NEW MOON is here in Pisces on March 1, 2014 12:00 AM PST.
We are called back into the watery realms of Spirit to take a moment to just Be and feel all that is… So much has been moving, shifting, transforming. This Moon cycle calls us to pause, rest and reflect.
Tune in, feel the fullness and feel yourself held in this moment of infinite Beingness. Lots of planetary shifts occurring so stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from the most tuned in readers of the planetary movements. First from Cathy Pagano from her Wisdom of
“We’ve come to the end of the astrological year, diving into the deep ocean of Pisces from the starry heights of Aquarius.  The ocean is the womb where life first arose on our beautiful planet Earth.  The ocean also symbolizes the collective unconscious, the womb of our spiritual heritage and past life karma as well as the collective database of all experience and wisdom of life here on Earth.  
“As we approach the end of the Age of Pisces, our task is to learn to use the powers of life and death with wisdom, love and joy.  Our test will be to see through the illusion that separateness, greed and violence are the proper way to run the world.
“The waters of Pisces symbolize the fluid, enchanted, illusionary realm of the Imagination, the source of Spirit within us…”
“When we enter Pisces’ domain, the Cosmic Story tells us to let go of society’s rules and the Ego’s needs (not my will but Thine) and go back to the Source.
“The Story of Life says, ‘Here at the end, allow the chaos of endings and beginnings into your awareness.  Let go of past behaviors, ideas, beliefs and wounds as well as future expectations that no longer serve your soul’s needs.  Let Spirit guide you to the eddy in the river of life you need to be at when the fire of Aries rises at the Spring Equinox.’ 
“…We need downtime for our inner check-ins to keep us centered, self-aware and capable of exercising our free will.  This is vital for us now.  As the world continues to undergo disruptions which will ultimately force us to make changes, we need people who are capable of leadership, healing and innovation….”
“The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 11* Pisces is: Pilgrims traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination. This image speaks to the power of spiritual ideals, of a hoped-for mystical union.  It speaks of a pure and loving heart, of holding to our spiritual principles.  It opens our ability to see into others’ hearts and souls—giving us opportunities for spiritual unions with others.  Remember, Aphrodite was born out of the waters and so when you plant seeds this month, plant the seeds of love and compassion and wisdom.  We will need them this year.”
 © Copyright 2014 ~ Cathy Pagano. All Rights Reserved
From Pat Liles from The Power Path:
“As we are beckoned into the watery, nebulous world of Pisces, we are invited to give over to the infinite energy of the Divine Feminine
“Pisces rules the vastness of the oceans, the humble feet as they touch the Earth, the deep compassion that can encompass all the suffering of the world, the world without boundaries of our dreams, and all experience of our conglomerate of past lives – our karma, if you will. 
“Pisces represents the completion of the zodiac wheel, and what do we find at the end of the cycle?  Our spirituality, unity, merging with something greater than our selves, surrender of our self importance, and compassion for each one we encounter as they engage the wheel of life and all its lessons and gifts
“Now, as a group, we don’t go to this place easily, so Pisces has the help of the large, gaseous planet, Neptune.  Neptune dissolves, confuses, and makes the energy feel nebulous, vague and unidentifiable.  This loosens our strong tendencies to lead with our analytical, over amped linear minds and give over to the great mysteries of life – love, synchronicity, miracles, déjà vu, art, intuition, healing…”
“The New Moon is always the time to reset our intentions and begin anew; the energy is intensified and supported by having both the Sun and the Moon in the same sign.  Boosting this energy into the collective level is greatly aided by having Neptune in its ruling sign of Pisces.  Neptune hasn’t been in its own sign for 165 years – about the time it was ‘discovered’ and brought into our awareness. 
“Chiron is in Pisces, too (2011-2019) encouraging us to go ahead, dig even a layer deeper into unconscious patterns, showing us how we have gotten too comfortable with our well-known and obviously ancient patterns that keep us in separation from All That Is.  Let those just be dissolved.  Release!
“As we flip from February 28 to March 1 with the New Moon right near that midnight hour, we are experiencing a LOT of planetary reshuffling and changes in direction:
Mercury goes direct Feb 28
Mars goes retrograde Mar 1
Saturn goes retrograde Mar 2
Jupiter goes direct March 6
“That’s a noticeable amount of shifto/chango.  When planets change direction (going retrograde or direct) their energy is intensified because they are essentially at a stand still.  When you get so many, it can be disorienting or loosening of the usual constructs and realities we carry.  So, be fluid, go with the flow, stay buoyant, invite in the mysterious.
© Copyright 2014 ~ Pat Liles. All Rights Reserved
From Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The New Moon in Pisces at 10° 39′ degrees is one that quenches the thirst for feeling a sense of renewal beyond the physical senses.  It suggests a time for receiving the symbolic nectar of the Gods/Divine or Spiritual rejuvenation through silence, stillness and most of all Beingness. It may be also experienced within meditative space as if you are receiving a gentle stream of peacefulness, compassion inspiration as well as healing. 
“New moon phase is a ‘seed point’ symbolism which suggests a time to start fresh or place loving intention within the subconscious. Pisces is a water element and is a mutual mode of expression of energy. It is very adaptable and flexible when necessary…”
“The New Moon in Pisces brings your full attention to the core of you. You, as Soul as Essence are peace itself. From you, peacefulness radiates into your life and all that you are a part of. So don’t wait for peace or force it, rather, be it.
“The message of the New Moon in Pisces is to be dreamy, know yourself as a magical Spiritual being and an expression of love and compassion. Allow yourself to drift into the silent realm of imagination and serenity…”
“There are major shifts happening before and after the New Moon in Pisces. February 28th, Mercury in Aquarius went Direct motion suggesting communications, thinking and information flow moving more outward again after few weeks of slowing down. This brings a wonderful objectivity to the otherwise subjective feel of the New Moon in Pisces.
“A fresh new perspective on working with New Moon and Full Moon phases is that of emotional rhythms rather than getting caught up in ‘manifesting.’ Each day one is able to create and bring things into reality. So to get caught up in focusing on the ‘manifesting’ part of the lunar phase, one loses the bigger perspective and other major astrological cycles that also help one to produce, materialize and brings things to fruition.”
“…Consider the possibility that the New Moon in Pisces is a time of quietly gathering energy, Spiritual connection and enjoying the state of being. This is a helpful balance to otherwise doing, acting and moving mode that everyone tends to operate in.
“Transiting Jupiter in Cancer retrograde makes a wonderful connection to the New Moon in Pisces signifying an expansive feeling of optimism and compassion. It is a time to increase and cultivate more of that. By being attentive to feelings and the insights emotions bring, each is able to over come challenges in a positive way.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
Lastly from astrologer Divine Harmony:
“…it’s definitely a deep time right now! this astrology is a playground for the Soul and Spirit, yet for the ego it can feel more like detention. Knowing when to push and when to rest, when to swim upstream and when to call it a day are going to be valuable assets this weekend and into next week.
“Finding balance between the DOING that the world demands of us and the BEING that our Souls and Spirits need to feel fulfilled is the work right now. Be sure to take time to give yourself a breather in the coming days. When things get hot under the collar or chaotic- know that this, too, shall pass!”
© Copyright 2014 ~Divine Harmony. All Rights Reserved


NEW MOON Blessings to us all!



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