Initiation~Message from Archangel Michael/ Transmitted through Ronna Herman
“The time has come when each of you is being asked to bring forth and share your own particular wisdom garnered from your vast experiences on Earth, and to also tap into the jewels of wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, which you brought with you from the far reaches of the universe.”
“All of you are in the midst of an initiation process–at one stage or another. It is a school of learning and initiation that is taking place each and every day while you go about your daily tasks and meet your daily challenges. All that has been hidden in the past is now being brought into the Light of awareness, either to be corrected, eliminated or, in some cases, magnified.”
“It is also time for those of you who are firmly on the path to begin to build a more intimate relationship with your guardians and angelic teachers of the higher realms. The many facets of your Higher Self are waiting for you to integrate these advanced teachings, along with the higher frequencies of Light that are now available to you. Telepathic communication with the Beings of Light from the higher realms is a part of your original physical, sensory gifts. It is time to reclaim those talents and gifts, beloveds….”
“More and more precious Souls are just stepping onto the path of awareness as they begin to heed the nudgings of their Soul-self. Often, this initiates an intense dark night of the Soul process as they face the distortions in consciousness they have created, and the full measure of the Law of the Circle, or Karma, is brought to bear. As you are aware, it is not a punishment even though it may seem so in the beginning. It is an opportunity for each person to turn and bravely face him/her Self and to rectify and harmonize the discordant frequency patterns he/she has created.”
“Know this, beloveds, it is a golden opportunity for you to release, once and for all, those impacted energies that you have carried with you as excess baggage for many thousands of years. Face them, process them and see them transmuted into pure Light substance, and in the process you will feel LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER, as you traverse the pathway to higher consciousness into the realms of wondrous possibilities…”
“My beloved warriors of Light, we are asking you to not close down your heart centers. Do not move into fear and a sense of hopelessness. There are great happenings taking place on Earth and in the higher realms that are beyond your understanding. Remember how often we have told you, “out of chaos, new creation emerges?” We do not ask you to minimize the monumental tragedy that has just taken place or the suffering which will be experienced by many. But it serves no one if you get caught up in the negativity, fear and pandemonium of the third-/fourth-dimensional illusion. Do not allow your powerful thought forms and energy to move into lower vibrational patterns which add more negative energy to the cloud of darkness. Instead, send your powerful Love/Light winging its way into the midst of the chaos and into the hearts of those who spread chaos, and then watch as slowly the darkness is overcome by the Light.”
“We promise to lift and support you with our loving energy and to assist you through even the darkest of times. The Light and Love of all Creation, along with your bold, steadfast endeavors will prevail. I am forever your loving friend and protector.”
“I AM Archangel Michael.”
Transmitted through Ronna Herman April 2011