QUEST ©️2022




As we begin the astrological year with the NEW MOON in ARIES, I want to share my love again and plant words that have their roots in the invisible Field of Spirit. 
Our Earthwalk is a spiraling path of remembrance.
Each day we are born anew, and are offered a new ray of light to illuminate the next step we can take.
Our dance with the Great Mystery requires us to become comfortable and intimate with the Unknown. 
Here is where our faith in love and our focus in the present moment can carry us forward.
For love is the current that moves the world forward. 
And the more we allow the love within us to be released, the more we will be carried by its current.
This New Moon in Aries is in conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, bringing to light our personal and collective wounds.
Tending to our wounds is an integral part of our healing. We have each experienced the wounding of our tender selves, in various degrees across the spectrum. 
And we are all affected by our collective wounds and the damage that we have inflicted upon each other.
The web of Life is sentient, vibrational and energetic. 
There is a whole field of relatedness that we exist within. An entire multi-dimensional, sensorial universe that we are embedded in.
The more attuned we become to our emotions and our senses, the more we can feel, not only with each other, but with our nonhuman kin, the animals, the plants, and the landscapes we inhabit.
Our evolutionary trajectory is intertwined with our ability to open up our hearts and allow ourselves to feel. 
Because of the cumulative past wounding and trauma that we have personally and collectively experienced, we each have had to cope in numerous way to survive.
Many of us have not had the knowledge, the tools, nor the support to process and deal with the various emotions that are overwhelming, on multiple levels, for us to feel and experience. 
But there are a multitude of ways for us to be able to regulate, heal and release the imprints of our wounding.
No matter how much we might try to push away our wounded parts, eventually we will have to embrace and invite them in for healing. This is our growth.
This is the journey that begins the healing of our hearts. 
And it’s important to remember that no matter what our experiences have been, no matter how wounded we have been, we are not the wound. We may have been wounded but that is not who we are.
At our core, we are the presence of love.
We are the presence of love inside of us. 
Our tending to our wounds for clearing, paves the way for us to return to this place of love inside. 
This presence that is always here, and is the essence of who we are.
We do hold the key to our liberation. The doorway is the Heart. 
And be aware, that there is a threshold of fear we often have to cross before we enter. There might be dragons threatening to annihilate us. 
But all creatures respond to the vibrations of love, and if we work on regulating the vibrations within our own bodies and nervous systems, if we focus on bringing the healing to our bodies on a vibrational level, we might find that our dragons soften and become allies on our journey. 
Once we begin the journey into our Heartspace, into feeling it all, we will truly feel each other. 
The deeper in we go, the more connected we will feel to all of Life.
And each one of our liberations is a gift to the collective. 
It is a gift that will be felt and will amplify our field of resonance ever more. 
We live in a vibrational universe. This is key  for us to remember and weave into our experience. 
So let’s continue on this journey of mending our dear hearts and strengthening the unified FIELD with our Love.
Sending strength, courage, and comradeship on each of our journeys!
With all my heART~