NEW MOON is here again in Virgo~ From what the astrologers are saying, this will be a clear *pure* NEW MOON. We are strongly affected by our environment, so it’s a great time to tune in, clear and re-energize the energy around us. Do it with bhakti, love and devotion!  
There is a lot of activity in the air, and the swift winds of change are blowing. Ground down, take a walk in nature. Do what you can to keep grounded and know that all that is unfolding is part of the process in our collective transformation.
Right on this heals of this lovely NEW MOON, we have the Pluto transit and Uranus/Pluto Square on September 18/19. Make sure you read here about this major energy so you have a heads up on what to expect!  A lot of astrological activity, movement and change from now until the end of the month with a very power FULL MOON in Aries. We are in the birthing process for sure, but take heart, we are in this together~~~
Much love,
First from astrologer Nadia Gilchrist and her Ruby Slipper Astrology:
“Ultra- pure New Moon coming up on September 15th, at 23 degrees Virgo. It will be making no major aspects to any other planets, so it will deliver a shot of unadulterated, Virgo perfection…”
“This is fitting, since Virgo is the sign of purity. ‘Purity’, meaning as close to the ultimate level of efficiency that you can possibly get. Something that works so well, it transcends every other version. Something that’s jaw-droppingly effective. This is the Virgo dream; actions that sing with a unity of thought and intention.”
“Will you be able to achieve this? Probably not. Not even if you’re a Virgo. Perfection is a myth, remember? But this New Moon can bring you as close as you’ll ever get. So, what do you want to be good at? Really, really good at? What desperately needs improvement in your life? The area of your chart with Virgo in it will hold the potential.”
“Keep these Virgo themes in mind: relentless improvement, stellar service, undeniable logic, discipline, healing, no frills, no excuses.”
“Those with planets between 22-23 degrees Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus will be in the precision zone. 22-23 degrees Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini may have to confront some challenging realities/awakenings, but it will still be an opportunity for you to make a clean start.”
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From astrologer Sherene Schostak M.A. from
“New Moons offer the opportunity to reset, go within and plant new seeds of intention that we would like to cultivate over the next six months. Since Virgo is all about the rituals of daily living, this is the ideal opportunity to reclaim your connection to process. Often we are so obsessed with outcome and results that we forget to stay fully present with the journey along the way…”
“Virgo is all about honing, refining and simplifying. This is an excellent time to clean out the closets, revamp our daily routines and make health a priority. How are we working? Do we take enough breaks? Do we drink enough water each day? Did we take our vitamins? Do we feel we are being helpful/of service? These are just a few of the vital questions to ask during the new Moon in Virgo.”
© Copyright 2012 Sherene Schostak. All Rights Reserved
From Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 24* Virgo is:  Mary and her little lamb.  This childhood rhyme reminds us to protect our innocence in the midst of the tests we’re all undergoing.  Stay true to your ideals.  It is past time that we stopped thinking that being idealistic was being impractical and naïve. “
“The Sabian symbol for Mercury at 29* Virgo is: A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind.  We have to keep our Mind centered on the eternal Truth of life, rather than on the corporate message that we are merely consumers.  We have to stand in our Truth to get past Fear.  And we have to use our ‘higher’ Mind, our intuition, to come up with real solutions to our problems.”
“Jupiter has reached 16* Gemini, the degree of Venus’ transit over the Sun on June 5th.  The Sabian symbol:  A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause.  How synchronistic!  As the Dalai Lama has stated: Western women will save the world.  Jupiter bestows luck and curiosity upon those who look with the eyes of spirit.  Isn’t it time to see how our passionate beliefs can help us take a stand?  Women, especially, are called to service right now – not a service that asks for self-sacrifice, but service to the world that rejects self-denial and too much humility.”
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 Lastly from Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“Mercury is still transiting through Virgo yet has already moving past the New Moon in Virgo degree. This phase of Mercury reminds each to keeps the healing essence within communication and practice discernment. Watch how you critique and are critical in evaluating things. Be fair and help those in need of a boost in confidence.”
