We have made it through the US Election and the voice of the diverse beings that make up the United States of America has been heard! Now we must continue our work by remembering that we are a family of Spirit, a planetary family. It is time to take action and do our part. You will know what to do, we all have a part to play in the healing of our planet. Like Krishnamurti said : “What you are the world is.  And without your transformation there can be no transformation of the world.”
WE need YOU~~~
Peace and LOVE~
 From Molly Hall from
“A stellar time for anything with “re” in it — research, reinvestigation, retrieving.”
“This could be a time of seeing behind the curtain, into areas of secret knowledge and conspiracy. The…’unveiling’ exposes the reality of things that are normally marked above top secret.”
“Things that hit a discordant note, start to make sense, once you have a fuller picture. This has the happy side effect of installing a deep body-level knowing. Out the other side, into the Sagittarius degrees comes a catharsis — a release of what’s been known by the soul but hasn’t found expression. It’s freeing and supports the regeneration that’s underway of culture, with Pluto in Capricorn.
“This retro cycle is for seeing the underpinnings — machinations of power and what’s causing dis-ease — and ruminating on it. In the release period of mid-December, some of what’s perceived with those piercing Scorpio eyes, is freely broadcasted…”
“…By the release phase of this retrograde, there can be a freer flow of perspectives. There can be more matter-of-fact discussion about seriously taboo topics or what’s been stuffed down. With Mercury in Sagittarius, the loyalty is to the pursuit of truth (for each, as they experience it), and the desire to control the conversation fades. You still might disagree, but there’s a chance of feeling clear with your views, and allowing others free speech as well.”
“This retro seems to ask — how does the big picture change when you see the emotional reality, and with the eyes of the soul? 
“…Digging deep into buried truths, and expressing them, is a path to healing and a richer life. This then, seems a good time for recovery, energy work and other practices that go deep.”
“This retrograde invites us to recover any lost parts of who we are. You might get synchronicity in the form of reminders of something that has a strong emotional punch or pull.”
“It’s powerful to hold something with healing awareness, that’s been a source of pain or self-judgement. There can be a huge energetic release, and this in turn is very clearing for the psyche.”
“It’s a time for a psychic house clearing. By the time of the release (mid-December), the load is lightened, for more mental flexibility. It can revive optimism, with Mercury in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius. The future looks brighter, when we’re not suppressing the emotional or soul-level truth.”
© Copyright 2012 Molly Hall
 From Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“Actually, the coming Mercury retrograde should prove to be a fairly productive time with many things coming into very clear focus around elimination, purification, and regeneration through organized action, leading us all to translucidity and the ability to tune into higher knowing…”
© Copyright 2012 Robert Wilkinson
Lastly from Andrew Smith from Cosmic Intelligence Agency:
How you can embody your reality”
“During this coming retrogradation I would recommend that you hold space around that question. Knowing something intellectually is not the same as experiencing it. Words can only go so far, but when something touches you deeply, it cannot be forgotten.”
“Why not choose some deeply experiential activity in the coming three weeks that will enable you to get in touch with a part of your life that you need to tune into rather than understand or dialogue with.”
“This is a time for a sweat lodge; or constellation work; dance and movement meditation; meditation itself; automatic writing; lucid dreaming; ceremony…”
If you alchemically combine a spiritual quest with the inner emotional certainty of knowing, you will never lose sight of your path. That is what you can deeply access during the time when our indigenous forebears tell us that the veil between this realm and the spirit realms is thin.”
“Take a moment to reflect on what area of your life you really need to reflect on in the coming weeks? How are your intimate relationships? Your friendships? Your creativity? Your spirituality? Your finances? Your hopes? Your family? Do your inner convictions match the way that you are treating those people in your life? How have you embodied your creativity; your attitude towards your body; your relationships? Do you need to take some time back and feel and experience how each has a hold on your heart?”
“So to summarize, during this retrograde period you can access deep heart felt truth. Intentions created from the depth of knowing are far stronger than those created from the intellect alone. Those values – empowered spirit; passionate ideals; a quest charged with passionate inner certainty – are essential to the essence of this movement from Fire to Water over the coming weeks.”
“The karios is right to incline you towards a more vibrant inner dialogue…that will enable you to empower your own life and the lives of those around you. But it will require you to take some time out, to go inwards and to connect in with your.. Muse.”
“So please remember the 3 ‘R’s’ – Revise, Review, and Re-evaluate. It is a time to take stock, reflect and take time for yourself; to dis-engage from proactive busy-ness and to engage in stillness about specific qualities in your life.”
“This is NOT to say that action and forward movement is wrong. It is just that you need to be more conscious, discerning and aware of the implications of your actions at this time…”
© Copyright 2012 Andrew Smith