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NEW MOON in ARIES is here on April 10th 2013! We begin a brand new cycle in this powerful sign of >ARIES< and we are ready to align deeply with our truth and what we love and move with it! New worlds opening up for us, the universe is supporting forward movement and growth! Feel it. 
From the wonderful Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of
“ We’ve just come through an intense few weeks since the Libra Full Moon on March 27th.  How did your weeks go?  (It’s always informative to go back…to give some structure to your experience.)   The Sun, Venus and Mars connected with the ongoing, revolutionary & evolutionary Uranus/Pluto square energy, helping us create a new story about our lives, a story that entails both the height of spiritual possibilities and the depths of our longings.”
“The Cosmic Story said, ‘It’s important to understand (Sun) what you’ve uncovered (Uranus/Pluto) about what you really love (Venus) so you can shift your desires (Mars) to attain those new goals.'”
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From the always inspired Kelly Rosano:
“Conscious Creators: The sizzling Aries New Moon on April 10 can feel like the real start of the astrological New Year. The Sun (will) and Moon (emotions) unite to seed our next thirty-day cycle. Aries being our first zodiac sign empowers us to be bold, courageous and blaze new trails. This New Moon holds the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and breakthroughs.  What are you creating?”
“The New Moon is action packed. Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are in Aries.  The fire power of this planetary combination is unstoppable. We put our passion, heart and mind into our dreams, desires and goals. Success will be experienced by those who do not allow their fear to eclipse them…”
“I can’t remember the last time we had such an awesome Aries New Moon. I went back years and can’t find a better one.  Action Hero Mars, Aries ruling planet is a team player at the lunation. This New Moon has gifts for everyone. Wherever Aries falls in your natal birth chart is where the universe is giving you a fresh start. This energy is positive, uplifting and fearless. The universe wants us to leave the past behind. We are to give birth to the new life, the new paradigm and the New Earth. This is a wonderful energy to start a new life.”
“This is an excellent time to begin a new business, career and love relationship. The divine lovers, Venus and Mars are coupled at the New Moon.  We don’t want to allow our fear of failure or success to hold us back. Our life is not an event it is a process. Sometimes we get “it” wrong or fail. This is good thing. Failing shows us where we no longer need to put our time and energy. Knowing what we don’t want is part of getting to where we most want to be in life.”
We can get scared when we are trying something new. This is natural to be afraid…
 ♥ Are you afraid of failing?
♥ Are you afraid of your success?
♥ What gives you passion?
 “…Pluto retrograde reveals our blind spots…The more Self-aware we are. The more we can dig deep and use our power (hidden resources). Saturn and Pluto are in harmonious energy flow at the New Moon.  We are to own our power (Pluto) and authority (Saturn).  We are to be the conscious creators of our reality and world.”
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From Elaine Kalantarian from her Blue Moon Astrology:
“Wednesday’s New Moon in Aries, a sign ruled by passionate Mars, is associated with the quest to bravely develop ourselves as true individuals — to realize our very own singular, unique nature.”
“In the course of our demanding lives, in the necessary compromises and challenges of our intimate and work relationships, we too often neglect this, yet it’s an important responsibility we have to ourselves.”
“This Aries concept of ‘safeguarding the self’ is a critical theme right now with this New Moon conjoined both relationship planets, Venus and Mars, coming together in Mars’ own sign of Aries…All conjunctions mark a new phase of life, and with Venus and Mars in Aries, it is primarily a cycle of assessing and reinventing ourselves in relationship to others.”
“This particular New Moon also follows a Libra Full Moon and so the cosmic task over this next lunar month is to take these Full Moon illuminations we experienced two weeks ago, and look at where we most need to “shore up” the self, strengthen the fortresses, and face where we have sacrificed too much autonomy and personal integrity in the quest for that Libra ideal: cooperation, peace and harmony, love and partnership.”
“But also conversely, to examine where have we been perhaps too selfish and inconsiderate, and have not been flexible enough, available and supportive for the people we love. Aries and Libra are opposites… and they challenge us to find a balance in this important give-and-take dance we do in life. Where does that fulcrum point lie for you in particular?”
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From the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“We have a pretty vibrant New Moon in Aries happening at 20 degrees on April 10th, 2013. The Sun and Moon known as luminaries, are in a team like aspect, focusing on the fiery impulse of the sign of Aries. It’s like a bubbling up of fire or passion ready to venture towards new horizons and experiences.”