“Saturn is nearing the end of its transit through the sign of Libra. What wisdom have you gained about relating and relationships? Have you sincerely put forth effort to build relationships full of integrity, harmony and higher quality? We will be putting on the last minute touches and applying what we have learned.”
“Pretty much the Celestial skies are clear at the time of the New Moon in Virgo as there are wide aspects no major ones happening to take notice of.  Though we may want to plant symbolic practical seeds in the subconscious through the intention at the time of the New Moon in Virgo. It is time to get your hands dirty and help out in any way you can.”
“The daily routine and healthy habits is a sacred ritual. With the sign of Virgo, we are reminded that no task is too little and that things like cleaning, organizing, hygiene and sorting are all “sacred.” Consider it to be the practical side of the Divine.”
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Lastly the always spot on Molly Hall from
“This is a time of extreme chaos and stress for so many. What can you strip away that will bring you more peace and clarity? Cutting out background noise is a great start. Combining errands, so you have more time to unwind. Leaving space for integrating — walking in nature, simply being, resting, exercising, purifying in the bath.
“This is a great New Moon to commit mind, body and soul to your healthiest life. Virgo is a physically sensitive sign, and less is more…”
“It’s a big window for healing, especially for those overwhelmed, feeling anxious and at your wit’s end…This is a fresh start portal for healing an over taxed mind, and tracing its effects to the body. Working backwards, taking time to digest your experiences calms the mind, and creates mores pace. Big rewards (of well-being, mental brilliance, ability to change) come from creating that spaciousness.”
“Being able to come down from the mania of our time is a key to thriving. This may mean facing the root causes of your anxiety or fear. As you deal with personal demons, you’re freer to make wise choices, and act spontaneously on your guidance.”
“Many of the aspects in this chart provoke and support a new beginning that’s more alive, wild and colorful. And this New Moon is a preparation lunation, to integrate, fill the well, and set up daily routines that will see you through any dark or chaotic times ahead…” “
“It’s easy to let the day slip away. And sometimes it’s easier to do busy work, than make progress in areas that we find deeply fulfilling. Only you know if you’re spinning your wheels with productive busy work.”
“This New Moon is a challenge to center your activities on your true calling. Or to start carving out some time to dig into the goals that feel substantial and longstanding.”
“What’s crowding out the good stuff in your personal garden? What’s overgrown so much that it blocks the light. This can be a time of elimination, purging, detoxing. It could be quite dramatic because some weeds (as I’ve seen in my garden) become intertwined with the roots.
“It could be behaviors that feel false, like being too nice or acting like everything is okay, if it’s not. It could be placing yourself below or above another in the pecking order. It could be undervaluing your worth.”
“This is a potent time to gain clarity on your strengths, resources and allies. There’s probing insight, and perhaps an ah-ha or two, about what’s worth cultivating and building upon. Where’s your fertile ground?”
“We live in a fear-driven culture that’s turned worry into a precise art. But it’s a low vibe that makes us less effective, in changing whatever is wrong.”
“It’s a good time at the New Moon to surrender to the void and the possibility that things can change in unexpected ways. It’s a relief ‘not to know’ how things will turn out, and to experiment with accepting uncertainty…”
“What practical steps can you take to avoid this outcome you’re fearing? I like the word concern because of the conscientiousness and service-oriented attitude of Virgo. How can you take that concern and turn it into action? This could be a powerful time to take an action, even if it feels like a drop in the bucket. The change of spirit comes from doing it.”
“Virgo is about wholeness, with a discerning eye for what’s missing or out of balance. Sometimes all it takes is being by yourself a little while, to clear your head.”
“This is an adaptable earth sign, meaning it’s very opportune for sudden flashes of another way to go, do or be. If you’re in knots, or at a dead end…Lie on Mother Earth and let her hold you awhile. In the untangling, new doors open, which could feel like a fresh start.”
© Copyright 2012 Molly Hall. All Rights Reserved 
New Moon Blessings to you all! Let’s seize this window of healing so that we can clear, cleanse and open the make way for this new life we are collective birthing~~~