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So you just found out you are pregnant or perhaps you are starting to prepare mentally and emotionally for what is ahead! Congratulations as you move into this momentous time in your life!
The most important thing for you to do is to TRUST yourself. Don’t just hand over your power to others, become informed and move from your gut. Becoming a Mother helps you to refine your intutive skills. They are your roadmap!
When it comes to Birth realize whatever you do is ok, and your baby will be born just in the way he or she intended to. You are but a vehicle, a channel for them to be born into this world. Their soul will pick the time and place. Remember this. Specially if you have been “trying,” trust in the perfect timing and unfoldment of your journey.
Secondly, know that you have choices.
Pregnancy brings up a lot of fear, fear about birthing. Do not be afraid my sisters. Fear vanishes when you look at it in the face. Become informed. There are a few MUST see movies you should check out which I will link below. Even if you are not leaning into natural birth, these are important for you to see and witness.
In popular culture we have not had the images and examples of what is possible! When you see other women giving birth in these other ways you can see for yourself not only what we are capable of but what is possible and natural to us as women. The tradition of natural birth has been going on since the beginning of time, midwifes know intimately the ways of birthing and how to know the signs and assist woman in what is the most natural occurance in nature. So investigate and see for yourself and feel your way through the process. You will know what is right for you.
I just recently came across this trailer and it’s a perfect intro to what I’m talking about. I have not seen the film, but here is the link to see the trailer:
Orgasmic Birth Movie from Debra Pascali Bonaro on Vimeo.
Click here to visit their website and find out more about the film.
Also the film I saw which hands down had the most profound impact on me and is truly a classic as it was one of the first of it’s kind is “BIRTH AS WE KNOW IT.” It was created by Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova who is a Russian midwife and visionary in water births. In the film you witness everything form vintage footage of babies being birthed in the black sea with dolphins (yes for real!) to modern families delivering babies in bathtubs and pools in their backyards. It’s amazing to see, and definitely worth it. Below is a promo I found for it, but do not miss seeing the film in its entirety.
Here is the link to “BIRTH AS WE KNOW IT”
Also perhaps you have already seen if not at least heard of Ricki Lake’s powerful film “The Business of Being Born,” this is also a must see. It brings up very important facts and information that you should be aware of. Here is the trailer:

Lastly here are some links you might find useful with statistics on the actual safety of home birth versus a hospital birth. The less you intervene with the natural process, the less complications that can arise.

CPM 2000 Study Summary: Planned Home Births are Safe – Fact Sheet

CPM2000 Study – CfM Press Release

Why Natural Childbirth? From the Journal of Perinatal Education

Medical Literature on the Safety of Home Birth

Do your research and then feel out what is best for YOU.
Trust yourself in this process of unfolding. All you can do is be prepared, but be flexible and embrace what develops on your journey. We might not all get to have an orgasmic birth but the possibility of that sure is wonderful isn’t it?