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we have a new moon rising in virgo
:: sept 14 or 15th depending where we are :::
and mercury going direct in virgo a few hours later… 
so much of what has been in reflection and incubation is readying to be enacted upon and experienced… 


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+ here is the place where i love you


here is a little excerpt:
“who we are emerging as, has so much to do with how much we are willing to surrender to the greater flow and how adaptable we can be, finding a way through whatever setbacks we might encounter, and allowing them to refine and re-route us into new creative choices, experiences and solutions 
“there is always away through, a golden thread that we can follow, but it requires our trust and our giving over in service to the greater flow so that we can be carried by the current that moves us 
“and it is this trust in Life that we must nurture for this stream is what will eventually carry us gently across this world to the other
“like one of my favorite poets, David Whyte says, “to remember the other world in this world, is to live in your true inheritance.”
with all my heart~
PS: next Wednesday September 20th is the start date of the ASTEROID GODDESSES online course I’m taking and recently shared about, being taught by my friend the astrologer Divine Harmony.
we will be learning about the archetypes of the 4 Asteroid Goddesses: Ceres the Mother, Juno the Wife, Pallas Athena the Daughter & Vesta the Priestess, through modern and ancient myth and the stages of Jungian Individuation they each represent.
i have become an affiliate for it in case you want to join me in learning, READ MORE and sign up here through my link if interested 💗