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NEW MOON in LOVE:::LEO is auguring a wave of profound change. 
Big wheels are turning, generating momentum to close out cycles and to catapult us unto brand new shores.
In astrological speech, we are heading toward the much anticipated conjunction of the great Awakener Uranus with Mars, the planet of taking action on our desires, all coming together on the North Node, our point of Destiny.
The energy of this conjunction will perfect on August 1st, and is akin to a sudden wave arriving to lift us to the next level of our journey.
The way this will manifest will of course be different for each of us, but what I have been receiving is that it could be a turning point on our own personal evolutionary path that is ultimately guiding us toward a more complete and embodied understanding and experience of LOVE.
LOVE, after all, is the catalyst that inexplicably and unexpectedly cracks us open. It is what heals us, lifts us and ultimately brings forth the deepest transformation within us. 
This love I speak of is the transcendent love that has been experienced by mystics of all faiths, where Love transfigures us from the inside. 
There is a turning point, where we no longer doubt it or question it.
It is the feeling of being loved so completely that a great grace and kindness toward Self descends upon us and restores our original blueprint.
This inner alchemy can be sparked by many varied experiences, but ultimately it is a love of Self that permeates our inner landscape and like Buddy Guy sings, it feels like rain.
We can ease into the comfort of our own skin, and allow our truest self to emerge. 
We are creatures of the wild reclaiming our multidimensional natures.
Leo says, even though we might feel afraid, we must have the courage to stand with our hearts wide open and trust in the Great Mystery.


For LOVE is a CURRENT rushing in to transform us. 
(there’s no holding back the dam)


It is the currency we must all invest in,
trust in, and stream in.
May love reign.
I love you with all my heART!