal beauty.
“It is your choice whether or not to follow their energetic promptings or to ignore them because of your unreadiness for such counsel.
“These beings of light and love are all around you, and have been since your arrival into this physical presence that you identify with so strongly.
“They leave clues and omens, and sometimes their guidance is subtle and confusing—but they are there, and all you need do is begin to pay attention to your intuitive feelings and then act fearlessly on what they seem to be communicating to you.
“The more you trust in this intuition, the more you will see things in pure alignment with your own dharma.
“Go with what you feel inside—your soul-beat activating your excitement—it’s inviting you to the next step up the ladder of a life that leads to the light.”
~Dr. Wayne Dyer from I Can See Clearly Now