Here is what the wonderful AstroTwins have to say about it:
“On February 3, dreamy and healing Neptune will depart Aquarius, the sign of groups and technology, where it’s been since 1998. The last 14 years have been an interesting time for society, as we’ve reconciled between Neptune’s deep feelings and boundary blurring and Aquarius’ radical independence and emotional detachment. “
“One of the biggest influences of this transit has been the Internet. Our sense of intimacy has been dramatically altered by Neptune in Aquarius. We now find it perfectly acceptable to form friendships, meet marriage partners and connect “intimately” through email, matchmaking websites and community boards….”
“Neptune won’t return to Aquarius again in our lifetimes, but its lasting effect is profound. On February 3, it will move into Pisces, its home sign. A more compassionate and creative cycle will begin at that time, right in line with 2012’s energetic shift into ‘one-ness consciousness.’ And indeed, we’ve probably reached the perimeter of false intimacy and true connection. It’s time for new energy, and Neptune will bring it as it visits Pisces until 2026…”

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Here is what Robert Wilkinson and his always insightful blog Aquarius Papers has to report:
“Neptune will re-enter Pisces on February 3, 11:03 am PST, 2:03 pm EST, 7:03 pm Greenwich. This begins a 14 year long, strange journey that will lead humanity along spiritual lines that happen only once every 164-180 years. It is also where we first turn the corner in a 500 year sub-Age that began 1888-1894….”
“…We now enter a long wave “sea change” that will shift collective consciousness away from the materialism of Neptune in Capricorn (1984-1998) and the electronic village of Neptune in Aquarius (1998-2012) into a strange dreamscape where we will confront our collective ghosts, fears, karmas, hopes, and need to live compassionately.”
“Among other things, Neptune in Pisces will offer us all a constant ability to feel our common humanity, and choose the way of compassion or the way of isolation, the way of interrelatedness or the way of drifting into the unknown. This will open all of us to a greater feeling experience, even if there are few if any words to describe it with any precision. We will certainly begin to feel our non-separateness.”
“The problem with this is that some will go into a waking dream state filled with fear, delusion, lack of clarity, or magical thinking based in non-realities or wishful thinking, while others will learn to swim in an oceanic feeling where all that needs to be known can and will be known. I would think that Neptune in Pisces would be a time when forgiveness and compassion will be seen as the tools to access a greater Divine Reality and make it real.”
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Lastly, some inspiring words from Astrologer Lynn Hayes:
Neptune wants to inspire us to transcend ordinary reality, and its ideal expression is to seek this transcendence through a connection with the divine.  This is the source of the creative fire, as we channel any type of creative output through our more limited conscious experience.  As Neptune travels through Pisces we have an opportunity to more easily stretch ourselves beyond the limits of our intuition and conscious awareness.  Our capacity for compassion for the suffering can grow and our hearts can open.  If we ground ourselves in a spiritual practice we will be able to take advantage of the opening flower of divine wisdom that will be available to us, especially during the period in which Chiron is also in Pisces.”
“With Uranus squaring Pluto over the next four years, revolution and radical changes in the global landscape will be a major part of our experience.  Neptune in Pisces can inspire us to either escape from the difficult intensity into new heights of avoidance, or to seek the higher path of elevated consciousness that can help us to create real change and transformation.  Neptune in Pisces offers opportunities for unparalleled creativity and imagination which can combine with the powerful Uranian influence for invention in ways that can create amazing things for the world of the future.”
“The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions.  Pisces is said to be the sign of the saint and the sinner, the priest and the addict. It is our choice, as it always is, whether we will take the easy road of sleep and unconsciousness,  or remain awake and utilize the powerful energy of change that is coming.”
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