“Aries is a fire element, cardinal mode of energy. It’s quality is initiating action, being dynamic and spontaneous.  The sign of Aries loves its individuality and will go the extra mile to ensure it.  Learning more about Aries, one sees it teaches about awareness and self identity in relation to the world around it. For some people they may feel it’s time to express more of their sassy, sexy and passionate side. And other people may feel like getting things done, going out and dancing or basking in the Sun. Whatever you feel the urge to do, be spontaneous and shake up the hum drum.”
“The thing to note is there is a ‘stellium’ of planets all in Aries. Transiting Mars and Venus are in Aries about three degrees apart from the New Moon in Aries and then a bit further out, Uranus in Aries. This represents very charged up singular focus on all Aries themes and qualities. Certainly there is enough fuel here to help anyone move out of procrastination and into action...”
“The major theme of the New Moon in Aries is ‘fresh start and new beginnings.’ It is short, sweet and very daring energy sure to stimulate you in ways that may stir your passion of life and living. Dare to allow your ‘Inner Pioneer’ Archetype be guided by Soul and lead you into the exciting unknown…”
“Once you are done reading this very direct New Moon in Aries message. Go and take action on your intention. It is as simple as that.”
“What are you waiting for? Seize the moment, listen and act on inner guidance now. “ 
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And from the inspiring Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“This New Moon in Aries is active, quickening, one-pointed, and will jump a lot into high speed motion, so expect things to develop faster than you imagined! This is the final ‘purging of the old way,’ and opens the door to great power and concentrated doses of spiritual energy. Finding an intuitive, forgiving, and/or compassionate view, understanding, or way of coordinating events is crucial in knowing what to do and when.”
“Due to the on-going Pisces energies, we continue to close out the end of the end and are in the direct experience of recent beginnings being powered up in very dynamic ways. Though there will still be a sense of emotional finality or even heaviness during the next month, the more we can forgive, bless, say goodbye, and flow onward into new fields of life the better it will feel. Sometimes we just have to move on, get it on, and stay in motion since to fight the flow would be impossible.”
“…Saturn continues to set up situations where we’ll all be introduced into more complex, intense, and/or deep relationships. We are now launched fully into the lessons of 2013 involving us meeting others at the highest possible level of social interaction rather than with an ‘everyday’ type of attitude.”
“The next 4 weeks will open up very quickly now that the inner planets conjuncted Uranus in Aries and electrified our individuality into manifestation. Here we’ve begun the end game of letting go of the ghosts of the past, and can wholeheartedly embrace the new set of initiatives we’ve been dancing around the past two years.”
“Much that we focus on during the next 4 weeks will help us to a new connection with others, and deeper feelings about our “comrades” we’re being united with, whether in the next month or in other lives to come. In some way, this is the beginning of a new type of ‘group consciousness,’ and we shall all come to a deeper experience as a result of things we’ve done together in the past with our spiritual Brothers and Sisters, as well as friends in the angelic world and the animal and plant realms.”
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And lastly from the always wonderful Molly Hall  from 
“A confidence-boosting New Moon in Aries is exact on Wednesday, April 10th (at 5:35 am EDT). It falls at 20º Aries 41′, so rounded up to 21 degrees, this is your zone to grow….”
This is a super-charged seeding time for anything new. And if you’re struggling with dragging energy, it’s potentially a spark out of stagnation….”
“A lucky Jupiter-flavored Aries New Moon could renew faith in the spontaneous unfolding, that’s not necessarily a path with defined, laid out stepping stones. You could explore philosophies that are spiritual soul food, and encouragement to trust your ability to face this moment, then the next, and so on.”
“This is inspiration to synch your vision with action. The act of making a vision board could form a working impression, of what you’d like to see in your life. The fire signs are called spirit in motionand you might move while announcing your intent on the day. Find that child within that used to jump around for no reason – Aries is the high playfulness of youth.”
“…for this Aries New Moon, let the sunniest picture of who you’re becoming be your guide. New Moons are a time to rein in your focus, and Aries’ specialty is directed energy toward a singular goal. A tip is to keep it simple, for now. For example, you might simply evoke the intention of ‘less fear, more love’ as a motivating force.”
“And then muse on what scenes come to mind that illustrate that for you. You might experiment with saying, ‘I am (fill in desired trait).’ As you say it, experience it as a sensation. Aries’ color is red, but in ritual, white or purple (for Jupiter’s noble aim) also works. May you be revived by glimpses of stirring possibilities, and your own bright spirit at the Aries New Moon!” 
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NEW MOON Blessings!