I always look for astral insights that are attuned to the highest potential each can cycle bring and  I can always count on Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog to bring us the most clear, alchemizing and opti-mystic perspective. Here is a wonderful take on how to handle Mercury, the planet of the mind and all things having to do with communication, going retrograde in Aries….
“Think like a Pioneer”
“Mercury in Aries symbolizes the chase is on – within the mind that is. One fiery seed will spark a quest for you to pursue. Sassy, bold and more than direct is the energetic signature of Aries. Yet it must be tempered with wisdom to know not to jab into others with sharp words or energy. On a mental energy level, we are encouraged to explore the archetype of the Pioneer. As we lean towards fresh new ideas, concepts and ways of thinking we make headway to forage a new path. Fire carves out a trail.”
 If we look at the symbolism around a retrograde planet “the illusion of it slowing down or going backwards” it tells us a lot about how overall energy flow is moving. In this case, Mercury retrograde symbolizes a time of introspection on a mental energy level which gives us three weeks of pampering our nervous system to become recharged. For those born with a Natal Mercury Retrograde – generally speaking you may be very communicative and chatty now.”
“To think like a pioneer (Aries), is to accept there will be exciting challenges in creating a new pathway – in this case the mind (Mercury). To be stuck in the same old or overly safe-zone keeps us stagnant and even stifled. We must leave the common path and take a healthy risk to get into with something fresh and new. It is not easy but it can be exhilarating. This “adventure” is done first within the Mind and mental energy as signified with Mercury’s transit and Retrograde through Aries.”
“The main astrological aspect that Mercury Retrograde phase will ‘activate’ like a catalyst is the Uranus in Aries / Pluto in Capricorn Square. Before you freak out and work your mental juices up to a frenzy – let’s approach this with courage and a fresh perspective. We have to face the Truth, no matter what the cost is. When we face things with courage we then change the course of our lives. We free ourselves up to connect to more of our higher potential than being snagged up with the past and fears.”
“Every astrology cycle has gorgeous potential of goodness and empowerment. You need to choose to align with this, in other words sync yourself up with it.”
“This phase certainly can be highly transformative and liberating, which will ultimately help us to break new ground during  April and May 2012.”
“I can’t guarantee moving through this phase will be like eating a delicious fluffy cream puff. Yet, I can say it may be red-hot, juicy and certainly action packed to get us more in touch with our authentic self/Soul and our higher purpose. Some life experiences sear into our psyche and alters our very expression and way of life. Yet, through this we learn and deal. We grow and heal. And in the aftermath we may even give kudos to the experience for helping us become more free to express who we really are.”
“Yes we are bit slower in pace as we are still under the symbolic influence of Mars retrograde in Virgo. We may be feeling fatigue, depressed, passion-less, crankiness and irritability. A change in our mental energy – perception can be a positive catalyst for a change in our actions down the road when Mars goes Direct in April 2012….”
“Mercury/Uranus Aries make an initial conjunction to ignite the Retrograde phase in a way. We may be in for a few surprises and shocking revelations. Mercury (our personal microphone and communication) with Uranus (shocking, illuminating, lightening fast). Words may tumble out in a flash before you can screen or edit. There may be breakdown to lead you to the breakthrough.”
“I sense there can be unexpected weather flux, tornadoes, storms and manifestations to show the energetic shifts happening. We may hear news that is surprising and can upset the status quo. It’s like electric jolts are snapping people out of their dullness and ignorance in many ways. This may create delays, obstacles and such.”
“Mercury/Pluto symbolism suggests tense connection generates incredibly deep friction it makes us sit up and notice. Old issues or unresolved “stuff” arise and there is no mistaking it. Denial won’t get you far now and may not even begin to cover things up. Exposure is very likely so why try to repress things? You have to blend assertiveness with patience and wisdom now. Our blinders may be removed. If the mind is closed off, you won’t be able to manifest anything new. You remain stuck, caged and trapped in the suffering and ignorance.”
“Combine them together:
Mercury Retrograde – Uranus/Pluto Square: if things are slow in moving now, it is good. Why? It can help you really face the issue or situation(s) arising. Indeed, with this combination we will be re-addressing and revisiting no doubts about that. Mental agitation may run high now as there is friction happening on the “inside” of people now. One inflamed thought or perception can be the trigger to furious reactive arguments or heated power struggles. Stuck fears are being “squeezed” out and it may not feel or look so good. Yet the purge is needed.”
“Mercury Retrograde/Uranus/Pluto and we have potential for a major re-wiring and upgrade to our nervous system, neurons and habitual behaviors. As we begin with a stale outworn perception or mental attitude, there will be a break down to rebirth so we can truly “Think like a Pioneer and be assertive in our communication.”
“Few Challenges:
We could hear revelations, information, words, and news we don’t want to hear. We may hear Truth about a situation that changes our perspective – both individually and globally. We need to ask bigger life questions other than “why me.”
Revelations that shock or surprise you and confirm what you had always felt or known.
It is possible for things, projects or situations to “stall” and move incredibly slow.
Deep-seated fears may be triggered; highlighting fear, survival, doom/gloom, depression and powerlessness.
Shattering of stuck mental attitudes, perceptions and thinking.
Reappearance from people or person from your past to resolve or revisit an issue(s).
Addictions and abusive tendencies may become “inflamed” or agitated. In other words, bad news can be the trigger for people turning to numb, escape, deny or run away from facing the core issue and can turn to sex, food, alcohol, drugs, physical, mental, emotional violence etc.
Stuck or stagnant ideas, concepts, thoughts or perceptions generate incredibly deep frustrations and agitations.
Increase in riots, rampage or aggressive situations and communications.
Strong resistance to listening to new ideas, concepts or inspirations for change.
Come face to face with perceptions which stem from lack, survival, egoic mind, fear-based thinking.”
“It is wise to learn how to speak in a non-violent compassionate and assertive way now. It is best not to meet aggression with aggression, since with the energies happening now things could explode in a not to nice way. Adversity can make us stronger. It is YOUR approach to it. If you approach it from the Soul-level; that whatever is happening is for your evolution and growth – you will remain empowered. If you approach it from Victim-hood you will remain stuck in limitation and lack.”
“Think outside the box. Your old perception worked back then, but is it working and useful now? This phase of the Mercury retrograde will be of help for you to get to the answer of this question. You can reclaim your power and go with the inner workings and transformation happening now. We can see how we refrain from “Thinking like a Pioneer.” Wherever we are limited or come across stuck thinking – we are challenged to leave the overly safe and conservative zone to find a new pathway of sorts (on a mental level.) We need to open up the mind to new vistas and ways of perceiving.”
“Manna or Blessings from Heaven is that in the midst of this Jupiter/Pluto Trine is happening. This is a gorgeous “gem” being given to us now. Super-successful energy to boost up up up and away towards the Cosmos.  Blessings flow, where there is a difficulty or breakdown there are blessings and healing that flow abundantly, I may add. Though each person may experience this differently due to their Natal Chart and configuration – each has the option to tap and tune into the mega-goodness flowing in offering steadfastness during a time of shaking up.”
“Quick Overview Mercury Retrograde:
  • Prep or Shadow: February 27th – March 1st
  • Building up: March 1st – 11th 2012
  • Exact aspect: March 12th, 2012
  • Direct motion: April 4th, 2012
“Current Mercury Retrograde in Aries -  “Re-direct” Your Perception and Thoughts.“
All key themes will surround the astrological sign of Aries; courage, confidence, assertiveness, direct, dynamic, go-getting, initiating, pioneering.”
“We get an opportunity to reflect on where we need to become more bold and courageous in our thinking and perception so we can chase our dreams and make them a reality in 2012. This phase is helping us to free up our mental energy and alter our perceptions as well as re-set our goals to become potentially aligned with something greater than ego’s desires.”
“It is helpful to:
  • Give the nervous system some quiet time, meditate, relax, be non-linear and creative.
  • Clear out debris, clutter, shred old papers, clear away old paper-work.
  • Organize, sort, label and store
  • leave plenty of extra time for travel, in between appointments and triple check details around work/travel/emails.
  • People from the past revisit or resurface via communication
  • Revisit old issues and unresolved situations to bring healing and resolution
  • Revise, restore, review, recheck… all the “Re” activities is great to engage in under a Mercury Retrograde phase”
“Where does this Retrograde Phase happen for you?
In your Natal/Birth Chart find the house that contains 3- 9 degrees Aries. This is the Mercury retrograde will be symbolically re-tracing and putting you in touch with issues.”
“Mercury retrograde is not to blame, nor is any other planet in Astrology. Take it as a symbolic meaning to help you understand what Shift in Consciousness is happening and how it influences your life. If you give your power away and blame or dump onto a retrograde phase you will feel very helpless. Take back your power by working with the symbols in Astrology so they are empowering to you.”
“Mercury goes Direct at 24 degrees Pisces on April 4th, 2012. 
We may want to replenish our cup with inspiration and keeping our eye on the bigger Cosmic picture and purpose to life. Mercury in Pisces may invite us to indulge in some peace, meditation and non-linear activities and it turns into outward more expressive motion.”
Consider this phase of Mercury retrograde in Aries a vital ingredient to what is coming up ahead. The Universe is :efficient and wise. We are being prepared now. And we can choose to go with this consciously, willingly and empowered. Or it can become very difficult and increase suffering. My sense is this astrological cycle is going to be tremendously helpful. I know we all are being guided and being supported by Divine Grace. It is up to us to remove the ego/mind blinders and see the Truth.”

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